Wednesday, February 9, 2011

King Cameron the Arrogant Is Caught Out Lying Yet Again"!

Letter to Cameron the arrogant.

Rt Hon David Cameron MP Prime Minister
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA

09 February 2011

Dear Prime Minister

You misquoted me at PMQs today in response to Valerie Vaz’s question on the NHS.
You were either badly briefed or dishonest. In either case I expect an apology.
I enclose the speech from which the two separate comments you quoted were taken. No-one could interpret my speech, or the section with the comments you used, as supporting your NHS reorganisation plans. I ended the section by saying “The Tory-led government’s health plans are wrong for patients, wrong for our NHS and wrong for Britain”.
In fact at PMQs you did exactly what I argue you and your Health Secretary are doing with the NHS – you misrepresent those critical of your plans as supporters, you are not being straight with people and you downplay or deny the fundamental and far-reaching changes you are making to the NHS.
I look forward to receiving your explanation and apology.

Yours sincerely
John Healey MP
Shadow Health Secretary

This is not the first time the arrogant one has been caught out in blatant lying, he has done it many times before in PMQs, in fact he also lied about Sure Start today. When is the Speaker going to do something about the deliberate lies King Cameron of Arrogant is telling and when is he going to be stopped from intentionally misleading the House and the general public?

Cameron should be forced to come to the Chamber and give an apology to John Healey. So much for cleaning up politics then!

He's a Liar, Liar, you can't trust him np. no no no!


Robert said...

Caroline Flint remember this fine upstanding Tory sorry labour minister for housing. if you do not work then you cannot have a council house, so if the husabd is lazy do not get him sorted out you throw the family out on the street. Was this morning sitting on TV telling us the Tories are nasty evil and the Liberals.

But labour is loving and then you get Miliband making her the spokes person on housing call me cynical or not but I cannot for the life of me see the difference between labour and the Tories anymore.

Nicky said...

Robert, whatever you think about Caroline Flint, it doesn't make much sense to tar the whole Labour party with the same brush. I think she is quite a feisty type who speaks her mind - she certainly didn't get on with old Gordon - although I've heard she's popular with most of her constituents in Doncaster.

Gracie, agree with what you said over on the other comments thread re troll pests. Besides which, I think he might have got you mixed up with another Gracie Samuels on Facebook.

Gracie Samuels said...

Hi Nicky, that is me on facebook! lol

Regarding Robert's post about the comments of Caroline Flint.

Robert I do not agree with all of Caroline's views, but you appear to have quoted her completely out of context. Here is what Caroline Flint actually said:

"Social housing will always have a strong role in supporting the most vulnerable - the elderly, those with disabilities.

But there are also many who are currently unemployed who could find work with the right training and support."

Ms Flint said that a family applying for a home could be offered "new opportunities linked to employment and training."

She suggested that a "voluntary contract" would set out the opportunities on offer, "underscoring the commitment of the tenants to self-improvement."

I think you will agree that this is a little different from the comments attributed to her. She never said or even implied that people should be kicked out of their homes, (or not given a home at all) and what was made absolutely clear was her comments were just the very start of a debate to be had about the matter, they were not policy, or anywhere near policy, unlike the changes this Tory led government are trying to impose. This government are making changes to the housing bill which they have no mandate for, which have not received fair scrutiny, and have had absolutely no consultation with any of the agencies involved with social housing. However, what I also find interesting in the same article which was written in 2008, Grant Shapps made this comment!

Shadow housing minister Grant Shapps said:

"the idea was "meaningless" as it could not be legally enforced."

So does this mean what the Tories are trying to do now is illegal and cannot be enforced? Could we see yet another legal action being lodged against this feckless government? This government are U turning every single day, yesterday they lost in the High Court to several councils who challenged them over their BSF bill.
As I keep saying, this government is the most incompetent, moronic government this country has ever experienced. They are messing this country up under the very noses of people and it is all going to end in tears. Their left hand does not know what their right hand is doing. Forest bill - u turned. Sports bill u-turned, education bill hopeless legally challenged. Child benefit bill hopelessly flawed etc. etc. etc. (There are far too many to list here.)
Nothing but announcements every single day, then those announcements are challenged and most have to be kicked into the long grass.
What is clear we cannot as a country continue like this, especially as Osborne's gamble with the economy is NOT going to pay off and now we are in danger of losing our NHS to privatisation and all the Tory “donorgate” stories of corruption. FGS this government is barely 9 months old and already it is mired in sleaze and hopelessly compromised, this is not clear cut, concise governance, it is government by morons and we cannot continue like this.

The only question in town is now, how much longer the Liberal Democrats can continue propping this government of idiots up? Do they continue to save their own face despite every single sign now saying they are wrong to do so? or do they grow a spine and call time on the coalition and force a general election and help get this government out (which they have been part of) before it has time to do much more damage to the people and the country? They have to go and they have to go quickly. The Tories are not up to the job, and not one of them who are actually in government at this present time is intellectually capable of holding high office.