Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Won't The Banks Help?

Time For Chancellor George Osborne
To Pay His Own Taxes!
Banking chiefs have delivered a humiliating new snub to Chancellor George Osborne - days after he backed down on blocking vast bonuses for fatcats.
        Foreign banks including Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have refused to stump up £300 million to help small British firms under a £1.3 billion deal he announced last Wednesday.
        One US bank said yesterday: "There's no way in hell we'll contribute."

Perhaps if George Osborne paid his own taxes other people may pay theirs? Like Tory Transport Secretary Philip Hammond and Tory International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell? Not to mention the boss of Vodafone who George Osborne allowed to get away with owing the UK Treasury £6 billion! Yet if you did not pay your taxes on time George Osborne would fine you £100!

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