Thursday, February 24, 2011

On Liberal Democrats

How in all honesty can Liberal Democrat MPs prop up this government who are touring the Gulf selling arms to undemocratic countries, while Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libyans are in the fight of their lives, for their democratic lives and for their country's democratic future? Doesn't it go against every single tenet of the Liberal Democrat party?

Perhaps this is why Nick Clegg the Lib Dem leader has "forgotten" he is supposed to be in charge of the country while Cameron is away, so yesterday's PMQs were cancelled as Clegg has gone away on holiday, leaving William Hague to hastily cancel a trip to Washington after questions were asked about who was in charge of the country while Cameron was away with his Tory donor mates flogging arms in the Middle East.

One thing, we were told that this arms selling trip of Cameron's has been arranged for a long time, then how long has the holiday of Nick Clegg been arranged and why wasn't someone rostered to take charge of the country in the absence of Cameron?

Or is the simple truth that once again we have been lied to by the Prime Minister and the Tory party and this trip was hastily arranged so Cameron could take full advantage of the situation in Egypt scoring Brownie points for himself with his cheap and nasty publicity stunts? Whatever it is, a trip to that region now selling arms just stinks of corruption and makes one wonder just what is a cover for who. Maybe Cameron thought with the uprisings in several countries, now was a good time to flog leaders arms in other countries? Who knows, but something is rotten somewhere and Cameron is nowhere near Denmark!

Yet again I point out we are being governed by a dangerous incompetent and totally feckless Tory halfwits and the Liberal Democrats are supporting this?

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