Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welfare Reform - Has the Tory Government Lost The Plot?

Just what is this government doing? It rolls out a pilot scheme to test how the news sickness benefit system works, they discover that is badly malfunctioning and yet they still intend to start rolling it out nationwide at the end of this month?
This means people who are bi-lateral amputees, people suffering from multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer have been found fit for work, causing them and their families untold extra pain and distress.

One of the architects of the new sickness benefit system has warned it would be a mistake to start introducing it nationwide from the end of this month because of serious ongoing problems with the medical test designed to assess whether claimants are genuinely sick or disabled.
"The test is badly malfunctioning. The current assessment is a complete mess," Professor Paul Gregg, an economist and welfare reform expert, said.

I think this absolutely scandalous and I would not be surprised to learn that what this dreadfully incompetent feckless government is doing is also illegal, only people will not be allowed to challenge the government because this government have also taken away their right to leagl aid!

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