Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tory "Donorgate" Bailiffs Donate £50.000

The Three Liars
Boost Their Coffers with Unclean Money!
(Paid Your Taxes yet George?)
Same old Tories? You betcha! Never shy about making money out of other people's misfortunes, the British Conservative party is already steeped in the mire accepting millions of pounds from Hedge Fund bosses, like Tory donor John Nash (donated over £750.000) and his conflict of so many interests group of companies ranging from privatisation of our education service, to the privatisation of our NHS and making obscene amounts of money out of the taxpayer, to being the boss of a hedge fund and cashing in on the misery of people going under in a recession as banks foreclose on loans to businesses and mortgages and, and of course the Tories also rub their greedy hands together at the sight of piles of dirty money coming their way by accepting donations from people that avoid paying their UK taxes, (Lord Ashcroft and Lord Laidlaw etc etc etc), as well as accepting large donations from city bankers and their obscene bonus culture.

So you are thinking can it get any worse? Well yes actually it can, the Wallasey Tories in Liverpool have been accepting a huge donations from  a solicitor called Thomas Higgins and his Wallasey-based company, The Thomas Higgins Partnership – Business Debt Collection Solicitors, (bailiffs) over a couple of years they have tucked away a nice little earner (if you can get it) of £50.000.

In an area where there is poverty and hardship Mr Higgins' money, no doubt collected from poor people down on their luck,  has helped the Tory candidate to pay for glossy leaflets, flyers and expensive mailings. Bailiffs are the scum of the earth, entering peoples homes and taking their belongings when they have fallen on hard times, taking kiddies TVs and toys and all the rest of it, putting people out of their homes, so the bankers can enjoy even bigger more obscene bonuses, bailiffs prey on poor people, often the poorest people in our society, and let's face it, at least this Tory led government is doing their bit to boost employment - for bailiffs and debt collectors! Whenever there is a recession, it is the likes of the Tories and the Tory party that always prospers out of the misery of others - despicable.

The Tories tried their best to buy the seat with their dirty money however, the good people of Wallasey saw right through the them and their dubious means of funding their party and their candidates up and down this country, and returned Labour's Angela Eagle to parliament. Exactly the same way Liverpool has just told liar David Cameron what to do with his big con "big society".

Eventually the Conservative lies, conflict of interests, dubious donations and party funding and sleaze will do for them. It is barely 8 months into this parliament and already the Tory party is engulfed in sleaze, lies and conniving and David Cameron, George Osborne, Nick Clegg and the rest of the millionaire toff cabinet are all in it, in fact, you could say they are "all in it together"!

We still haven't seen the back of the Andy Coulson affair either, which will in the end, bring this stinking lousy, lying duplicitous Tory government down especially when Cameron is found to have known that Coulson knew about phone hacking all along, that will be bad enough, but when it emerges that perhpas Cameron and the Tories benefited from phone hacking while they were in opposition, wowee, balding Cameron better hang on to his freebie hairpiece from the hair loss clinic donors, things are set to get very "hairy" indeed! (Wonder if they donated hair pieces or cash to Tory coffers?)


Robert said...

Then you have the new labour millions not from Unions of course Blair did not think Union money was right for his new labour party, which might well be called the New Progressive party next.

I do not know which is the worse people like Milibands Prescott and of course Blair who made money by praising America for war.

Tories well they have always been the same, while you have progressive labour who will soon be asking how do we get money to pay our debts, of course some will come from the piss poor peons called workers, but the rest will come from the people you say are evil.

They are all the same labour Tory Tory labour.

Gracie Samuels said...

Even though Ed Miliband has offered to do a deal with the Tories over party funding donations (they are dragging their heels)and Ed has offered to dispense with large union donatins, personally, i do not see anything wrong with them. The Unions have always donated to the labour party, they are all there declared open and above board, no links to debt collectors, arms dealers, drug companies, healthcare companies, with the unions. The Labour party was founded with help from unions, even though those donations has been decreasing over the past 10 years.

By the way, I really do hope they call it the Progressive Labour Party, this is a name I picked out during the first week of the leadership campaign. I like the name, it's timeless, unlike "New labour" which I was never really struck on.

I don't think you can keep justifying what the Tories are geting up to by trying to assimilate with Labour Robert. I accept that Labour have done things incorrectly art times, I do not follow them blindly, some of their policies I disagree with. I just think on average they are more honest andmore open that the Tories, who say one thing and do the opposite.
I think Cameron and Clegg have done untold damage to trust in politics with their endless lies and broken promises.

Solicitors Liverpool said...

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