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Conservative "Corruption" This Time "Oilgate" More Tory Oil Donors Revealed

King Cameron the Arrogant
Has Friends In
Oily Places!
When the British Foreign Secretary for State personally intervenes in a dispute involving two oil companies who were refusing to pay tax to one of the world's poorest country's it is bad enough, but when those two companies turn out to be Conservative party donors it is truly shocking, yet this is exactly what the Foreign secretary did. Take a look at the kind of pattern forming here, not only does it reveal much about the Tory party and how big business and overseas oil companies are buying policy in this country, it makes you wonder who exactly is governing this country!

"William Hague and another Conservative minister “lobbied strongly” on behalf of Tullow Oil who were embroiled in a dispute over a £175 million unpaid tax bill in Uganda.
Mr Hague personally telephoned the country’s President and the issue was given a high priority within the Foreign Office, the documents reveal.
Helped by the intervention of the British Foreign Secretary, Tullow Oil will not now have to pay Uganda the Heritage unpaid tax bill.

The chief executive of Tullow Oil, Aidan Heavey, donated £10,000 to the Conservatives shortly before the general election last year and was among businessmen who signed a letter attacking Labour Party policy.

Tony Buckingham, the chief executive of Heritage Oil, also donated £50,000 shortly before the general election. In total, they have donated over £70,000 between them" to the Tory party!

This is surely a conflict of interests and must be wholly unethical.

"Last year, it emerged that Andrew Mitchell, the International Development minister, had intervened in a dispute in Ghana over commodity traders Armajaro Holdings, which was co-founded by Tory donor Anthony Ward. Mr Hague was not involved in those negotiations."

Andrew Mitchell is the Tory cabinet minister who also keeps his money in off shore tax havens to avoid paying UK tax,

"a spokesman for Mr Hague said that neither Mr Hague nor Mr Bellingham knew that Mr Buckingham and Mr Heavey were Conservative donors. "

"Pull the other one!" How could Hague possibly not know that these two men were Tory party donors? If this is what Hague maintains then Mr Hague is either a liar or incredibly stupid.  Mr Hague refused to answer questions over his "friend" Lord Ashcroft, another Tory donor who has donated millions to the Tory party, who is a Tory member of the Lords but until recently was also a non dom, which meant he too was avoiding paying UK tax.  Mr Hague either has appalling judgement like his boss David Cameron of he is arrogant just like his boss Cameron.

Tony Buckingham - Heritage Oil Corporation. Wealth is estimated at £475m.
Records published by the Electoral Commission show that Mr Buckingham gave £50,000 to Conservative Central Office on May 14 – a week after the election.
Mr Buckingham’s direct and indirect share-holding is estimated to represent 33% of Heritage.
On June 1 he made a donation of £5,000 to Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Conservative Association
Mr Buckinham was once a partner in Executive Outcomes, until the firm’s dissolution in 1998, the company provided mercenary soldiers who fought in a succession of African conflicts.
Mr Buckingham is now an oil industry executive with a significant share-holding in Heritage Oil Corporation. Heritage has been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange since 1999, and more recently became listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Why would Tony Buckingham donate to a Welsh constituency rather than any other constituency? I wonder what the big and sudden interest is?  Two names to watch for the future or future connections, Simon Hart Tory MP and Tony Buckingham, what a strange combination!

Lady Getty, widow of Sir Paul Getty, the oil tycoon has also donated an undisclosed sum to the Conservative party at a Tory party fund raising event.

Vitol Oil Company - When Alan Duncan Conservative MP was  shadow business secretary his office accepted donations from Ian Taylor, president and chief executive of the Netherlands-based Vitol oil company, whose main business is in energy trading.
*Back in 2008* Alan Duncan faced renewed questions about donations to the Tories from an oil tycoon that critics said had not been adequately declared.
Ian Taylor has handed over a £50,000 donation. Taylor was convicted of "grand larceny in the first degree" in 2008 after paying Saddam Hussein's regime $13m in kickbacks for oil deals.

Petrofac - Ayman Adfari - Records from Electoral Commission show that the Tories have taken £50,000 from Syrian born Ayman Adfari who is chief executive of the oil firm Petrofac which has just completed a $265 billion oil terminal.

 Huseyin Gun Turkish businessman- also handed over £50,000 donation to the Tories from, among other earnings, sitting on the advisory board of Global Strategy forum which invests in oil and gas in Iraq.

CC Property Company -  donated £50.000 to the Conservatives which is a subsidiary of the Athens based Consolidated Contractors. The main director of CC Property Company is
Marwan Salloum, who is also oil and gas vice-president of  Consolidated Contractors.

Scythian Limited - (? Connected to Russian Oil & Gas) senior Tory, the former armed services minister Nicholas Soames, also declares on the register that he receives an undisclosed sum as a strategic adviser to Scythian Limited, which has had listed assets of no more than £2 since 2006 and has given a total of more than £27,000 to Conservative Central Office.

Burhan al-Chalabi, - 56, an Iraqi-born. Described as experienced in oil trading and a London property tycoon  donor to the Conservative Party and respected intimate of senior diplomatic figures is the latest unlikely name to emerge from Saddam Hussein’s alleged intelligence dossier. Dr al-Chalabi was the joint largest donor to Michael Portillo’s Tory leadership campaign, with £5,000 when Portillo was still active in politics.

OCI UK Ltd of St Albans -  Donated a further £50,000  which has the sole job of providing advertising for its parent company Orascom Construction - which again turns out to be an overseas oil firm: this time run by the billionaire Egyptian Sawiris family.

Libya' Vast Oilfields 

The Conservative Party has received a six-figure donation from a company owned by Palestinian millionaires who were developing Libya’s vast offshore oilfields
The money was donated by a small British firm owned by one of their Middle Eastern holding companies.
The disclosure that the Conservatives received more than £100,000 from CC Property Company is likely to lead to further criticism of Mr Cameron and government links to Libya.

Mr Cameron did not stand up for Britain against America when America were blaming this country for the BP oil spill, now we know why, he was too afraid of upsetting big Tory financial donors!

The Electoral Commission records show that the Tories received a total of £5,269,186 between July and September 2009.
The Tories received £3,236,828 from individual donors, £1,635,127 from companies.  Isn't it odd that as the election neared the Tories managed to raise over £5 million in just 2 months and a large proportion of that suddenly coming in from companies, Oil companies, Hedge Funds, Banks and Healthcare companies. I wonder what the Healthcare companies donating to the Tory party knew that we the electorate were NOT privy to? It did not stop there either, these large donations have continued to flood in from companies with financial interests in healthcare and finance. Also many executives connected with these companies have ALSO made personal donations to the Tory party.

Today's Conservative party is the richest political party in the entire history of the UK, at a time of great fear, austerity, uncertainty, when people are losing their homes and jobs and seeing their benefits cut, the Conservative party's coffers are stuffed full of obscene wealth, from billion and millionaires. The Tory led government cabinet is also stuffed to bursting with landed millionaires who all pay little or no UK tax, have money in off-shore tax havens, live rent free in mansions, what do they care if their local leisure centres are shut down because of Tory cuts? They all have indoor hi-tech personal gyms, tennis courts and swimming pools. Iain Duncan Smith, the man everyone says is "nice", the man responsible for cutting benefits and forcing people into NON existent jobs or face having their benefit cut, the man responsible for cutting welfare and housing benefits,  lives rent free in a family owned mansion, complete in huge grounds with a tennis court and swimming pool!

Does anyone really believe that these oil companies are donating in altruistic fashion to the Conservative party, "out of the goodness of their black oil hearts"?

Does anyone really believe that these Hedge Fund companies are donating altruistically to the Conservative party, out of the goodness of their big banker hearts?

Does anyone really believe that these Healthcare companies are donating altruistically to the Conservative party, out of the goodness of their big hearts for the citizens of the UK?

Mix together a couple of big oil refiners and conservative supporting oil tycoons and then start asking questions about how close the ties are with British Conservatives and American Republicans. How close are the ties between the two parties? What links them? Oil? healthcare? Hedge Funds? Finance? It is almost impossible to separate how many different pies the American Republicans (Conservatives) and the British Conservative party have their fingers in, the lines are blurred, the boundaries mixed and the raw stench of crude oil is beginning to give off the whiff of corruption as it seeps into virtually every aspect of Conservative politics. Who is running the UK? Murdoch? Tory oil barons? Both?

Before the may 2010 general election lobbyists had been desperately seeking well-connected Tories  in the belief that they will be able to open doors with the incoming Government, in the event the Tories did not win the general election outright, but this does not seem to have dented their enthusiasm for lobbying and  lobbyists!

UK based firms being owned by parent companies based in the Middle East and trading in oil, look to be buying influence over policy making in the UK through huge financial donations to the Tory party. Former Tory and hedge fund spread better Stuart Wheeler who has donated millions to the Tory party, says it would be illogical to think that these huge donations are not buying influence in Government.

When digging and researching and amalgamating information like this, suddenly  "Dave of India's" attacks on Israel from Turkey, and Pakistan from India, suddenly start to make a whole lot of sense. Cameron is appallingly ignorant and cash blinded in his knowledge of international affairs, either that or he is a liar and is corrupt, whatever he is, he is certainly no statesman and he is doing this country's reputation abroad great harm and in these very uncertain times, the UK needs all the friends it can get!

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