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Tory "Donorgate" - Cameron's Saudi Arms Dealer Links

Wafic and Rosemary Said
 Same Old Tories, they never change.

In 2005

The student daughter of Syrian-born Wafic Said an arms dealer reportedly gave the Tories almost £50,000. Apparently Ms Said said she really wanted to support the Conservatives, yeah of course she does, so she "allegedly" bunged them fifty grand!

Mr Said  -  who was involved in the 1980s Al Yamamah arms deal between the UK and Saudi Arabia  -  is barred from making donations because he is not a British resident.

Daughter covering for the father?

When questioned by the Sunday Times about the donations, Rasha Said, said she had asked her parents to make them for her while she was abroad  -  and suggested they had used their money. Rasha Said was a nineteen-year old student in America when she was recorded as having given four donations to the party.
She said: 'I say, look, please donate what you can from my account  -  or if they did it from their account, I'm not sure what they did. They would have donated on my behalf using my money  -  and if they had used their money they would have done it because I had no funds in my account.'

I hope her parents didn't pay too much for this young woman's education!

Father Now covering for the daughter?

Advised of his daughter's claims, Mr Said told the Sunday Times: 'I'm sorry if she said that  -  it's a fantasy. Sometimes these young people say things  -  they want to show they are important.'
He said Rasha had no independent income of her own. 'My daughter in 2005 was 19 years old. The maximum money she has is £200. She never, ever, gave to any party. Do you think I would use my daughter to pay the Conservative Party? No way.'

The Tories now Covering for Themselves and Dirty Dave Cameron
A Tory spokesman said: 'We have received several donations from Mrs Rosemary Said, who is an active and staunch supporter. These donations are fully permissible and legal. In 2005 a number of donations from Rosemary were incorrectly registered with the Electoral Commission as coming from her daughter Rasha.
'This was an administrative error for which we take full responsibility. It occurred because of a misreading of the electoral roll during compliance checks.
'Now that the mistake has been drawn to our attention we are taking immediate steps to correct it.

It is thought the daughter may have been used as a proxy donor, which is illegal!

Wafic Said's British born wife, Rosemary apparently made the donations, she just forgot to make them in her name! She  "accidentally" made the donations in her daughter's name (like you do)

According to the Tories this was all a mistake, yeah of course it was no problem, I make that mistake all the time when I'm donating £50.000 to someone, I accidentally fill in my daughter's name, or the cat, or the dog's, or the budgie, why heck sometimes even the goldfish (Sammy Davies-Junior),  perfectly easy mistake to make!

In 2009

In 2009 a complaint was made to the Electoral Commission about this matter and under the FOI, in 21st March 2009 the electoral commission has decided that it is exempt from revealing the outcome!

"The Commission has received an allegation in relation to this matter and the information you have requested is held by the Commission as part of a
preliminary inquiry into particular donations made to the Conservative party.
Conducting preliminary inquiries is part of our normal case assessment

The Commission considers that the information it holds in relation to your
request is exempt under Section 30(1) (a) of the FOI Act. This provides for exemption from disclosure of information which has been held at any time by a public authority for the purpose of any proceedings which the authority has a duty to conduct, with a view to it being ascertained whether an offence may have occurred. The exemption can also apply to information that is held at any time, whether or not the inquiry is ongoing."

 Now fast forward to 2010

Rosemary Said -  Wife of Wafic Said (same as above) donated £50,000. The donation was recorded a week earlier from Rosemary Said.  Mr Said was linked to a deal between BAE and Saudi Arabia, which was investigated by the Serious Fraud Office following allegations of bribery. Mr Said, born in Syria, is barred from making donations to British political parties as he is not deemed to be a British resident. He has denied distributing commissions to members of the Saudi royal family.

May Makhzoumi - gave £50.000 to Tories on the eve of the 2010 general election, the Tories received large donations from the wife of  Fouad Makhzoumi the controversial Middle Eastern businessman linked to arms deals. Data from the Electoral Commission showed May Makhzoumi gave the Tories £50,000 a week before the election. Her billionaire Lebanese husband, Fouad, was involved in a weapons deal scandal that brought down the former Tory defence minister, Jonathan Aitken.

Meanwhile in 2010  we have "Dirty Dave" Cameron taking the moral high ground over "cleaning up politics?" Listening to him proclaiming that he and he alone is going to clean up politics, we would never guess that he and his party are mired in such sleaze. Looks like he learned absolutely nothing from taking money (albeit indirectly) from arms dealers, no such scruples for the prime minister, (why let a scruple get in the way of a large donation?) he just carries on accepting even more money from the same people! (At least they never made the mistake filling in their daughter's name this time)

How can "Dirty Dave" campaign to clean up politics? How can he speak of "new politics?" And "Transparent politics? How can he mention this without blushing"?

It had better not fall to "Dirty Dave" Cameron to start a fight to cut out the cancer of bent and twisted cronyism and corruption at the heart of the British Tory party, with his simple sword of truth and  trusty shield of British fair play - if it does, we will be waiting a long time, Cameron's otherwise occupied picking a fight with the Muslim community today, his sword of truth is bent and his trusty shield is well and truly buckled!

This from the party that objects to the open and above board donations from the unions to the Labour party!

One more thing, shame about the electoral commission not revealing the information they hold on these people and their connections to the British Conservative party. They hold the information, but they just do not want to release it - wonder why?

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