Monday, February 7, 2011

David Cameron - Big Society? Big Con? Or Big Idiot?

King Cameron Of Arrogant
Campaigning From a Library in the Election
He said He Would Keep them Open
Now He Is Closing Them!
We should perhaps get one thing straight, I get fed up of hearing and reading about how the "big society" was David Cameron's idea, it isn't! First and foremost the initial soundbite was thought up by one of Cameron's aids and the idea about voluntary work has always been around. Volunteers were thriving, however, King Cameron of Arrogant's intervention into this area has done nothing but muddy the waters and actually have a detrimental affect on what people can, cannot, or are frankly under qualified to do.
Like so much this prime minister does, the big society was just for affect. King Cameron's idea of the big society is to sack public sector workers from their jobs, in community policing, libraries, teaching assistants, social workers, family liaison officers, youth workers etc etc etc and then when these people are unable to find work have them sent back to their original jobs and force them to work for £65 per week, if they refuse then their £65 per week job seekers allowance will be stopped. For all his bluff and bluster and lies, King Arrogant's idea is to force people to work for marginally over a £1.50 per hour and it is a disgrace.

Last December a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, and completed by 166 local councils in England, Wales and Scotland, found that up to 73,000 jobs could be under threat in England alone. This is a "conservative" estimate, the true tally for the loss of jobs locally is likely to rise to around 100.000.

The survey found that 30 per cent of the jobs under consideration are likely to be front-line, non-managerial posts. It also shows that spending on services such as highways, environmental health, planning, street cleaning, waste and recycling could be reduced by ten to 20 per cent. Adult social care services are also going to be vulnerable to cuts.

How are volunteers going to undertake work like planning?
There have been many warnings that the cut in funding to charities is choking off voluntary work, King Cameron thinks all that is needed is army of volunteers and every thing else will fall into place and magic the work gets done, well it doesn't work that way! Britain is a very charitable country, but charity does truly begin at home, if would be volunteers cannot look after themselves or their own families properly, then how are they going to care for others? It is a complete nonsense.

Liverpool Pulls Out Of Big Society Over Cuts
The leader of Liverpool City Council has written to the Prime Minister, pulling his authority out of a pilot scheme for the Government's Big Society plans. Four areas had agreed to trial the scheme, aimed at giving community groups and volunteers more control over their local services.
But Labour council leader Joe Anderson told David Cameron that the Government's cuts had seriously undermined the ability of community organisations to improve the quality of life of residents. He wrote: "When we agreed to become a vanguard, your Government promised to work with us to remove some of the problems and blockages that were preventing us from successfully delivering our Big Society programme.

"I have to say, the Government has failed to deliver a single change that we have requested, which has severely hampered many parts of our programme."

King Cameron has arrogantly bull-dozed his way into something he obviously know nothing about, he actually has BROKEN something that was working fine until he decided to interfere and cut off the funding that enabled charities and volunteers to work.

When will King Cameron of Arrogant give up his prime minister's salary and works for just £1.50 per our? After all, he is a multi-millionaire he does not have to work for a salary, so why does he? This applies to most of the cabinet who are multi millionaires, they should lead by example! Not force us to do something they are unwilling to do!

I remember David Cameron campaigning and promising to keep libraries open, like mostly everythg else he promised - he lied!

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Robert said...

I'm disabled with a serious spinal injury I'm classed as being Paraplegic, I need special equipment to go to the toilet, to get about, I need care, I need help getting a bath.

The problem for Charities of course has been the closure of Scopes homes what does it do now, well they say they are a political activist group, not a charity then. You have the NSPCA again closed the homes it was known for, ask it now it's a telephone call center, phone it the advice is OK call the Police.

They also stated they are working with Political parties.

Then you have the groups who do sod all for anyone but tell you we meet with governments, but are you working with the person you speak for or the government who give you funding.

When labour came out with the contracts for the welfare get them back to work, Jesus I and others could not believe the shit, all of these companies thought Labour was brave brilliant out standing, when they failed to get the contracts they reverted to the evil labour party out to force people into work.

You had one major heart charity collecting 15 million, paying it's self 14 million in wages, and giving over one million that was seen as OK.

Charities are now major employers who tend to work to make money not help the people it was designed to do.

In my twenty years of being disabled and boy I was struggling, out of all the charities I asked for help the advice give was speak to social services, what help I did get was paid for out of the money i go, for example to have somebody sit with me while my wife went to town £35 an hour, I was getting on sickness benefits 35 a week, as a carer my wife was getting then £35 a week.

Will the big society work I think like care in the community a labour flag ship idea, it's about saving money, not giving people power. When your at the bottom of the pile you get used to be told what you can do and how to do it.

But I'm willing to wait and see, labour community looking after each other was set up that we would all become carers looking after the families hence no more need for homes or hospital, it failed because we are not like the old days.

Do I think the big society will work, saving money yes, make my life better nope.