Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Tories - Privatisation - Who Is Governing Britain? Tory Donors or Our elected Government?

They Didn't Win But we Are Still NOT Laughing!

Venture capitalist Jon Moulton who is a major Conservative donor is demanding even more drastic cuts in Government spending, apparently he is not too upset to see firms go bust and jobs lost as a result. Mr Moulton has given the Conservatives more than a quarter of a million pounds helping to swell their coffers making them the richest political party in the history of Britain. He claims that increasing the austerity measures is both economically and morally correct. The arrogance of it, just who is Jon Moulton to preach morals and economics to us? If he stood for parliament and was democratically elected then I must have missed it!

It  is all too easy to see why he makes his claims though as the more companies that get into financial difficulties as a result of people's inability to fork out and spend more of their ever dwindling incomes, the better for Moulton, more for him to pick over the bones for spare meat. It is also easy for obscenely rich people to inflict financial distress and pain on others that they themselves will not feel in a month of Sundays. Their nauseating arrogance and condescending natures is something they all seem to have in common with the MPs that form the political party they throw obscene amounts of cash at.

These business people who donate to the Tories with their secret handshakes and rolled up trouser legs are as predictable as they are greedy. There is only one reason they donate to the Tories and this is solely because they are buying an input into policy - they are purchasing lobbying rights, ask Andrew Cook. Mr Cook is the Yorkshire businessman who has tried several times to take-over Sheffield Forgemasters and failed, and then thought he saw another chance, if only he could prevent the promised £80 million Government loan to the company. He then successfully lobbied David Cameron and had the promised Sheffield Forgemasters loan cancelled on ridiculous and spurious grounds. It certainly is a strange way to behave for a government that is supposed to be helping business export to help grow us out of recession. Nick Clegg was found to have deliberately misled parliament over the explanation as to why the loan promised by the previous government was stopped, although we are still waiting for his apology and to see what action has been taken against him! However, I am pleased to say that Sheffield Forgemasters managed to prevent Cook from obtaining their company, although as a direct result of the cancellation of this loan the company is now in a weaker position and this in turn is affecting the local economy in Sheffield Hallam (Clegg’s seat). Cook  used the fact that he was the Tories biggest donor in the North,  in fact he deemed to mention it in his lobbying letter, he has donated over £750.000 to the Tories and he also funded flying Mr Cameron around Britain on 27 separate private plane journeys at a cost of £54,000. Who says money doesn't influence the Tory party? I wonder if Mr Cook was ever present on any of those 27 freebie private plane journeys that Cameron took, and did they discuss the weather or did they discuss Sheffield Forgemasters? Or perhaps they discussed how the Tories were going to sell off public services to private companies?

Jon Moulton freely admits that his ideas of increased austerity would lead to a greater corporate failure and that joblessness would also increase. Moulton also says transferring more resources from the public to the private sector should also provide a much better base for future growth, although there is precious little that backs his theory, what does he say to the fact that growth contracted by 0.5%, despite the chancellors austerity measures?

It must be said however that Moulton appears in sync with David Cameron's latest blase` announcement that without consultation; without a mandate;  without a parliamentary majority; he (Cameron), and Osborne and Clegg are going to sell off every single public service, except for MI5 and the judiciary. So who is calling the tune here Cameron or Jon Moulton? Or the plethora of bankers, financiers, oil barons and private companies who all donate to the Tory party?

On this blog at various times I have revealed the staggering number of big business, hedge fund bosses, bankers, financiers, outsourcing companies and oil companies that donate to the Tory party in a major way and in this latest announcement where a could not care less David Cameron the Arrogant coolly announced that the Tories are going to sell off all of our public services. Just like that, no debate, no discussion, no consultation, NO mandate and no parliamentary majority, yet this arrogant prime minister’s going to do this without a care in the world about how we may feel about this.

 I think we are entitled to ask:

Who is governing Britain the Tories or their major donors?

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