Tuesday, February 8, 2011

King Cameron the Arrogant Sinks To New Depths

M For Moron
King Cameron the Arrogant is held pretty low in my estimation, but yesterday he did something that made him sink even lower, I did not think this possible, but the king of arrogance managed it. This proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the prime minister is not in politics for the greater good, unless of course it is his own greater good,  Cameron's raison d'ĂȘtre exists around his own ego he cannot manage to pass it, if ever there was a person that should never have become prime minister it is the king of arrogance. What he did yesterday was just plain politicking, once a spiv, always a cheap and nasty spiv, that's Cameron, and the most shocking thing is he is not even that bright, in fact,  I would like to place his intellectual abilities alongside an ass, but I would not want to insult the ass anyway the ass has a purpose, the same cannot be said of Cameron!
I have said many time on this blog I accept that on certain occasions that *all* politicians in and running Government have to do things like this.

Cameron Sinks To New Lows

"THE report into the release of the Lockerbie bomber reveals the murky side of politics.
No politician likes to admit it but their trade often involves dirty deals, behind-the-scenes trade-offs and morally ­questionable decisions.
Labour was placed in just this sort of dilemma when faced with calls from Libya to free Megrahi. It was an unsavoury dish to be served. Ministers had to consider the public outcry, American anger, ­relations with Libya, the trade benefits for British companies and the consequences for Scottish-Westminster politics.
In the circumstances, the politicians did what politicians do best – they tried to keep all sides sweet without compromising themselves.

Sir Gus O’Donnell’s report reflects this. He is absolutely clear on two important points: the Labour Government did not “lobby or pressure” the Scottish executive to release Megrahi and no minister misled ­Parliament. But he did note that ­ministers did everything they could to “facilitate an appeal by the Libyans to the Scottish Government”.
The Government also had a “game plan” for handling such a tricky situation.
David Cameron seized on these ­findings to portray Labour in the worst possible light. The Tories even produced a dossier to incriminate those involved: Gordon Brown, David Miliband and Jack Straw. This was low politics by Mr Cameron. He has twisted a balanced report to extract the smallest amount of political advantage. Faced with the chance to play statesman or spiv, he chose the latter.
For him to try to take the moral high ground on the issue was the murkiest piece of ­politics of all yesterday."

On Sunday I wrote about the missing judgement of David Cameron and this just  confirms that worries about Cameron's judgement are justified, the king of arrogance has no judgement, political or otherwise. On the home front Cameron is causing irreparable harm and there is grave concern about his motives and his capabilities, not only his, but those of Osborne and Clegg too.
Britain is being governed by a team of moronic halfwits who have absolutely no idea what they are doing or what they are about. The King of arrogance may think he is a statesman but he isn't he is a no-mark who thinks nothing of playing politics with peoples lives and if he was faced with the same situation, he would have been advised to do exactly the same as the previous government, however, now he has laid this benchmark down, he will be obliged to stick to it and that could put each and everyone of us in danger! The man is a complete moron.

Cameron the arrogant is an inferior man, an inferior politician with an inferior intellect but he is in a position of great power, before this fool causes  real and lasting damage and or a dangerous diplomatic incident, he should be removed from office. The  man is a moron and is not up to the job, he is nowhere fit enough to hold high office,  his appalling lack of judgement has clearly demonstrated it, but twisting official reports to make them say what you want them to say  and playing politics with incidents like this about just prove it! What an awful obnoxious and odious little man King Cameron the arrogant is!


Nicky said...

Re Mr Anonymous: urgh. That just says it all about the intellectual level of Tories.

I think you're right to take a stand against trolls, Gracie. I would also remove such comments (if I had a blog). I know a lot of Labour-supporting blogs do publish a lot of unpleasant anti-Labour comments. I can understand why (free speech and all that) - however, it gives the trolls an unwarranted sense of achievement and validation, as well as being annoying for other readers.

Nicky said...

Cameron up to his usual tricks at PMQs - lying about SureStart and also quoting comments about Lansley out of context. However, Ed did get him very rattled (Ed did very well generally).

Gracie Samuels said...

Hi Nicky,
I know what a brazen lie about Sure Start, can't understand why he tells such lies, he only gets found out, he is a bit dim really. I thought Ed was brilliant today, "call me Dave" almost lost his temper, Ed really gets under King Cameron the arrogant's skin, which is a very good sign. The constant reference to the blank piece of paper and now the book is wearing really thin, same as him blaming labour for everything, people are not as silly as the arrogant one obviously thinks they are. Wasn't Osborne shrill today too. Methinks they are really worrying - they ought to be, they are being sussed out big time. Lord Oakeshott left the Liberal's frontbench after damning the government's attempts to curb bonuses. It's all starting to implode!

As for the poor wee sap the troll, wellits comments add absolutely nothing to the debate, that is why I remove them, they are completely out of context. It is just best ignored like a naughty child, it thrives on attention, why give it any?

Robert said...

He does sound like Blair does he not no not Miliband Cameron....

Gracie Samuels said...

He may sound like Blair, but Cameron is no Blair substitute, he is not even "Blair lite". Whatever people may think of Blair, the man was intellectually capable of the job, same goes for Gordon Brown and the entire Labour cabinets throughout the years.
King Cameron the Arrogant however, is not intellectually capable of the office he has managed to acquire by default. Exactly the same can be said of George Osborne and the entire cabinet. The UK has government by halfwits. If they had a dot to dot map of governance, I still doubt very much they would have the nous between them to join the dots. It would be hysterically funny if it were not so serious.

Look at "that speech" the prime minister gave last week, that was meant to be about security, it was not meant for King Cameron the Arrogant to use as a platform to grandstand on for *home* affairs!

Cameron took that opportunity to hold some kind of party political broadcast for himself and the Tories, he failed and he failed miserably, but more shocking, he made an absolute arse not only of himself, but of this country and on the world stage too! The leaders of other countries looked upon him (and by default us too) with utter bemusement.
The only support he received for that speech was comments from Nick Griffin of the BNP and Marie Le Pen the daughter of Jean Le Penn of the French National Front!

Marie Le Pen said:

"It is exactly this type of statement that has barred us from public life for 30 years," she told the Financial Times.

"I sense an evolution at European level, even in classic governments. I can only congratulate him."

King Cameron of Arrogant is no statesman, he is just an imbecillic buffoon and he is doing untold damage to this country's reputation.