Thursday, February 24, 2011

British Nationals in Libya Need Help - Where Is David Cameron?

The Bald man At The Back may Well raise His Eyebrows!
What on Earth Does The British
Think He Is  PM Doing?
We have to hand it to British prime minister David Cameron, he really has superb timing and such luck! There he was touring the Middle East with his arms dealer buddies, (some who donate to the Tory party) flogging arms to undemocratic and often unstable countries, when suddenly he decided to drop off in Egypt, barely one week after their revolution. Egypt and Cairo in particular is chaotic and confusing at the best of times, so one can safely assume just after their revolution it would be worse if anything, but here comes the most amazing piece of luck. In amongst the total confusion of the PM's unplanned visit to the Egyptian *interim* government, he decided to go on a walk about thorough Tahrir Square, where demonstrators faced down security forces, and amid all that confusion, his public relations people managed to find the one little lad who just happened to have his face painted with face paints just barely a week post-revolution, the PR in Cameron must have surely rejoiced at the sight. Looking totally bewildered the boy was shoved next to Cameron who tried to chat to him and make as much out of the publicity opportunity as he possibly could, but it was obvious that the lad could not understand him, in fact, he looked totally confused most of the time and appeared to be looking about for an escape route!

(Redacted removed reference to colours)

My question to Cameron is this why on earth did he have to include that boy in his cheap and nasty little publicity stunt?  I can't say I am overly impressed with Cameron's team of publicity seekers for thinking it OK to use a young lad for their own purposes in this fashion and I sincerely hope that the little boy was not placed in any danger from extremists. (Maybe those multicultural" ones that Cameron wants to beat up with his "muscular Liberalism"?)

 I'm sure that David Cameron thought it was a good idea to be the first Western leader to visit Egypt since their revolution, but in haste to be the first, did it not occur to Cameron that perhaps the Egyptian *interim* government had seriously better things to do with their time than be forced to drop everything and play host to one of David Cameron's little publicity seeking stunts? (Snow and huskies and push bikes followed by cars spring to mind here.) Yet again the British prime minister's judgement (or total lack of) is called into question, what with his faux pas on the lack of knowledge of his own country's WW2 history, his insulting of the Pakistani people by somehow inferring they were nearly all terrorists, then upsetting Israel by telling them the Gaza Strip is a "prison camp" and more recently his speech on "multiculturalism" to other bemused world leaders, the man is quite clearly an "arse" and what is more he is making the UK look to be a country of "arses".

Last year in the  recession hit UK, which this government are making much worse than it need be, we were hit by an unnecessary swine flu epidemic because of the government's refusal to adhere to expert medical advice and government policy was in tatters. Hospitals up and down the country were struggling to cope and on black alert and all our critical care beds were full of people suffering from swine flu, we lost over 120 people to the H1N1 virus, mainly babies, children and young adults.  Several Tory flagship bills were disintegrating before our eyes; The country was brought to a halt under snow and ice, roads were gridlocked and aeroplanes grounded; The government were being hit by sleaze allegations and Andy Coulson and phone hacking scandal was paralysing the British government. Where was David Cameron? He was nowhere to be seen or heard, however, then the English national cricket team won the Ashes, where was Cameron? Up he pops on Sky news on national TV to gush about the cricket team guys and how he is planning a champagne reception for them and how their success was going to cheer Britian. Honest to God you could not make this stuff up.

This Middle East tour had been organised for some time, but surely in the wake of what happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain and then Libya, it seriously was not a time to cavort around that region trying to flog arms to undemocratic countries? Especially at a time when leaders and foreign secretaries of other countries were at home frantically working around the clock to get their nationals out of Libya, ours was in the region flogging arms, and our Foreign Secretary of State, William Hague, was making bizarre statements and nothing was being done to bring our people home out of Libya. Every other country managed to have someone at the airport to help their nationals when they arrived, did the UK? No. The Portuguese tried valiantly to help everyone who needed help, what about the UK? Er no. Even little Austria managed to have a completely organised evacuation programme, but the UK? No, our PM is far too busy organising publicity stunts and doing arms deals with his Tory donor arms dealers mates - first things first after all. Foreign Policy?
David Cameron's Tory government is becoming synonymous with failure, 'U' turns, "muck-ups", appalling judgement and a disastrous foreign policy, in fact it looks very much like Britain does not even have any kind of coherent and cohesive foreign policy any longer, which is probably why the PM's mate Dick Olver of BAe, just flogged India (who British Government supports with aid to their internal charities, while cutting funding to our own) 57 jet fighter planes, when the PM was on another arms  "recky" with his Tory donor business leader mates!

Meanwhile, while David Cameron is away on his little Middle Eastern arms soiree, Nick Clegg Britain's deputy PM was asked  if he was in charge while Cameron is away, Clegg answered; "Yeah, I suppose I am. I forgot about that"!

Britain is being governed by power crazy, money grabbing reckless corrupt halfwits - it will all end in tears. How I long for the days when we had grown up people doing grown up jobs in the UK and not these feckless privileged  jumped up ponces we have now.

Come back Labour, "warts 'n all", we miss you and your country and people need you.


Anonymous said...

The colours painted on the boy's face are quite clearly red, white and BLACK.

Utter 2nd rate drivel from Labour supporters who grow more and more desperate with every day that passes.

All the best. Tory Boy!

Gracie Samuels said...

So who is colour blind, however, because I am not despotic (like our beloved leader) I can admit that to maybe being wrong and will give the benefit of the doubt and remove from the main post regarding colours. However, I still stand by the bulk of the main post which is to point out that the British prime minister is a publicity seeking halfwit, completely out of his depth and that not a day goes past without him misleading or lying to the citizens of this country.

By the way if you mean desperate to to save the NHS, education, the police and all our public services from full privatisation, yes I suppose I am, I don't mind admitting to that either.

Thanks for pointing it out, even though you had to do it so rudely, still same old Tories and all that!

Anonymous said...

"save the NHS, education, the police and all our public services from full privatisation" - Perhaps you could give some thought to the large amounts of privatisation that was undertaken by Labour then?

"the British prime minister is a publicity seeking halfwit" - And neither Brown nor Blair ever took the chance to be seen in the public? No of course they didn’t…..

"British Jobs For British Workers" he said..... Then 80% went to immigrants.

"No more boom and bust...." HAHAHAHAHAH! That came back to bite you in the backside didn’t it Gordon "I'm no economist" Brown.

Oh and if were talking halfwits;

Who ruined the economy (don’t blame the banks. They don’t set PS budgets) by committing us to borrowing which has a higher interest repayment pa than the whole of the defence budget?

Who sold all our bullion at half its price (which cost more than was lost on Black Wed)?

Who took us into an illegal war based on info that wasn’t backed up by UN Inspectors?

Who sacked their Drugs Czar because he said the Govt was wrong, despite being renowned as a world leading SME on the subject?

Who oversaw a threefold decline in manufacturing output over the levels we saw it drop off under Maggie?

Who bloated the public sector to unsustainable levels?

Who allowed 3million immigrants in which has stretched public services to braking point and is probably one of the major reasons why borrowing needed to be so high?

Who sent our boys & girls to two wars whilst cutting budgets and forcing them to buy their own kit?

Who left the MoD with a £36bn black hole?

Who committed us to buying aircraft and ships we didn’t need just to secure votes in these areas?

Who tried to take tax from the poorest workers in society by banishing the 10p tax bracket (and then bottled it)?

Who created record youth unemployment?

More misguided hypocritical idiocy from Labour.....

I’m not saying the Tories are perfect and will never make mistakes. They will do but they won’t try and bury the news on a bad news day like Labour tried to....

Love and kisses Tory Boy

Anonymous said...

Oh and you also failed to mention that of the business leaders who were on this long arranged trip to promote British goods in the ME, defence firm chiefs were in the minority as there were other executives from non defence firms on the trip too.

Guess you didnt when you said "flog arms to undemocratic countries"

"....Where was David Cameron? He was nowhere to be seen or heard, however, then the English national cricket team won the Ashes, where was Cameron? Up he pops on Sky news on national TV to gush about the cricket team guys and how he is planning a champagne reception for them and how their success was going to cheer Britian" - Didnt Blair host a morning reception at No 10 in front of the media's cameras when we won the Ashes in 2005? Of course that was OK because nothing important happened in the UK in 2005....

Anonymous said...

Now I must dash.

I have to work to do so I can help pay for the UK's biggest peace time debt.

Gracie Samuels said...

Careful your BNP credentials are showing.

Whether you want to admit it or not, this country's economy was put in jeopardy greedy bankers gambling with other peoples’ money handing out toxic loans like smarties and the sub-prime mortgage selling fiasco in the US. Not to mention the Tory hedge fund donors short selling hoping the prices on the markets will fall, and the roundly condemned "naked short selling", all of which the British chancellor George Osborne refuses to condemn, well why would he? Every time a short seller or a naked short seller comes up trumps they donate and extra few hundred grand to the Tory party and the Tories bless them even give bankers a tax cut too, how nice of George Osborne. How nice of the Tory party to cash in on the utter misery of recession hit Brits, losing their jobs, business and homes just so millions could be made by Tory donors short selling!
Gold? Wrong again, Brown sold gold because the price of gold was plummeting all over the world and many other countries did exactly the same. Perhaps we should look at the commodities market and our friends the naked Tory short sellers for the answer as to why the price of gold suddenly started to fall? Brown bought bonds with the money and it is those bonds that helped this country through the worse GLOBAL Recession/depression since the 20's and 30's.
What illegal war? Provide proof where the Afghan and Iraq wars are denounced as illegal - I see when all else fail you use this card, but are you forgetting that the Tories were really gung- hoe about this war and it was backed by parliament? Or are you just conveniently forgetting it because it doesn't suit your argument?
Drugs tsar? Scraping the bottom of the crude oil barrel here. Let's have the rational debate about actually dealing with drugs and trying to thwart the illegal trade of them through sensible rational policy, instead of this ranting and political point scoring that the Tories loved to do in opposition. Drugs and the illegal trade of is affecting the whole world, not just this country.
Sorry who sold off all our manufacturing capabilities and got rid of the rest? British steel; British coal mining; British Railways (where have all the trains gone? Answer: the Tories sold them all) Gas; Electric; water; trains. Now we have a case where companies in Europe own our utilities and they get cheaper gas, electric and water than the UK! It is a bit rich to blame Labour for the decline in manufacturing when it was the Tories that sold it all off in the first place and the only reason we have stronger exports now is because of the weak pound. What happens when that is no longer the case? May I remind you that it is only manufacturing living on the borrowed weak pound that is stopping this country slipping into a double dip recession.
Unsustainable bloated public sector? You really ought to stop reading the Sun, Mail and Tory website it’s corruption your fragile mind. Since when is having the required number of nurses, doctors, teachers, housing officers, social workers, youth workers, probation officers, court officials etc. Just see what happens to this country without them and when you start squealing like a stuck pig because you and your family are being affected, I only hope there is someone still around to listen. Or that you even know who to contact concerning a particular problem, because with the privatisation of our public services comes fragmentation and dehumanisation, hope you like talking to machines. Good luck with that! Please do let me know how you like being put through to a call centre in India who you will have to explain your ailments to and who will then decide if you need to see your doctor or not and will then make your doctor’s appointment for you.

Gracie Samuels said...

I wondered how long it would take you to get on to immigrant bashing. Still if you want that argument ask the question again when Dave allows hundreds of thousands of Turkish people in this country as he is planning to do. You say it “probably caused the problem, so you don't know, yet you are still willing to blame immigrants in order to try and bolster your own argument.
Such appalling ignorance you show about defence. The government (not even this one) orders equipment, the forces do that and the government pays for it, which is exactly what happened under Labour, if commanders ordered the wrong equipment and kit then blame them not the government you ignoramus.
May I remind you who is cutting the defence and police budgets leaving this country wide open to terrorists attacks. It was this government who cancelled planes, it was this government who cancelled Nimrod etc.
Yes youth unemployment was rising which is why we had the Jobs for the future and other schemes designed to help alleviate this problem, which helped create over 100.000 new and proper long term jobs how is cancelling that going to help young people get a job?
The 10p tax was a mistake, yep no argument - stupid. But who introduced it to begin with? Did it happen? No. I suppose selling forest off was a good idea along with all our public services?

Gracie Samuels said...

Don't worry those arms dealers time is coming.

Anonymous said...

"Careful your BNP credentials are showing" - What an utterly moronic comment! Since when does looking after British interests (we're all various colours and creeds) suggest I’m in anyway racist? Was “British jobs for British people” a BNP credential too?

Do you really think that looking after an industry which provides c£60bn pa to the treasury (not incl of income tax revenues and the monies spent in the economy) is motivated because a few hedge fund managers are Tory donors? I note that Labour doesn’t mind taking donations from the private sector, yet you wouldn’t find me stupidly assuming that there is an ulterior motive.....

Gold fell because Gordon told the market that on a certain date the World's 2nd biggest gold reserve would be hitting the open market. I know you socialist aren’t very good at Economics so perhaps you should read up on the theory of Supply and Demand.

I agree we backed Blair and the invasion of Iraq. That’s because he told Parliament that Hussein had WMDs which were capable of being launched within 45mins. This was a blatant lie and hence the war was "illegal".

"Now we have a case where companies in Europe own our utilities and they get cheaper gas, electric and water than the UK!" - And who allowed these deals to go through Gracie? In places like France the Govt have blocked similar sales.

"Unsustainable bloated public sector? You really ought to stop reading the Sun, Mail and Tory website it’s corruption your fragile mind." - If they were so sustainable, and I’m not talking about the frontline services which Labour councils seem to be cutting at the moment, then why did Labour have to borrow so much to underpin them, then cut by 10% during the recession and have plans to cut by a further 20% had they got back in?

Oh and if were talking about being influenced by spin and the media why is it that YOU post lies about the colour of the paint on someone’s face and a recent anti-cuts website tried to pass off NHS roles passing from one dept to another as cuts? Your stupidity and hypocrisy really knows no bounds does it?

You may try to call me an ignoramus but it is not me who supports a party who tried to lie their way out of questions surrounding (real levels of) defence spending during the Iraq Inquiry.

I note with interest that ever since I first pointed out your idiocy you have graduated from pathetic shrill replies and finger pointing, up to immature name calling. I assume that the truth has obviously hurt you so I will leave you to the comfort of your denial and that chip on your shoulder you so obviously carry. You know the one where Labour, the people’s champion, has hurt each and every man woman and child in this country through their ineptitude.

Good night. Love Tory Boy x

PS When have Labour ever left this countries economy in a better state than the one they inherited?...... I’ll give you the answer to save you have to grasp some basic economics….. ITS NEVER HAPPENED!

Nicky said...

What an obnoxious, thick twat - typical Daily Mail reading nasty numpty.

Your facts are absolutely correct, Gracie. However, there's no point trying to have a rational debate with someone like that.

Gracie Samuels said...

I know Nicky I give up, you give these people facts they come with Daily Mail fiction. Just look at the nonsense he spouts about the utilities, apparently that is our fault because they got passed in parliament when we were in opposition, how do you reason with that? No point. Instead of ranting he would do better to do some research and try a bit of humility for once.

On a different point Nicky, what a complete mess this government is in with its home affairs and foreign policy, they are halfwits and they are completely out of their depth. If this NHS and public service privatisation reforms go through, there is absolutely no turning back. This government will have destroyed the NHS and that is something they will never ever be forgiven for. I believe it will totally finish the Conservatives for good.
It is their arrogance that gets me and the fact they have no mandate. The only hope is that the Liberal Democrat MPs wake up in time to see what they are sleepwalking in to. I have a couple of sources, there are a couple on very shaky ground, if they defect to Labour or become independents, the dreadful government's days will be numbered. I just hope it is sooner rather than later. The mess that is being created is truly frightening.

On another point can you imagine the outrage of the mail and Sun if labour had been accepting donations from dodgy arms dealers and a labour PM was in the Middle East trying to do arms deals when people in Libya are being shot and bombed by their own leaders? It is Genocide.

Nicky said...

Thanks for the reply, Gracie - I didn't see it for ages due to watching Question Time. (It's not good for my blood pressure, watching that programme!)

Agree with what you say. The only silver lining I can see with this terrible, unelected monster of a govt is that its manifest failures will make it unelectable in future. That's not much of a crumb of comfort in the here and now, though.

Like you say, if a Labour govt had done the stuff this govt does, the press would have hung them out to dry.