Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Society? Don't Make Me Laugh!

Big "Hacked Off" Society!
 At last they admit it, this is a government of extreme right wing zealots ruling for right wingers, another lie from this hopeless government nailed. Why are they admitting they are right wing? Solely to appease the right wing of the Tory party who are as sick of Cameron's dithering, his broken promises and his lies as we are.

The copious amount of spin coming out of number 10 regarding the "Big society" is not going to convince anyone the damage is already done and the government have been well and truly sussed, they keep insanity up over this ridiculous policy and it will ruin Cameron (in retrospect then I hope they do). The Daily mail trying to talk the prime minister up, Cameron is up for a fight apparently,  good so are we, only it is not about his useless big society, we are up for a fight over the economy, education and the NHS and how this despicable runt of a government are treating our disabled people, our youngsters and our elderly, we will NOT allow them to do what they are trying to do. So if it id a fight they want, they have one.

Apparently the prime minister is relaunching the big society today, while he is at it perhaps he had better explain in clear unambiguous terms what it actually is he is relaunching, because no one appears to know! When asked the prime minister can only reply in vague terms, he doesn't even appear to know what it is so how are we expected to know?

How many relaunches has it had so far? Three or four?  Why are we the hard pressed British taxpayer being forced to pay for this crazy idea? Apparently it  isn't even Cameron's own idea, it is the idea of Cameron's strategist Steve Hilton, who has been reported to becoming frustrated with recently resigned Andy Coulson, as he thought the idea was not being pushed enough.

King Cameron the Arrogant is now pinning his premiership on the big society working, if it doesn't, can we expect to see him resign and call an early general election? I would like to ask Cameron at a time when people are suffering up and down this land, people losing their homes, jobs and businesses because of the cuts, why is this government insisting on throwing good money after bad and trying to push this idea again? It is obvious people have sussed it and do not want it, yet Cameron is so arrogant he cannot see it. Does this moron know what it is like to run a full-time job, children and a home? where the hell does he think people have the time to become a librarian, or fill in for one of the other services he is now trying to get in on the cheap. Does the arrogant imbecile not realise that doing this would cause massive disparity of services from ward to ward, let alone council to council, it will NOT work, it is too fragmented and reliant on people that may or may not have the time, not to mention the skills. It is total stupidity.

 We already have a big society of volunteer workers, they need money to operate, funds that Cameron and Osborne have cut, why do we need central government telling us what to do, what not to do and when to do it?
 By slashing and burning across local and central government, the Conservatives are punishing those who already give their time and efforts to help others.

Cameron’s vision is to have State services provided by a whole variety of groups with the Government paying by results. So an anti-addiction charity would be paid for by every addict it got to go and stay clean. Or a voluntary group running a school by every pupil it educates.

Why should people be sacked by this government and when they claim job seekers allowance because they are entitled to do so, they are being told unless they go and do volunteer work they will not receive their unemployment benefit. Which means they are in danger of being forced to do their old jobs for less than £1.50 per hour!
The "Big Society" is just another name for big cuts and it is just a fancy name for hiding the true extent of the cuts,
Has Cameron heard of the saying that "charity begins at home"? Probably not, but he would do well to heed it, unless people feel safe and secure in their own skins and have done right by their own families, how can they possibly volunteer to help someone else? Cameron, Osborne and Clegg have cut peoples benefits, slashed peoples incomes, raised VAT and in thousands of cases been directly responsible for putting people out of work, people are struggling to maintain the quality of their own lives at the lives of their families how on earth can they contribute to others? This is being forced upon us by someone that has never had to worry for one single second where the next penny was coming from in order to maintain his family, who does he think he is in trying to force people to do unpaid work? The clue is in the word "voluntary". Cameron's government cuts are decimating the voluntary sector, it will take billions to correct the damage he is doing.
We are not "all in this together" and I am getting sick of hearing this mantra from this government of privileged millionaires who are not feeling what these cuts are doing, they have no idea of how they are ruining the lives of people and destroying the futures of generations to come. This government is a government of buffoons, they are hopeless.

How can "volunteering" flourish when this government are closing hundreds of libraries, youth clubs, youth services, Sure Start centres etc? In Birmingham alone, because of the cuts the council has been forced to close all five of its Citizens Advice branches.
Dame Hoodless the Chief of Community Services Volunteers said: "Does one hand know what the other hand is doing?"

What Cameron wants to do is cut the funding to local authorities and instead of them closing down public services, have those public services run on the cheap by volunteer workers.
People in communities up and down this country are losing the support they once received for their disabled children/relatives, for elderly people suffering with dementia, relatives who are carers are also losing their respite care, which is placing a terrible burden on them. How are volunteer workers going to come in and administer care to somone when they have no idea what they are doing? It is dangerous!

Another of Cameron's ideas is he is going to give permission for banks to go into all of our dormant bank accounts and use the money that is laying there, calling the "Big Society Bank" who does he think he is, he should stay out of my account, in fact I'll withdraw it today to make sure he can't waste my money on his crazy useless something for nothing scheme. If he wants his bank to be funded let them go into Cameron's bank account and use his funds! How long does he think that the money being put into the this bank is going to last when the cash starved voluntary sector start dipping into it? It is a piffling amount. How is that going to pay for personal care for disabled people, libraries and restocking of them and someone to run them?

Who is going to get these contracts he has taken away from the volunteers? His mates the bankers? Or his friends in big business? This government is rotten to the core and heavily compromised. Donorgate. Donorgate.Donorgate.

Cameron's "Big Society" ? Or "Big Hacked Off Society"?  He would do well to kick this idea into touch and pay people properly for their services and keep the voluntary sector afloat by stopping his interference in it.

Besides if he is forcing people to do voluntary  work and stopping their unemployment benefits if they do not, then this can hardly be called voluntary.


harry starks said...

Making his tax avoiding chums pay their fair share could kick start Dave's 'big society' dream.However, the preening,patronising, priveleged golden spoon fed Eton trifle PRPM will never do such a thing.

Robert said...

What you mean like Blair lot all had privilege all decided to use abandoned bank accounts it's fine to attack the Tories but you have to be sure Blair's lot did not do the same or act the same.

Gracie Samuels said...

Blair is not active in the Labour party Robert.
I am more interested in what this government are doing to my life, my children's lives and my grandchildren's futures. In actual fact Robert labour did not use any money in people’s bank accounts because of legalities, why do you always give misleading replies? You did exactly the same over Caroline Flint. However, I believe a Building Society act was passed since, which gives permission for use of money now under strict guidelines.
Even the act of taking this money is denying charities, because up until now the Banks used to dispose of this money to good causes, now Cameron is nicking that.
At least if labour used the money they had a specific beneficiary lined up for it, but this is a complete waste of time and money and Cameron is not having my money to waste on trying to make himself popular, the useless egotist.

Gracie Samuels said...

@ Harry, you are right they won’t, they are allowed to get away with it. The tax that Vodafone owes the treasury which Osborne allowed them to evade, could make the difference between disabled people keeping their Independent Living grants!