Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tory Britain 2011 - People Forced to Sell Their Gold To Survive

James Murdoch, David Cameron and George Osborne Find Something to Laugh About
(Maybe they are the ones buying up all the gold?)
It is such a sad indictment today in Britain, the 5th richest nation in the world that struggling families and hard hit pensioners are being forced to sell their gold jewellery and heirlooms in order to survive.

We live in a country gripped by the Tory chancellor's insane austerity measures are affecting people so badly yet where the Prime Minister is enjoying his 3rd foreign holiday of the year. The chancellor George Osborne is in LA with his family enjoying a luxurious holiday  in an exclusive £1.100 per night hotel and our deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg is also sunning himself in Spain surrounded by his family. Yet these are the very people that have forced the poor, the vulnerable and the sick, disabled, the young and elderly to the brink of being penniless in order to pay down the country's deficit, caused by greedy City bankers, many of which donate large sums of money directly into the coffers of the British Conservative party.

For many struggling families the rise in VAT, the rise in water, gas and electricity, the soaring food and clothing prices and the ridiculous situation of the price of fuel at the pumps has pushed them over the edge, they are not profligate, they are not spendthrift dole bludging "welfare scroungers" the Tory PM David Cameron has inferred, they are not those that want to stay at home watching daytime TV while others work that chancellor George Osborne talked about and they are not individuals that need to be helped back into work that Nick Clegg has spoken about. These are people who work, who have seen their child benefits frozen, their child tax credits reduced and just about every financial hurdle that can be, is thrown into their paths. These are private sector workers and also public sector workers who have been demonised "for working" in the public sector by Cameron, and have now been made redundant thanks to George Osborne and the Conservative government, these are people that cannot make ends me because this government have taken the "ends" and pulled them as far apart as they can. These are people who are now being forced to  resort to using credit cards to survive, or expensive "payday loans" or are now selling off their jewellery.

More people selling gold just to survive.

What happens to these people when their credit is maxed out and when there is nothing left for them to sell? People are becoming destitute in Britian, today in 2011. Selling their gold is their final act before completely running out of money, people are desperate, people are scared and this is what David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg have inflicted upon us and reduced the ordinary people of this country to.

Some will lose their homes because they can no longer afford to pay the mortgage. Others will lose their homes because the government are capping housing benefits and despite the fact that they are working, they will still be unable to afford their rents, these are not people that basket case rabid right wing papers like the Mail and the Express like to plaster all over their front pages, trying to make us all believe that the one person they have found abusing the system is somehow representative of the entire nation, it is not! These are ordinary folk living in ordinary or run down areas who are renting in the private sector who can no longer afford their rent because of the the government and are now being made homeless.

Councils are now being forced to reserve bed and breakfast temporary accommodation for the expected rise in homelessness in their boroughs. This type of accommodation is one of the great welfare scourges, commonly acknowledged to have a hugely detrimental impact on health, education and job opportunities. According to a House of Commons research paper it is "expensive, inadequate and has unacceptable long term effects on homeless people." New Labour targeted it, and almost eradicated it: but it has been creeping back, even before the housing benefit cuts come into play.

Some people are even reported to be selling their gold teeth in order to pay their rents etc, how can we hold our heads up as a nation while we allow this to happen?

This is Britain in 2011 we are the fifth richest nation, what are the Conservatives reducing this country to just so they can follow their ideological dreams?

It is truly heartbreaking people are selling their precious sentimental items in order to pay the bills like rent, gas and electricity.

People are being forced to do this because of a lie encouraged by David Cameron and George Osborne and their friends in the right wing press while they were in opposition (and also when they first came to power).

Cameron, Osborne and the Tories put about the lie that the UK was like Greece, we were nearly bankrupt and about to default on payments. *NO WE WERE NOT* it was all a complete lie aided and abetted by Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks News International newspapers, The Sun, the now defunct News of the World, The Times and Sunday Times so they could get the Tories into government and get their hands on the remaining 62% of BSkyB shares and other right wing newspapers like the Mail, Express, Telegraph all known Tory papers also decided to join in. Now as we see the corruption and resignations of Britains two top police officers and arrests of people in the Tory supporting press and as the story of why Cameron hired Andy Coulson unfolds, it is time to wonder who will be the first political scalp to be had over corruption and phone hacking? (I hope and pray by all humanity that it is David Cameron and we can see an end to this insane incompetent ideological government)

The Tories blamed the global recession on Gordon Brown and labour and still did it when they came to power. The Tories managed to talk down this country until they damaged consumer confidence so much people stopped spending they fostered the complete lie that we were bankrupt and only they could save us. Strange thing is when the Tories took over, Labour handed them a country in recovery with strengthening growth, falling unemployment, manufacturing and exports on the up and strong consumer confidence with a recovering housing market, since the Tories came to power they have managed to reverse this have given us a stagnant flat lining economy for nine months, they have raised VAT, done nothing about utility prices or fuel prices, they have increased inflation and forced food and clothing prices up in the shops. Consumer confidence is so damaged and no likelihood of it getting better people that do have a little money extra are too scared to spend it. The Tories panicking realise what they have done tell us it's OK because they have managed to "get us out of the danger zone",  before their cuts came in.

The Conservatives have brought about this situation by talking down the economy and stoking fear by telling outrageous lies, they are forcing ordinary people to pay for what the bankers did to this country by cutting too far, too fast and what we are seeing now is a direct result of this and the most frightening thing is, that the Tories cuts have barely even registered yet and already we are seeing growth badly effected. the UK simply does not have to do this, we have a choice, we can cut slower without harming the economy, we can take measures like reducing VAT to encourage growth. The measures being forced upon this country are not because of the deficit, the deficit is just being used as an excuse, these measures are because this is the ideology of the Tory party, it is what the Tories do it is what they are about. David Cameron promised to end fuel poverty by 2016 - he lied.

What the Tories are doing is absolute insanity, yet they and their banker friends will not have to suffer because they and their banker friends have stock piles of cash they can fall back on.

I wonder if all those ordinary people who voted Tory realise that since David Cameron became Conservative leader in December 2005, the amount of money the City has given to bankroll the Tories has gone up fourfold, to £11.4m a year. Over those five years, the City has donated more than £42m to the Conservative party.

Mr Osborne said that he was hopeful of coming to a deal with the banks over increased lending for small businesses, that deal was called "Project Merlin". What superficially seemed like a tough stance on bank lending, there was no real structure in place to force banks to give businesses credit; the lending pledge was merely academic and Osborne's Project Merlin has been a complete failure.

Just a few months ago Britain's major banks unveiled their multibillion-pound bonus pools for senior staff. Incredibly, the poor, the unemployed, the sick, vulnerable and disabled etc are now being forced to pay  for the bankers greed and totally irresponsible lending and now while David Cameron's (the city is in my blood) banker mates are enjoying their big bonuses while vulnerable and struggling people have now been forced into a position where they have no choice but to borrow off of credit cards or sell their gold just to to survive, the bankers live off their huge part taxpayer funded bonuses and our Conservative government does absolutely nothing! Why would they want to bite the hand that writes them millions of pounds cheques for the coffers of the Tory party? yet who profits when struggling people are forced to use their credit cards to survive? Yes it is the Tories friends - the bankers. George Osborne is not only forcing us to pay the deficit, he is also forcing people to pay for the recovery by forcing them into around 14% more debt - just to survive the Tories attack on people's standards of living!

Has a banker ever had to go and cash in his gold in order to survive?

Yet as Cameron, Osborne and Clegg keep reminding us, "we are all in this together" - right? (when do they cash in their gold?)

 Pensioner and child poverty is now set to rise in the UK

Welcome to Tory Britain in 2011 and things can only get worse.


Anonymous said...

I never believed Gracie in a million years that i would be reading a blog like yours in which the government of the day was performing so badly in all areas of policy and it would be left mainly to the sick and disabled to pick up the tab instead of the banking fraternity who were responsible for this mess in the first place

The government of the day have plunged to new lows of which i have never seen before outside of the likes of Libya/Iraq and a few African countries that i have known well over the years

What will be the eventual outcome for this country i don't know for certain but would suspect it will become a third world country with very little scope for the younger generation

As for those that are skilled in their trades many will move on like all of my friends have done over the years to countries like Australia Canada Brazil etc as it is so much more relaxed and laid back plus their work is fully appreciated within their communities which they tell me has been very appreciated and has enabled them to be very successful and valued

Robert said...

Yes but again like it or not it was New labour that caused the poorest to have these problems. WCA and ESA are serious problems.

My wife has just sold her wedding ring I bought her forty years ago, she has sold her bangle I bough her on our 30 wedding anniversary and she has sold her engagement ring it was white gold.

At least we waited until the price of gold was hight not like Brown.