Friday, August 19, 2011

The Demise of British Justice - Thanks To The Conservative Government

The Prime Minister's Friend Andy Coulson Deserves a Second Chance
After allegedly phone hacking and ordering the hacking of murdered teenagers phone etc

But a Young Person With No Previous Convictions Who stole a bottle of water Doesn't
and is sent to jail for 6 months!

I read this is the Daily Mail:

A mother yesterday allowed her teenage son to be jailed over rioting allegations rather than run the risk of being evicted from her £1million council house. 

David Cameron Said:

"For too long we’ve taken a too-soft attitude towards people that loot and pillage their own community,’ he told BBC’s North West Tonight last week. ‘If you do that you should lose your right to the sort of housing that you’ve had at subsidised rates."

Really David Cameron? What about all the "looting" and "pillaging" the city bankers have engaged in? Those same bankers many of whom donate heaftily to the Tory party coffers and who brought this country to its knees?

What is the prime minister, David Cameron,  waffling about "looting" and "pillaging"? Exactly what other events of this magnitude (apart from that carried out by Cameron's friends the bankers) resulting in riots where people have "looted" and "pillaged" their own community and where our courts have taken a "too soft an attitude for too long about"?  Did anyone bother to inform the prime minister that he is talking complete rubbish? Perhaps Cameron could explain exactly where these unprecedented events happened before, I wonder, did they occur here in this country or in some parallel universe that the prime minister occupies?  The prime minister's behaviour is becoming more remote and weird and with each passing day he is giving the impression that he is living on some distant planet, his behaviour is now becoming totally bizarre, and as he is the prime minister this is definitely cause for concern.  David Cameron looks to be exhibiting signs of mental illness as if the power has affected him, he doesn't appear able to differentiate between truth and fiction and he cannot be allowed to continue like this, if he does then he is going to put this country in serious danger, more danger than he has already!

These terrible riots were thank God, unprecedented, and hopefully will never be repeated, however, they happened and they happened on Cameron's watch and the prime minister was shown to be wanting in the basic common sense and judgement needed to control the situation. Tottenham had happened with rioting and looting leaving Tottenham's 130 year old building razed to the ground and more importantly peoples homes were actually burned completely out resulting in them being forced to run for their lives and these poor people were left with absolutely nothing. Anyone with anything about could almost touch the atmosphere hanging over this country it was almost palpable, yet Cameron chose to stay away on his luxury holiday. Cameron has shown himself an incompetent idiot who refused to do HIS duty and return home from his luxury holiday it took a further two nights of anarchy, rioting, looting and arson. Tragically people also lost their lives trying to protect their property before Cameron decided to return home to this country, the country he is supposed to be leading!

For the nights following the Tottenham catalyst I totally blame Cameron for much of what happened. I'm not going in for niceties I am just going to say it as I see it. This situation is far too serious for pussyfooting about, if things need to be said about the situation that the prime minister has helped bring about, then I am going to say them. Cameron is quick to judge "bad parenting" and "sheer criminality" and "state dependence"  why should Cameron himself escape judgement? Why should he now suddenly start panicking wanting to  *USE* people's distress for his own political ends in order to make himself look tough? He has been warned repeatedly that what he was doing was going to lead to social and civil unrest, he ignored it, so that makes him just as culpable and just as feckless as those people that went out rioting.

This isn't Cameron caring about what happens to people affected by rioting and looting, this is Cameron in a tail spin realising too late that he should have returned to this country immediately to do the job he is paid and *trusted* to do and this is Cameron trying to recover lost ground and lost credibility. Lost because of his own appalling judgement which has left him looking weak and ineffectual. If Cameron really did care about those affected by the rioting and looting, then why did he not meet them face to face when he went to visit some of the affected areas? Why did he hide behind his bodyguards and allow his advisers to arranged "sanitised" meetings with fire crews, keeping well away from shock residents and local business people? The only businessman he chose to meet he met in private, the owner of a business that was burned down on Croydon. He obviously doesn't want his already tarnished reputation to be tarnished further by being put on the spot by genuine people asking him genuine questions, one of which would have no doubt been to ask why he didn't bother returning to this country for three days when it was out of control and burning and rioting and looting was taking place?

I don't say the following lightly but Cameron is genuinely coming across as a pathological liar and a megalomaniac. He is interfering in the justice system and meddling with sentencing and is hell bent on criminalising stupid little kids and idiotic youths who got carried away in the moment and who done stupid stupid little things like nicking an ice cream, or placing a hand around the door and stealing a pack of chewy worth £1,or helping themselves to a bottle of water. These people have got 6 months in prison - totally absurd! I am NOT referring to those involved in violence against police and innocent people, or those making off with thousands of pounds worth of designer clothing and electrical goods etc, they deserve what punishment the law depicts, but even this should be done without Cameron pressuring the judiciary.

Cameron said this is pure "criminality" no doubt some of it was, however, once again he is on the backfoot so takes the easy way out by picking on soft targets just to make himself look tough and in control, whereby, the truth is that if he had bothered to come home immediately from his luxury holiday this may never have happened, this situation may never have reached the level of sustained and organised violence that it did. Despite what Cameron has said and wants us to believe, part of what happened was down social unrest and a reaction to his draconian austerity measures and attacks on the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society and this outbreak of lawlessness is also something to do with the way he keeps trying to turn sections of society against one another. No doubt also that part was also most likely organised rioting and looting after Tottenham. However, so far all we have seen in the dock are mostly habitual petty offenders and also a lot of kids with no previous convictions and the people who actually pumped these kids up and then let them loose have so far escaped justice.

 Where is all the evidence of tough  sentences for those known to be in gangs that the prime minister keeps referring to? We heard the story told by one looter with his face covered that these riots were organised by hardened criminals who supplied people with stolen vans to go out and loot as much stuff as possible and to take it back to a designated spot unload and then go off again. These are the real criminals, the drug suppliers, and the pushers. Where is the evidence that police have apprehended any of these people and forced them to face justice? These are the people that already have a great many of these kids involved in habitual offending who live in areas like Tottenham they are completely under their control and they control them with fear, drugs and threats against them and their families, yet there is absolutely no sign that any of these people are alongside others facing harsh justice in our courts. Instead of those that deserve to be in court we have a stream of petty offenders and stupid little kids that just behaved basically like kids and got caught up in the "excitement" of the whole thing and did things which if they were thinking properly they probably would not have done, the real culprits of the extreme violence, rioting, looting and the recipients of all that stolen designer gear and high end technical goods have got clean away - as usual.

Cameron talks about setting examples, but look at the example he himself has set ever since he assumed the job of prime minister. In just over 15 months he has lied continually, he has broken virtually every promise he has made. He is guilty of intentionally misquoting people and he has deliberately and repeatedly misled the British people. Everything he and his government have done has ended in complete farce, chaos and confusion and Cameron's handling of these riots is certainly no exception to what has become the way of this totally incompetent Tory government.

Talking about setting examples, Cameron is a multi millioanaire and so is his wife in her own right own right and yet Cameron's very own parliamentary expenses claims have raised eyebrows! Four months after the Tory leader took out a £350,000 mortgage on his Oxfordshire second home and started claiming close to the maximum allowance, he used his own money to pay off the remaining £75,000 of the mortgage on his London home.

The Mail on Sunday said accountants they had contacted calculated that between 2002 and 2007, Cameron could have saved taxpayers £22,000.
Cameron defended why he had not paid off more of his second home mortgage with the £75,000, saying that even if he had done so, he would still have needed to claim the maximum allowed by the Commons' authorities.
He said: "I think what I did was very reasonable, which is that I bought a house in my constituency in 2001 at the time of the election. I claimed the mortgage interest on that house. I was actually paying out more in mortgage interest than I was claiming. But, yes, I was claiming a large amount. And over a time I managed to pay down some of that mortgage and I'm now claiming, as well as the mortgage interest, for some very basic bills like council tax, electricity and heating and the rest of it..
Yes "and all the rest of it" if only the parents of some of these kids up in the dock now had, had the chance to claim from their employers what Cameron has claimed from us, the taxpayers, what a differenc that would havemade to their lives!  Just one of the promises Cameron broke is his promise to introduce an "MPs recall system" where errant MPs can be recalled to face questions or be forced to face a by-election for those MPs found to have flouted parliamentary rules of exactly the kind that Cameron himself  has engaged in, had we had the promised recall system, we most surely would have recalled Cameron himself by now. Yet Cameron thinks it is OK for two idiotic immature young men of previous good character, who stupidly watched all the riot footage flooding our TVs and newspapers and internet and decided to try and organise a riot over facebook, how utterly stupid is that?  So stupid are they that their actions  led the police straight to their doors, they were arrested, charged and trialled and now face 4 years in prison each. For such a lengthy sentence it seems absolutely no time for their solicitors to be able to gather a case for them, how is this justice? I fully realise what they attempted to do was serious and they needed to be taught a lesson but their sentences were definitely disproportionate and are a miscarriage of our very famous fair justice system. To over sentence someone is just as much as injustice as to under sentence someone. If they fail to win their appeals against their insane sentences they will cost the taxpayer at least £400.000, at the very least with legal aid and their appeals they are going to cost this country at least £200.000! Not bad for a few minutes work writing some stupid juvenile post on fb! Why not put the fear of God into them and then have them tagged to curtail their freedom (something that really does hit home with people of their age) and force them to do community service around their studies or employment? By making them do something useful  may help teach them the value of community and that what they did was serious and unacceptable and will cost this country far less in the process? Instead we now have placed immature fools directly into harms way in prison and God alone knows what will happen to them in there, I just shudder to think. Where they went into prison stupidly ignorant they will probably come out hardened criminals and angry young men with chips on their shoulders and axes to grind against and insane society that deliberately placed them in harms way, just to make David Cameron look good. Cameron who is actually no better himself after all what did he and his chancellor along with Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson do to Gordon Brown? Didn't they incite a whole country to believe a whole load of vicious lies? Didn't they incite a whole country to believe that the global financial recession was solely down to Gordon Brown? Didn't they use lies and vitriol to persecute an innocent man just to gain power?

Why should Cameron get away with his very own vile disgusting behaviour towards another human being especially while dictating to others about their "bad behaviour", when his own behaviour is questionable to say the very least?  The riots are an embarrassment to this country and the way they were allowed to exacerbate by the prime minister and get out of control is even more of an embarrassment.  However now with Cameron interfering in our justice system and pressurising judges and magistrates to issue this kind of sentencing is putting us on a par with countries where people caught chewing gum in the street are sentenced to prison and it is really embarrassing. It is as if somehow the country has reverted back to the Victorian era overnight, where people were dragged before the courts and were sentenced by judges that were not interested in if they were guilty or not and were thrown in prison for next to nothing and left to rot there for years. Other countries are laughing at us, they think we have totally lost the plot and it is all down to the buffoonish behaviour of the incompetent clown Cameron. watch this following video for how the rest of the world is now viewing us thanks to David Cameron:

The measures that have been taken often win applause in the aftermath of something serious, however, these are knee-jerk reactions and as with all such reactions they usually turn out to be the wrong thing to do. If this interference in our judicial system is allowed to continue then Cameron and Clegg risk long term damage, to an already damaged communities in deprived areas.

Failure to understand the root cause, failure for justice to be seen to be done fairly will have a serious affect on our society as a whole and not just in deprived areas.

Ever since Cameron became prime minister he has actively sought to single out those on welfare who he referred to as "welfare scroungers", he has purposefully set one section of society against the other he has inferred that all those on benefits are cheats, scroungers and fraudsters. He has implied that all people on disability benefits are swinging the lead he has provided the fodder for the immigrant bashing, benefit bashing right wing press, but when DWP figures are proved incorrect, he doesn't bother to correct the press, he allows this impression of "sick note Britain" to fester, the result is that it turns person against person. He done exactly that same by encouraging the private sector to attack the public sector because this will help him sack 500.000 people for their jobs without hardly any protest. He has successfully demonised public sector workers and made large sections of the public hate them for having the "audacity" to work for a living! Cameron may think he is being clever, but what this is leading to is very large sections of our society left feeling disgruntled and angry and as the cuts bite, this will only get much worse, resulting in more violence and bloodshed on our streets. Making poor people poorer will not make them less likely to steal, it will actually increase the likelihood. Taking benefits away from people who cannot find work is utter madness, it will not help, it will only force them onto streets and into crime. There is no work available and that is a direct result of the insane austerity measures that Cameron, Osborn and Clegg have inflicted upon this country.

How will evicting families from their homes help this situation? How is forcing a mother and an 8 year old innocent child from their home in order to pay for what was in all respects a very silly petty crime the elder 18 year old son allegedly committed going to repair the damage to society? It will not it will further damage society and will create a whole domino effect set of problems, it is utter insanity.

David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg are actively creating a "underclass" they are seriously damaging our society and communities and they need to stop this phony war they have created between people who work and the unemployed, the private sector versus the public sector and they need to stop attacking parents. This Tory government has withdrawn funding from youth centres, youth workers, public libraries. They have cut funding to local authorities who have in turn sacked public service workers such as Educational Welfare Officers, early intervention officers, social workers, family liaison officers, they have losed drug rehabilitation centres and cut funding to those that help people who have addiction problems. While they have let the people that caused these problems the bankers to walk away free to pay themselves huge bonuses and while he (Cameron) has taken over £42 MILLION in donations from City bankers etc.  MPs like Liberal Democrat David Laws defrauded almost £50.000 out of the tax payer for rent for his partner, rent he (Laws) knew he was not eligible to claim, yet the only punishment Laws received was a 7 day suspension from parliament and as a millionaire he paid the money back. He should have been prosecuted, it was a deliberate act yet he got away with it and not only that, Cameron has always backed Laws 100% and has stated publicly he would like to see laws back in the cabinet. One law for the rich and another for the poor in this country. Cameron has also d said the reason why he gave Andy Coulson a job was because he deserved a second chance, well in that case don't these bits of kids who stole a £1 pack of chewing gum (when they could have stolen much, much more) deserve a second chance not to go prison and have a criminal record for the rest of their lives? Cameron is making a mockery out of our justice system and now the system is creaking to a halt and we are running out of prison places, so the likelihood of serious offenders being sent to prison will lessen while kids who nicked an ice cream are serving 6 months. It is totally ludicrous.

"Making them, or their families, homeless will not promote respect for the law. Trying to shut down the Internet in neighborhoods would be an appalling violation of civil liberties and a threat to public safety, denying vital real-time information to frightened residents" - New York Times
Since David Cameron became prime  minister, Britain has lost a lot of respect in the world, on various world events Cameron has caused this country embarrassment and we have become a laughing stock, from his gut wrenching ridiculous crawling to president Obama and his insulting of our troops that fought in the war, to other faux pas, he has totally embarrassed this country. The rest of the world stood back with disbelief as our chancellor put this country's economy on a collision course with disaster and waited for us to crash, which we are now in the process of doing.

The one thing we had left which was intact was this country's hard earned famous "British justice"  and fair play which were renown and respected throughout the world and now because of David Cameron and the Tory party and the Liberal Democrats, our justice system is causing hilarity and disbelief right across the world - so we have lost that too.

Not bad for the Conservatives who have always prided themselves on being the "party of law and order".

Children as Young as 11 years locked away and given referral Orders
For stealing silly petty things
Yet Millionaire David Laws Former Secretary To treasury Of Cameron's Government
Defrauded the taxpayer of almost £50.000 in Rent he was not entitled to
and was given a 7 day suspension from the House of Commons and NO prosecution and Cameron wants him back in his former job!
Where is the parity of justice here David Cameron?


Robert said...

Good article.

That's what extreme hereditary unearned privilege and wealth does.

It gives the ruling elite a "god" complex because of their power over us. It distances them so much from the average persons experience that they don't see us as fellow human beings, they see us as expendable worthless chess pieces.

I can imagine Cameron grew up on tales of William the Conqueror and guys like that and their ruthless crushing of uprisings and imagines himself to be a modern version of them, especially with his ancestry.

He didn't come back because he didn't think the wellbeing of the worthless vermin he has nothing but contempt for was worth spoiling his holiday for. He only came back when he realised it was going to make him look bad and cause his Premiership problems.

That is why I am opposed to a hereditary wealth elite and allowing them to be our leaders. People who see us like they do will not act in our best interests.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Robert, I entirely agree and further, did you read that Cameron is now off on his 5th holiday since becoming prime minister? There are people really struggling to make ends meet, we all know he can afford it and that he has a high pressure job, but isn't it about setting an example? This looks really bad, real
ly, really bad!

spirit said...

hear hear i agree with every word you say...and all your other excellent articles

Anonymous said...

Cameron warned on human rights and rightly so he wonts to water them down so as to not only punish those that caused the riots he will be able to punish the sick and disabled further THEN AT PRESENT
The only reason the sick and disabled are struggling at this time with the endless DwP ATOS bureaucracy is because we don't have access to lawyers and by and large have to make do with citizens advice which is far from perfect but it is at least something

I wont to see justice by a lawyer so that form filling and all that goes with it is all legally binding in a court of law and those out to punish the sick and disabled will be found out for abusing their powers hence i am fully behind the EU human rights as it stands

If Cameron had his way he would take away i believe all of human rights and put us back in to the dark ages again

Gracie Samuels said...

The awful thing is that legal aid is being removed from ordinary people in many cases making it virtually impossible for them to challenge things is law. Already vulnerable people, like the disabled are being rendered helpless, is this any way for a supposedly rich democratic country to treat its citizens?

Thanks spirit :0)

Anonymous said...

Another thing Gracie David Cameron continually talks about how bad the middle east leaders are and that they should all step down while he himself has taken justice away from those in this country without money or very little

Am i missing something here and isn't he just as bad as those in the middle east with regards taking away their human rights ?
Sure HE isn't going to kill US but none the less there are those in the UK who do feel threatened for their future i for one and their will indeed be many others who feel the same

We are not all going to make it over the coming years with the stress of the reforms and policy changes that's a fact and David Cameron must surely know that ? a death is a death in my book be it one death or a thousand and i recommend to this house that he stand down now while the goings good

Gracie Samuels said...

Fourbanks - I agree entirely. Quite how Cameron can yadda on about human rights while taking away the rights of the disabled, the elderly, the young, women, the unemployed is totally beyond me.