Wednesday, August 10, 2011

David Cameron Should Resign - Leaves Britain Open To Anarchy and Terrorist Attacks

David Cameron has once again shown complete lack of judgement in the way he ignored what was happening in this country for three days before he deigned it necessary to return home. This should not be forgotten and Cameron should be held to account for his inability to correctly assess a dangerous situation and take appropriate action to protect the people of Britain. I believe this is one of the most important points.

Cameron and Osborne should have returned to the country when the global economy went pear shaped, there were calls for them to return but apparently it was OK as they could run the country's economy from their mobiles. They were on holiday in their luxury hotel and villa and they were staying there and they did not really care about the people in this country struggling with unemployment, fear, and chaos.

So when the situation in Tottenham turned into a riot early last Saturday evening and grew dramatically throughout the night, David Cameron was asked to return home and take control - he refused and issued a two line statement hours after the event informing us that it's OK as he was being kept informed. Anyone with a modicum of common sense looked at the situation on the TV and knew that this was going to escalate. On Sunday night it did, it spread to other parts of the capital and people were losing their homes, businesses, their vehicles and in many cases were forced to abandon their homes because they had been set alight - once again  David Cameron was asked to return home and once again he f refused, once again apparently he was in control on his mobile and issued a platitude that this was unacceptable behaviour! Yes every right minded person knows this and did not need to be told it, what we needed was leadership from our leaders and for them to come home and take control of a rapidly escalating situation, but they refused to break away from their holidays, apparently topping a tan up and hugging "untipped" waitresses and sacking ones Italian tennis coach and flying out ones British tennis coach was far more important and why should the PM break away from his third luxury holiday of the year?

On Monday night the rioting and looting by large gangs of disaffected youths escalated and spread from Hackney, Harringay, Enfield, Croydon, Clapham, Canning Town, Camden, to leafy Ealing and to other major cities in other parts of the country - the police had completely lost control of the capital and it was spreading to other parts of the country Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool etc, it was only then that David Cameron decided to come home.

Cameron's judgement has been called into serious question over foreign policy such as Egypt and Libya when once again he failed to recognise a dangerous crisis brewing and left British nationals stranded inside dangerous countries with rapidly deteriorating life threatening situations, other countries were busy repatriating their people and even tried to help ours by getting our people to places of safety, our government failed to recognise the dangers. Strangely Cameron himself was touring the Middle East along with a delegation of his arms trading (Tory financial backing) buddies, flogging arms to small Arab countries, leaving our citizens in fear of their lives.

Cameron's judgement and complete failure over his major policy reforms such as the NHS, policing, welfare, education and defence has left the people of this country in a vulnerable position. Everything that Cameron and his government touch ends up in distress, chaos, confusion and complete failure.

However, his total inaction and breathtaking arrogance over the riots and looting by lawless individuals over the past few days has *so far* trumped anything his appalling judgement has led to thus far.

When he eventually returned home and held an emergency Cobra meeting, they begged borrowed and stole police officers from all over the country and managed to put 10000 extra "police" on London's streets yesterday and fortunately this managed to calm the situation down. However, the first question I would put to the prime minister is why did you leave this three whole days before returning home, when he must have seen the terrible images of London burning and all the  looting that was taking place all over the capital and that the police were in a hapless and helpless situation? If Cameron had returned home last Saturday night/Sunday morning after Tottenham, then he could have taken control sooner, cancelled all police leave and put more police on the streets in the capital in likely flashpoints, and this outbreak of lawlessness would not have taken place and then it may not have spread to other parts of the country and all those hundreds of people who have lost their homes, their businesses, their vehicles, and the thousands that have literally been put in a position of fearing for their families and their own lives could have been avoided.

This part of this was entirely David Cameron's fault and can be attributed to his total lack of ability to run this country safely and correctly and he is putting all of us at grave risk.

As a direct result of David Cameron's lack of judgement and alarming lack of ability this country slipped into days of anarchy where mobs had taken control of our streets and Cameron *MUST* be held accountable for this.

No longer can the Tories claim to be the party of law and order, they are completely out of their depth and I believe the country is not safe under the government of David Cameron.

How could David Cameron allow himself, the deputy pm, the chancellor, the home secretary and the London mayor to all be out of the country on holiday all at the same time? If this was not bad enough thanks to Cameron and his involvement with Rupert Murdoch's News International and all the allegations of corruption and phone hacking, the country lost its two most senior police officers, Sir Paul Stephenson the Metropolitan police commissioner and his deputy (who is in charge of anti-terrorism) John Yates, who were both forced to resign, so not only were all our political leaders out of the country at the same time, we had no one to take charge of the police force and it showed, as police were completely ineffectual in containing the outbreaks of lawlessness, they only regained control when 10000 extra police were conjured up.

David Cameron and the Conservative government left this country in a highly vulnerable position. If we were open to this terrible lawlessness that took control of our country then even more alarming is when the realisation hits that we were also wide open to a terrorist attack!

There is a deeper debate to had in the near future as to reasons for why so many youths were all too easily drawn into lawless rioting and attacks against their own people in their own neighbourhoods. There is no excuse for what these individuals did, but it has to be said that cutting the funding to organisations and public services and sacking the very people that actually work with youths in early intervention positions at a time of such high youth unemployment and other austerity measures and recession is not just crazy, it is an absolute insanity and once again exposes the prime minister's dangerous lack of judgement and complete inability to understand the fundamental changes and cause and effect that his own policy changes will bring. These are not just figures on a balance sheet, this is not just cost savings that look good on paper, this shows a dangerous inability to understand the full implications that cutting funding has directly on the community and clearly shows that saving a few pounds on a piece of paper can lead to further millions being wasted trying to clear up the mess from ill thought out and ill conceived policy changes. The past week in Britain has clearly demonstrated the dangers of a government out of its depth, who clearly thinks of people in terms of pounds signs on a balance sheet.

So after the astonishing lack of leadership from David Cameron over the past week when he preferred to stay on holiday to coming home to his country that was crying out for leadership, after he dramatically failed the entire country, where to now?

What happens after a few days when all the borrowed police officers return home to their towns and cities,once again leaving London vulnerable? What happens when the government plough ahead and cut a further 1500 officers from policing the capital? Notably yesterday, police officers were drafted in from West Brom, Bristol, Manchester, Salford, Birmingham, Liverpool etc all deprived inner city areas where this Tory government is slashing funding to the most, where they stand to lose more nurses, teachers and yes police officers and other public services and more cuts to the NHS in those deprived areas than the affluent South, and yet as soon as London needed them, their police officers were taken away to police the capital and despite what their police commanders say, this must have left them stretched at the very time they needed all their officers to police their own cities -  this will do nothing to help relations between those people in the North and the government down South, a relationship which is already strained. Think of Sheffield and Sheffield Forgemasters and Bombardier and Derby.

Cameron asked that all special constables report to duty and all leave cancelled for police officers and community support officers. Is this country going to be policed on the volunteer special constable force in future? Are we going to rely on law and order being kept at the mercy of employers allowing their employees who are also specials the necessary time off? What will be the criteria will this specials that get paid be asked to do it for nothing?

Is Cameron still intending to get rid of some 35.000 police officers? Is he still intending to carry on cutting thousands of Police Community Support officers positions? The very people who work full time in communities actually talking to the youth that took part in the rioting?

This whole situation is a complete and utter mess, we have no leadership and our leaders showed us they could not be bothered, so while they were away the youth came out to play and the result was the terrible scenes we all witnessed in this country over the past week.

From the NHS and from funding cuts to Education Maintenance Allowance and cuts to youth services and projects - right through to policing and law and order, David Cameron has shown he is not fit for high office, he is actually incapable of doing his job and what is more when push came to shove he showed us he did not care and preferred to stay on holiday. If he had shown this level of incompetence and breathtaking arrogance in one his mates corporations he would have been sacked - immediately.

David Cameron is a criminally incompetent prime minister who is clearly out of his depth, leading a criminally incompetent government - this government is not working, David Cameron must resign.

The country has lost confidence in the prime minister and the government, so this government must be dissolved and a date set for a general election *BEFORE* they have us all subject to a terrorist attack with a police force and armed forces all stymied because of spending cuts.

  • An innocent person was viciously beaten up for trying to defend public property and he is fighting for his life in hospital.
  • Early reports are now coming in that three people who were defending their community and neighbours lives and property were deliberately mowed down by a speeding car, horrifically those three men are now dead and their poor families subjected to hell on earth.
  • Hundreds of people have lost everything, their homes, their businesses even their vehicles.
  • Many thousands of people are now living in fear, they feel completely vulnerable and unsafe in their own homes, in their own businesses and their own jobs and their own neighbourhoods.
  • hundreds of people have been put out of work because of this lawlessness, arson and looting.

There is really nothing else more grave and serious that could happen than a prime minister refusing to leave his third luxury holiday of the year and standing by clutching his mobile phone watching passively as anarchists and arsonists took over the country, except to be left open and vulnerable to a terrorist attack, which obviously this country was left open to over the past week. This is totally a resignation affair.

David Cameron Resign NOW *Before* Your Incompetence and Appalling Judgement Costs More Lives!


Anonymous said...

For to long now the governments of the day have failed many of the the population from the sick and disabled right through to those who live in the inner citites on the margins of life. The younger generation feel they have no hope in our society today as they have seen first hand their parents struggle in a society which is only concerned with power and money

As for going forward things for most people today will be difficult made much worse by a conservative government. The past 30 years even for myself have been most difficult in bringing up a family in a one bedroom apartment so i fully understand all of the issues that one faces in today's society and being retired from the bank of England has not made any difference

As i believe i have failed badly in society i can fully understand how others have failed also and i don't see a change for many years if at all to come

A wholesome society needs people like myself to be in power but regretfully those that take to be mp's and then on to running the country lack the most very basic principal of people's skills the art of asking your country to do something and them doing it as opposed of today where the government cant get the country to do anything irrespective of what is being asked of them

The government do not respect the people and the therefore the people do not respect the government respect for the government has to be earned and can only be achieved by the likes of myself a sort of David attenborough type of person or the late Michael foot for example

The likes of David Cameron and co could never in a million years unite this country and when we next get to vote at the general election we need all of us to fully take on board on who gets elected both at a local level and who will be running the country. If we can get these basic principals right then the future for everyone will be much brighter

Failure to get it wrong has we have done in the past will just add to a further lost generation and grief all round

Robert said...

Every time I see his greedy, smug, entitled, overfed, overprivileged, mean, spiteful, arrogant, fat dough like face, it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach.

I often have to turn the channel when he comes on and starts spouting his insincere used car salesman style platitudes, because he disgusts me so much.

I never fell for his progressive caring Tory bullshite. I could tell he was an exceptionally nasty little Tory by his eyes. I could see the spite, deceit and sadism, in his eyes.

I couldn't belive the British people could fall for his transparent act saying he "seems like a nice guy".

I used to tell people I know what he really was, and now people say to me "Robert you were right about him".

He is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with this country.

Gracie Samuels said...

For the first time Robert we are in total agreement.

Robert said...

wrong Robert we will never agee on who caused this, I will change my name to robert the cip