Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cameron Should Be Stamped - "Just For Show Meant For Electioneering Purposes Only".

Come not between the dragon and his wrath
(King Lear1.1.124) 
Have you ever notice anything odd about the prime minister as if you can never quite make him out? Always something that seems not quite right, a niggling little feeling but could never put your finger on it, or find the right words to explain what you feel about him? Then read on:

We all know by now that the prime minister is a veritable stranger to the truth. David Cameron thinks absolutely nothing about intentionally misquoting others and deliberately misleading the public the man is  simply incapable of telling the truth about anything. As with all liars they are difficult to gauge, so sooner or later there comes a point where we simply cannot believe a word a liar says. I believe we have now reached that point with the prime minister. The result is that the nation is living under a completely false misapprehension of what is actually going on in the country, we have been lied to about some very serious issues and manipulated into believing things that were untrue. It's never good when a prime minister constantly lies to the public but when he heads a government that is trying to reform the NHS, welfare, police, defence and education all at the same time it can have very serious implications for the people.  When Cameron told us on several occasions "there will be no top down reorganisation in the NHS", we were entitled to believe him. However that turned out to be a blatant lie and furthermore he knew it to be untrue, at the time he told the public this both he and Andrew Lansley were actually working on completely reforming the NHS and had been doing so for some years before they got into government. The same goes with the armed forces. When in opposition Cameron slated the then Labour government for not providing enough Chinook helicopters to troops in Afghanistan promising them more yet in power Cameron slashed the number from 22 Chinooks that Labour had on order to just 14 . Cameron has also  axed  troops by email, frozen their pay, scuttled our only aircraft carrier as well as now ditching the 8 Chinooks in a devastating attack to destroy Britain’s military.
This attack amounts to nothing less than a demoralising and dreadful betrayal or our armed forces fighting in Afghanistan, Cameron should be deeply ashamed, but he isn't and he isn't because he simply does not care. In fact in military circles he would probably be known as a "Walter Mitty" type character, someone who pretends to be someone heroic, however, it is hard to differentiate if we have a "Billy Liar" or "Walter Mitty" for a prime minister, perhaps we have both all rolled into one? Whatever he is it is certainly no joking matter.

Cameron is not only destroying this country, he is destroying our reputation abroad, other countries now think that we are a complete joke, but sadly for us it is no laughing matter, especially as events have a habit of turning dangerous and very sinister at a moments notice as the recent riots clearly demonstrated.  Cameron was informed that this country was in serious trouble and bizarrely he ignored the warnings and preferred to stay on holiday having his photo taken with his arm around a Tuscan waitresses and playing tennis rather than return and take control of the country he is meant to be leading!  Serious lawlessness, rioting, looting and arson and where sadly four innocent people lost their lives due to the extreme violence before he decided he had better come home. How funny is that? How amusing is it that other countries now look at images of this country out of control with rioters and looters running wild, with homes and businesses burning to the ground now they believe this is what life is like in this country so why would they want to come and invest here, or come on holiday here? Is that funny in this economic climate? It is not just this either it is a great many things. Taking five luxury holidays in a year while the country struggles under the austerity measures he has imposed, is not just complacent, it is totally and utterly contemptuous of the British people and it is all mixed with his lies. he came back from holiday and promptly started to tell lies about the police, trying to claim he had to tell them how to do their job.

It is true to say that over the years we have all heard some tall stories from politicians of all colours so we have come to expect a certain amount of it, but blatant and deliberate dishonestly like this? and over such serious issues like our NHS, police and defence? I have always taken a keen interest in politics but never before have I witnessed any politician, (let alone a prime minster) appear so pathologically incapable of telling the truth as David Cameron.

Without a doubt David Cameron is a "leader" of no real strength or intellect to speak of, his only job before becoming prime minister was a spin doctor for Carlton TV. The only thing he seems to possess is the ability to ape other people's strengths, however, possessing the ability to ape them doesn't mean he actually has those strengths - which clearly he doesn't.  How would you describe Cameron's judgement? Appalling or just non-existent?

Cameron reminds me of some form of living breathing human collage. It's almost as if he and his proponents have  deliberately come up with a plan to formulate a person that they knew people would vote for, without a care for the consequences afterwards, all they cared about was getting into power at any price. Setting about cutting out all the bits they like from other existing real people and then assembling all the pieces together. There is no depth and no meaning there and there never can be because the David Cameron we all see is not real, he doesn't exist, he is a creation without a soul formed specifically for the role of prime minister and placed in that position specifically to do the bidding of the bankers, the multi national corporations, the hedge funders, the venture capitalists and the arms dealers etc.  David Cameron is just one consolidated cardboard cut out mass of contradictions, hypocrisies and insincerity all held together by invisible "conglomerate super glue". There is absolutely no passion to deliver a better place for all the people of this country as cardboard is an inanimate object it is not real so is incapable of feeling emotion or remorse. Cameron is all lies and make believe so what ever he promises will never happen because it was never meant to happen, it was all part of the meaningless bits pasted together to make it look good to the voters, he and his promises should have come stamped with a warning "Just For Show - Meant For Electioneering Purposes Only" and beware choking hazard!

It is simply no good expecting Cameron to show remorse because he is a fake and fakes do not feel let alone show remorse. David Cameron is devoid of humanity when he looks at us he doesn't really see us as real thinking caring people with families and lives to support, what he sees is dregs and  a drain on society and resources. When he looked at Libya, he did not see a chance to help, what he saw was a chance to snatch glory for himself and shore himself up for future elections.  Cameron  is a vacuous empty shell, a nonentity existing only in the minds of those who created and shaped  him  he comes complete with "added rhetoric". He is programmed to tell people what they want to hear, whether it can be delivered or not makes no odds to him because he never intended or intends to deliver it anyway. If he gets caught out in a lie he will simply invent more lies to cover his original lies up and he thinks nothing of using and misquoting others in order to do this. If he finds himself in a tricky situation then he will just turn around and blame someone else, it matters not if those people are his closest allies, or his friends, or the opposition, to Cameron people are just there to be used. We have seen this with the way he shamelessly blamed Gordon Brown for what was a global recession, he told blatant lies about him and he totally and utterly ruined the career of a good, decent and honest man, politics is a rough game yes, but this wasn't politics, it was an despicable act, it was coldly ruining a person that had done nothing but devote his whole adult life to this country, but it did not matter to him just as long as David Cameron was OK. We have also seen him blame Nick Clegg and set him up to be the fall guy for his lies and Clegg is so up his Tory master's backside that he keeps returning for more of the same. We have even seen Cameron turn and blame his own ministers hanging them out to dry over things that were his fault and we saw it again when he suddenly turned on his "friends" Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks cutting them off when he thought they could harm his chances. David Cameron is a user and abuser and he doesn't care who he hurts or upsets either. Why else would he faithfully promise to help the parents of disabled children and then turn his back on them and bring in policies that would actually greatly harm them and their lives with their children? He even used  the disability and then the death of his own dearest little boy when he thought he needed extra sympathy.I hate even thinking this let alone writing it, but it is true and we have all heard him doing it, he even mentioned this in the televised leadership debates. Gordon Brown has suffered like this too, but we never heard him mention his dearest little daughter. That is something so heinous to most of us, but not apparently to Cameron, it seems that nothing is sacred as long as it helps him to get his own way.

Cameron appealed directly to the base instincts of some because he/they know this is a good way to win "cheap and nasty votes". Immigrants, single parents, the disabled, the unemployed and public sector workers have all been singled out for a "bashing" from Cameron because he is playing to the weaknesses of people and he is playing the divide and rule game, we, like it or not are being manipulated by a corporate banking puppet.

He's good at manipulation too - look at the people he has fooled: The Murdochs, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, two Metropolitan police chiefs, Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates, he manipulated all of these people into supporting him and then turned around and dropped them as soon as the going got rough, especially when he thought they could harm his position. Cameron knew exactly what he was getting into with all those people, but he needed to use them in order to get to be prime minister. He is still manipulating many TV presenters and journalists in the press even now and they are still allowing him to get away with it. Look at the pathetic Nick Robinson, Kay Burly and Adam Boulton they literally fawn at Cameron's feet, it would be laughable if it were not so acutely cringe making and vomit inducing, who needs an emetic when we can see Adam Boulton sucking up to Cameron and making excuses for his lies and despicable behaviour?

The right wing press aka the Telegraph and basket case Sun, Daily mail and Daily Express still do not seem to realise they are being taken for complete gullible idiots by Cameron, one wonders when it is they will awake from their stupor and start actually reporting accurately just what a complete mess this fool is making of this country, what do they get out of such loyalty to a liar and someone who can barely tell reality from make-believe? Look at where the news of the World landed up partly because of its association with David Cameron.

How much more of David Cameron are they going to take? How much more of David Cameron do we all have to suffer before the whole nation wakes up and realises what David Cameron actually is? When he wrecks the NHS? When he gets rid of so many police that crime is soaring and no one feels safe? When we see our military reduced to such an extent that the nation's safety is compromised and we are a sitting duck terrorist target?
David Cameron is an ineffectual person and an ineffectual leader who appears to spend more time gadding about the world trying to impress other world leaders that he is some kind of "statesman" than paying attention to the very real problems this country is facing and I have to add, these are problems mainly brought on by him and his "choker" of the exchequer, George Osborne both are too arrogant and too inexperienced to understand or see the harm are doing. In the end Cameron's  intentional attempts to mislead or convince other world leaders that he is something that he is not, is going to greatly harm this country.(If it hasn't already) 
Look at the man's judgement calls, he always seems to be out of the country when we are in trouble. he knows there is trouble brewing yet he never cancels a trip he just goes ahead anyway and to hell with the consequences for the country.

Cameron is a ex PR man who chanced his arm and got lucky and now we are all being forced to pay the price and for us a nation that could prove very costly indeed.

Cameron is a complete joke!


Anonymous said...

you would think Gracie after 9/11 and with the coming up of the anniversary in which so many people died and heroes made David Cameron would be a politician of great warmth and comfort and act as a healing leader of one that reaches out and automatically connects with people and offers hope but sad to say David Cameron is not that man nor or any of his front bench how very tragic for all who live in the UK especially the young

David Cameron learned nothing from 9/11 all he can offer is to continue with policy's that divide and cause pain on others who are unable to fight back which is the saddest thing I've ever written

Gracie Samuels said...

Fourbanks - the David Cameron we see on the TV etc is not real, he doesn't exist, he is a made up nonentity. All he has done is say the right thing and promise the things people wanted to hear in order to get elected, now he has, he hasn't the first clue on how to do the job, this is because basically we have a PM that does not really exist, a bit like his mates short selling in the City. Cameron is a manufactured PM, manufactured by the City for the City. Now the wheels are almost off the economy, this is what you get when we have the feckless idiots that caused all the banking problems and global recession, now running this country, you couldn't make it up, however, this is what we have.

Anonymous said...

David Cameroon says he loves us really and that we have it all wrong he will look after us

well he has a funny way of showing that. it's true he has never said a bad word against us on tv

well as i have always said it's your local DWP department that will determine your fate

My suggestion to David Cameron is to tell the DWP that if any one is caught abusing their powers against the sick and disabled they will be fired on the spot or face jail in the event that they have caused someone's death

anyhow Gracie David Cameron loves you (lol)