Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tesco and the Government

David Cameron
 Blowing Hot Air and Bubbles Again!
In a huge infringement of liberties, David Cameron is set to use credit reference agencies such as Experian to check up on what people are spending and how they are affording it, in a way to combat benefit fraud. Cameron is also going to use bounty hunters to send people around to the homes of people who are claiming benefit to spy on them. These "bounty hunters" will get paid on results, so guess they will not be too fussy who they are reporting and causing real, pain, hardship and distress to. Cameron makes no distinction between genuine or false claimants, he is treating them all the same. I have also been pointing out for some time that Cameron and the Tories are to use information gathered by Tesco loyalty card, to spy on people's purchases and here is the first indication that this can easily happen.
 Tesco is making £53million a year selling information on the spending habits of shoppers, including the 16million members of its Clubcard loyalty scheme. How much will Tesco be charging the Government for this kind of information?
Not only does this let Tesco chiefs  know which range of products to stock in different areas, but it can also sell the information to a range of retailers and to major manufacturers, including Unilever, Nestle and Heinz. It can also sell information they have gathered about people to the government.

Think this will only effect those claiming benefits? Think again! By law, all data has to be made available on-line and in real time to HMRC. Thus means the tax inspector can check up on you and see what you have been spending too.

This Tory-led government have made much about civil liberties, but are set to use the most infringing actions against people than I believe any government has ever done before them.

It will not just be those relatively few people claiming benefit fraudulently that will be visited by these acts, it will be every single person in this country and if this government get away with this, what next?


Anonymous said...

Gracie it's nothing new to me they have been abusing me for years even today I'm only allowed 1 hour a day on the Internet and are constantly spied on lucky for me i very rarely go out and when i do i am forced to go after midnight just to be on the safe side otherwise the DWP will be round because someone has reported me for going out

Anonymous said...

Also Gracie experian are a discredit company and the public should always stay clear and never provide any personal information about themselves