Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More "Tory Donor" Woes Ahead For David Cameron - Tchenguiz Brothers Arrested

Robert, Lisa and Vincent Tchenguiz
On Vincent's Yacht
With the arrest of the Tchenguiz brothers today, it looks as if David Cameron's penchant for name dropping may just have landed him in yet more hot water over dubious donors to the Conservative party. Will former on off treasurer David Rowland be implicated in this latest scandal to hit the Tory party? 
Today Robert Tchenguiz, the property tycoon who formerly invested in pub companies Mitchells & Butlers (M&B) and Laurel, has been arrested along with his brother Vincent  by the City of London Police and the serious fraud office, as part of the investigation into the collapse of Icelandic investment bank Kaupthing.

Robert Tchenguiz had borrowed more than one billion pounds from the bank as part of his investments in M&B and Laurel, among other companies. he and his estranged wife heather recently separated and heather had this to say "‘I don't want my children to be brought up surrounded by private jets, glamorous parties, vast yachts in the South of France and endless hangers-on. I want them to develop proper values in life".

 Now we have the absurd situation where we have large financial donations made to the British Conservative party by two brothers said to owe former Kaupthing bank billions. Kaupthing collapsed in October 2008, leaving the UK Treasury with a £2bn bill for compensating UK savers.

The Labour government had no option but to help the British taxpayer, yet directly or indirectly the Conservative party now in government has benefited from several donors tied up in the collapse of the Icelandic bank Kaupthing and the Tories have the brass nerve to accuse Labour of leaving this country in a mess, while Labour were forced to bail out British savers, some of which incidentally happen to be the very local authorities this Tory-led government have just issued with up to a 20 percent cut in funding, which in turn is having a catastrophic effect on local people and their public services.

Where is this all going to end for the Conservatives? How long is a piece of string? It looks like those Tory donor chickens are beginning to come home to roost!

Remember David Rowland? On June 25th 2010 the Conservative Head Office announced that  David Rowland will take over as Conservative Party Treasurer in the autumn.  Rowland a property magnate, Electoral Commission records show that he donated almost £3 million to the Tory party in the year leading up to the autumn of 2010.

In one of the earlier worries about David Cameron's judgement, the Conservative Party refused to comment on reports David Cameron was urged not to appoint him by senior party figures. Mr Rowland has faced criticism of his former tax exile status.
Former Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft,  and the party's current co-treasurer Michael Spencer had both warned the Conservative leader that Mr Rowland's appointment could generate adverse publicity and that other donors would not want to deal with him. Ignoring their advice David Cameron went ahead and made David Rowland Tory Treasurer, a role which he accepted, however, before he could take up his post Rowland decided to resign from it.

 Political parties are banned from accepting donations from foreign donors so David Rowland had returned to the UK in 2009 to enable him to make a series of donations to the Conservative Party, totalling more than £2m in the run up to the general election.

In January 2011, the private bank of Tory donor David Rowland tried to block the release of documents found in a police fraud raid in Luxembourg.
Investigators believe the files will shed light on the collapse of Icelandic lender Kaupthing, which is under scrutiny over “suspicions of criminal activity”.  Is it a coincidence that after they get their hands on this, suddenly the Tchenguiz brothers are arrested?

How come we have the sordid situation where we have Tory donors brothers Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz and David Rowland all connected to the collapsed bank Kaupthing and all have donated large sums to the Conservative party who is now the British government? And what kind of impression is this sending to the world?
These are the kind of people that David Cameron accepts money from and rubs shoulders with while cutting our public services, privatising our NHS, police and education.

The brothers sister Lisa Tchenguiz and her former husband "The man from Delmonte" Vivian Imerman are also donors to the Tory party. Vivian Imerman has donated at least £100,000 to the Conservative Party.

 Mr Imerman was a business partner of the Tchenguiz brothers until they barred him from their shared office, after Mr Imerman had sent his chauffeur to collect a £250,000 bulletproof Rolls Royce Phantom which his wife had been using, he was upset that his wife obtained personal information such as medical records and family emails from his hard drive from a computer in the Tchenguiz offices which the Tchenguiz family used to download 20.000 documents

Lord Ashcroft is the Tory peer who  was*eventually* was forced  to give up his non-dom tax status to remain in the Lords after William Hague famously refused to tell interviewer Jeremy Paxman if he knew Lord Ashcroft has still not complied with registering in this country before becoming a Lord.

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