Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can't The Tories Do Anything Right?

"Did I Really Say That?"
The Gaffes & Gaps Of
David Cameron
UK rescue workers say they had to leave quake-hit Japan because they could not secure the necessary paperwork from the British embassy in Tokyo.
The International Rescue Corps said they were not given permission to work in Japan because it would have made the embassy legally responsible for them.

A spokesman for the team said it was "gut-wrenching" to be stopped from helping by "your own country".

"This was the 32nd world disaster we have been to and we've only had problems twice before with host governments in China and Afghanistan.

"We have never encountered the position where the British embassy, our own country, came up with a show-stopper."

Mr McMartin said the team had permission from the Japanese embassy in London but they could not get a letter of authorisation from British officials in Japan stating that they were a bona fide organisation. They needed this so they could move around the country and buy fuel.

The team members, who were going to focus on humanitarian rather than search and rescue work, arrived in Tokyo on Monday night and caught a flight home at 1300 local time on Wednesday. They donated their food and medical supplies to the Salvation Army working in the country."

When is this useless incompetent Tory government going to get its act together and get a grip on foreign affairs? Quite honestly this government's grip on foreign policy is tenuous at very best.

David Cameron, William Hague and Liam Fox's grip and their reaction to whatever comes up in foreign affairs is wholly woeful, each time something happens they are left utterly floundering.

David Cameron has been reverting back and forth from realism to idealism and back again and then back again, in short he is running around like a headless chicken and he has not got a clue what to do or when to do it. While he is doing this, he is making the UK look weak and indecisive and as if we are being led by a blithering, posturing, publicity seeking idiot, who desperately wants all the plaudits but lacks the intellect to earn them! Statesman is something that David Cameron is certainly not, he is a dreadful embarrassment.

Cameron continued with his ill-timed trip to the Gulf despite the unease in that region growing, and as the revolt in Libya grew,  Cameron's judgement which has been called into question far more times than any other leader in such a short space of time, saw nothing wrong with continuing a trip to sell arms to unstable countries. He has gone from being almost mercantilist, to referring to himself as some kind of "muscular Liberalist" the thing is that no one knew what Cameron stood for before the election in 2010 and now almost a year later people still do not know. The gaffes and gaps in Cameron's foreign policy have been laid bare for all to see.

Obviously there is some truth in that barb that is now doing the rounds and it is especially true of this awful Japanese disaster, "Cameron's  diplomats back home could not order a taxi let alone charter a plane" or even get the correct paperwork to the correct people to enable them to dispense much needed help and relief to many Japanese people.


Nicky said...

'as if we are being led by a blithering, posturing, publicity seeking idiot, who desperately wants all the plaudits but lacks the intellect to earn them.'

That has to be the pithiest and most accurate description of Cameron ever!

In the meantime, good people are prevented from helping those in desperate need.

God save us from this dreadful government.

Nicky said...

Gracie, have you seen this blog by Dan McCurry?

Good stuff - especially the Cameron Incompetenc-ometer!

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Nicky, I'll take a look.