Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Matt Baker of One Show Asks Cameron "How do You Sleep at Night"?

Downing street spinners had already put their message out about David Cameron appearing on BBC TVs "One Show" as being successful, they should have waited until the end, once again number 10 rushing in like fools have ended up with egg all over their faces.

Check the aghast look on Alex Jones face and hear her gasp as Matt Baker asks Cameron "how do you sleep at night?" I would love to have been a fly on the wall after the credits had rolled, wonder if Cameron had a go at Baker or just stormed off embarrassed?

 I suspect that Matt Baker can sleep better at night than David Cameron can.
Cameron said that if " at the end of the day you are exhausted you make rotten decisions", all I can say is that Cameron must be permanently exhausted and this affliction is affecting the entire Tory party and has spread to the Liberal Democrats too, because every single decision they make is rotten to the core as well as being reckless and totally and utterly incompetent.

Obviously this was a barbed comment from Matt Baker and good on him he asked the question that millions in this country would like answered.  This clip shows that David Cameron cannot work without a script!


Anonymous said...

Owing to him Gracie i have not been able to sleep at all with all this worry going on at least under labour i managed to get a little but none at all now and and have had to have assigned to me a mental health worker as my long term illnesses have reached breaking point

He wont have the guts to come round my house that's for sure and i doubt he's been round any sick persons house such is his lack of compassion and humanity shown to others

Nicky said...

Cameron looked so smug as well, just before Matt got that question in! Classic.

Gracie Samuels said...

Fourbanks, Cameron hasn't got the guts or the intellect to face anyone like you or the ability to understand, they have made much of putting more money into mental health but do not say what they are taking away, once again being duplicitous. The NHS must deliver mental health care while at the same time expected to deliver significant savings, while undergoing total reform. GPs are going to be forced to commission mental health care, but the majority of them are not experienced enough in this field of medicine to be able to do this efficiently.

BBCBalancedNever said...

Ah the BBC playing and showing their political colours. Nothing wrong in that of course, just don't claim to be balanced, impartial or fair. You aren't and you haven't for decades so go and earn your income, not get it handed to you on a plate.

Gracie Samuels said...

Nicky, I caught that smug look on his face too, it was soon wiped off and he started waffling. I think Ed was very restrained in PMQs today because I think after Cameron continually personally insulting the Miliband family I would have been tempted to ask him if he was tired and sleeping properly.
Cameron is turning out not only to be a complete idiot and completely out of his depth, but he is also turning out to be and arrogant narcissistic bully boy.

Gracie Samuels said...

BBC ever since this government have come to power the BBC has been leaning over backwards to please them, they even issued a directive to senior journalists to use the word "savings" instead of cuts, because it sounded better for the government, how unbiased is that? There are plenty more examples like that, so I think you really ought not to worry too much about the Tories and the BBC. The Tories also get favourably biased reporting in most of the press and Radio 5 live Nicky Campbell is just a biased mouthpiece for the Tories, listen to him occasionally (objectively).
Obviously Matt Baker was asking a question that was important to him, he wasn't asked by the BBC to do that. Or are you suggesting that the BBC should have censored the show and cut that bit out?