Tuesday, March 8, 2011

David Cameron - Unravelling

Cameron Tub-Thumping
A Prime Minister
Clearly Out Of His Depth
David Cameron's various dalliances on the world stage have not been very good,  in fact they have been extremely poor most of the time, while at other times just a complete joke. Cameron so desperately wants to be seen as a tough talking statesman yet he fails every time and  miserably. Loathe them, or love them, former prime ministers Blair and Brown before him were astute statesmen, astute leaders who knew what to be and when to be it, what to say and when to say it. Even dare I say it Margaret Thatcher never embarrassed this country and made us all look like fools the way David Cameron is. The prime minister is turning out to be a chronic embarrassment to this country. He is portraying himself as a big feckless fool who isn't intellectually capable of running a sweetie shop let alone a country, especially in these troubled times.

INDIA - PAKISTAN: He went to India, where he made a speech and upset Pakistan by inferring that they all terrorists who "look both ways", forgetting that the Pakistani president's wife then prime minister of Pakistan and the very much respected Benazir Bhutto was killed by a suicide bomber in a terrorist attack. He may have pleased India, whom he was hoping to trade with, in fact later he managed to help procure a contract for 57 fighter planes for his old mate Dick Olver of BAe, but he upset many people in Pakistan who suffer daily at the hands of terrorists.

USA - While sucking up to the American president, Cameron made a cringing howler of a mistake.
"I think it's important in life to speak as it is, and the fact is that we are a very effective partner of the US, but we are the junior partner'. 'We were the junior partner in 1940 when we were fighting the Nazis." David Cameron - Sky News.
The Americans did not enter the war until after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941.

TURKEY - ISRAEL: Here he managed to upset Israel and cause further conflict between Turkey and Israel. "After the Israeli Turkel Commission cleared the Israeli soldiers of wrongdoings during last year's deadly raid on a Turkish flotilla bound for Gaza, the relations between Turkey and Israel are strained, however, it is hoped that these once friendly nations can eventually restore diplomatic relations, but this will nit happen if people like David Cameron stir things up by inferring that Gaza is a "prison camp". Great diplomacy is needed in that region and Cameron's gung-ho approach is unhelpful at best and idiotic in the extreme." Cameron also personally pledged to see Turkey admitted to the EU, who is Cameron to make such a pledge and why did he do it? Turkey has some issues regarding human rights and their treatment of women. The EU has been working with Turkey to try and get this ironed out and Cameron breezes in trying to teach those people how to suck eggs and managed to upset them all.

EUROPE: While in opposition Cameron joined a far right group, a hint of his exceedingly appalling judgement to come. He also encouraged Tory MEPs to vote to go easy on the banks.

CHINA; Cameron visited China, wanting to increase trading with them all he succeeded in doing is making a fool of himself. The businessmen he took with with decided they liked China's low taxation system and decided to think about setting up business there, in fact one bank HSBC is seriously considering it, well done Dave! What are china going to want to buy from us in great quantity? They already make cheap and quality items far cheaper than ours, they can because they afford their workers no rights and keep them on low wages to keep costs down, says a lot for Cameron's mates that they actually prefer a country where they can treat the workers disgracefully to keep their own costs down!
If that wasn't bad enough, Dave then gave a speech to carefully selected Chinese students and said to them "why should British students get cheaper tuition fees"? Well I don't know why should they? Perhaps it is because they are British, their parents and grandparents before them paid their taxes and national insurance and our students will go on to do the same, and our taxes are meant to go towards the NHS, welfare, police, defence and *education*?

MIDDLE EAST: Knowing that Tunisia and Egypt had overthrown their governments and that there was trouble in Bahrain and mega trouble brewing in Libya, David Cameron still decided to go on a planned tour of the Middle East, taking his arms dealer mates with him so he could hawk arms and sell them to unstable undemocratic countries. Cameron should have realised that this was not the right time definitely not the right place and cancelled that trip, instead not only did he deliberately embark on arms dealing trip at a time of great unrest in the very region he was going to, he decided to call in on Egypt to be the first Western leader to visit an *INTERIM* government, for what other purpose was this done other than it being a cheap publicity stunt? I would like to know if while he was in Egypt did he discuss doing an arms deal with them?

While he (Cameron) was in Egypt William Hague the Foreign Secretary was back in the UK making bizarre statements about Gaddafi to any passing journalist and TV company, and even though he knew our British citizens were trapped in Libya, Hague  did nothing and was still going to on a trip to the States, however, he was forced to cancel a trip to the US at the 11th hour so he could take charge of the country because the Deputy PM who refuses to work past 4 in the afternoon and who was supposed to be in charge of the country actually forgot and anyway he said, someone else would have to do it because he was going off on a skiing holiday. meanwhile Liam Fox the Defence Secretary went off down the pub drinking with his mates.
Time after time after time David Cameron has been caught telling lies!

We just cannot trust this Tory government to act in our best interests and we can believe nothing they say.
During the leadership debates live on TV Cameron said he met a 40-year-old man who had served in the Navy for 30 years, unless he was 10 at the time and our youngest serving officer - Cameron lied and despite attempts, that person has never been traced.

The PM once told an interviewer that he has a penchant for war movies and has watched  Where Eagles Dare no less than 17 times! Really?  Is this some kind of reason why Cameron has acted with shockingly poor judgement over Libya? Is this why he and William Hague sent in members of our supposed elite forced unprepared into some crazy "who dares wins" stunt, that was completely and utterly unnecessary? This whole unfortunate incident ended with our people being released thank God, but if it was Gaddafi's men who had seen them arriving in the dead of night in a helicopter, it would have been a whole different story.
This incompetent feckless Tory-led government has been repeatedly exposed as totally out of its depth, poor judgement and appalling fecklessness, to the point where they actually put British lives at risk, both in this crazy unnecessary covert operation and in not acting sooner to get our nationals out of Libya, the country was deteriorating and the government did absolutely nothing. Cameron was caught wanting and dithering and his dithering almost cost lives. Not only is this Tory-led government wholly disjointed and  incapable of handling domestic policy as we have all witnessed with so many major U turns over major policies, they are absolutely incapable of handling foreign policy and are totally unfit and incapable of handling a major international challenge.
Libya is in the throes of a civil war and as such was even more unstable and dangerous than usual, for Cameron and Hague to have dithered and acted in this fashion and for Cameron to keep making inflammatory statements while at the same time sending our troops in under resourced, unprepared and under pressure from this government, is an error that could have so easily proved fatal.

Cameron sent in those troops so he could be attempt to smother himself in glory and the flag of war, this is the reason why they were pushed into such a situation so quickly, Cameron thought this was a good way to dig himself out of a hole and it backfired badly.

Not only is Cameron acting with gross negligence, he is also cutting our armed forces to the bone, making thousands of soldiers redundant and then he commits us to an act of war by loose talking about implementing no fly zones, which thanks to him we have no way of supporting. We cannot get involved in no fly zones because Cameron and the Tories have got rid of all our planes and aircraft carriers! Just how much of an idiot is David Cameron? Cameron is the only PM in history of this country who has managed to get 8 of our elite squad of soldiers detained by "friendly" rebels and highly sensitive conversations between this country and opposition forces in Libya broadcast on Libyan State TV, how utterly embarrassing.

It is clear, not only are we being governed by a government of half-wits, we also have prime minister in David Cameron, who is clearly out of his depth, how long can Britain go on like this?
how long can the Liberal Democrats and that other feckless numpty Nick Clegg carry on propping this atrocious incompetent and reckless government up?

It is clear that this is Tory led regime is losing  the consent of then British people and the Liberal Democrats should stop propping the Tories up now and force them to call a general election, if they do not and they keep enabling this government to carry on like this, then they truly will be wiped out and they will deserve to be.


Anonymous said...

Please don't leave out the student fees in China when he explained to the Chinese student population by stating very clearly... "Why should British students pay less than Chinese student?" I'll tell you why you feckless Tory git... we, the people of the UK pay our frickin taxes which supposedly go towards Health, Welfare, Defence and 'EDUCATION' that's why we should pay less than the bloody Chinese Mr (dipshit) Cameron.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Anon how could I have forgotten that.
I'll add it in. TBH he has done so much and been such an appalling dim-witted idiot with such atrocious judgement that I have forgotten so much of what he has done.
The world is laughing at us.

Anonymous said...

He does indeed make bad judgments the welfare reform is another punishing the sick and disabled but that's what the public voted for they voted for change and that's what he will deliver at all costs

Gracie Samuels said...

I have been shocked and horrified at the way this government have been singling out and attacking the sick and disabled and encouraging others to do the same. I have read disabled people attacking other disabled people saying they are not disabled enough. Able people attacking disabled people and doubting they are disabled, it has been awful and Cameron has actively encouraged this in order to deliberately make some people feel superior to others, so this will divert attention away from the brutal unfair cuts he is imposing on disabled people. It is the old divide and conquer tactic, he is doing exactly the same between employed and unemployed people and also the same between the private sector and public sector. Cameron and his feckless idiots are creating a climate of sheer unpleasant nastiness in our country.
I'm not sure people voted for this, the reason why he has a relatively easy ride so far is because he has all the right wing press on his side, however, if this Murdoch deal goes through that may change, I think giving into Murdoch may prove to be a pyric victory!