Saturday, March 19, 2011

Libya - Cameron - Popularity - Politics

Listening to Cameron on the radio  yesterday afternoon, praising the RAF, Navy and Army made me so damned angry. He is such a hypocrite, he is in the process of sacking staff from all three. Ark Royal is to be broken up and Nimrods etc are already lining up in the knackers yard. Cameron is an idiot and he is taking us for idiots too.
Cameron is engaging in this because his popularity is slipping, his party is sliding in the polls and he sees this as his "Falklands", hopefully this time around because we have the Internet he will not get away with this as his " mother" Thatcher did. The two most gung-ho leaders, the ones who right from the start wanted military action were Sarkozy and Cameron, both in trouble with their voters.  Bahrain, what are we doing about them? Saudi Arabia has been in Bahrain killing innocent citizens, are we doing anything about that? Er no, what we have done though is invited their royal family to our royal wedding!

I am sorry for the Libyans, but I do not think we should be involved, this is nothing to do with us. This is another Iraq waiting to happen. Gaddafi will never leave Libya and neither will his sons, the only way the West will defeat Gaddafi is to actually go in on the ground and do it and this has not been sanctioned by the dithering UN. China, Russia, Germany and Turkey are not backing this action, so how can Cameron say it has full UN backing? This is just another deception and slight of hand from Cameron, again he is guilty of misleading the British public. If we do manage to get Gaddafi out, who will run Libya? No one is answering this question, no one answered exactly the same question when I asked it about Iraq and now look at the mess there. Libya will be open to insurgency just like Iraq, it will become another breeding ground for al qaeda terrorists and we will see civil war in Libya for many, many years to come, there has to be a better way than what is happening at present.

David Cameron is loving this, after all he is the person who admits to watching "Who Dares Wins" upwards of 17 times!

I am wondering if the Liberal Democrats are backing this? If they are this has to be the biggest turn about face that I will ever witness in politics and just shows them for opportunists we have come to see they are. If the Liberal Democrats did not back Iraq, then they should not be backing Libya for virtually all the same reasons.

Cameron says we have no money, yet he finds money to waste for useless pathetic AV referendums. We have no money yet he is finding money to waste asking us all how happy we are and now he is finding billions to waste on a war that does not concern this country, we are already overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan, if the Arab countries want something done about Libya, then let the rich Arab countries do something about it, why is it down to us yet again? Or is it that Cameron sees this as a chance to try and regain his popularity?

We will not be thanked for this intervention, we never, ever are, in fact I fear this will open this country up to further terrorist attacks.

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Nicky said...

Spot on as usual, Gracie. Cameron evidently thinks this is his Falklands moment.

I notice the BBC are colluding with this during reports, by comparing the geographical distance covered by the RAF to Libya with the distance to the Falklands. They seem to think it's going to put the subliminal message in people's minds that somehow this is going to be a 'success' in the way the Falklands was hyped up to be.

Cameron's appetite for war films does seem to be a baneful influence on his behaviour. The film he's seen over 17 times is Where Eagles Dare - the Guardian wrote a piece back in 2009 about what did it tell us about Cameron.