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Nailed The Great Tory Lie On Labour's "Cuts".

The Hapless, Hopeless, Clueless British Tory
 "Tax Dodging" Chancellor
On His Ultra Expensive Skiing Holiday
We hear, see and read it several times per day from various "Tory mouthpieces" that Labour's cuts which also would have been due to start next April  are only marginally smaller than the Tories. Does anyone see the obvious here? Once again we are seeing this deeply duplicitous, deeply dishonest Tory-led government intentionally misleading the British public.
If this is so concerning Labour's proposed cuts, then why do the Tories on one hand accuse Labour of having no plan for reducing the deficit while on the other, and in direct contrast, accuse them of planning cuts only marginally smaller than the Tories and Liberals efforts? The actual truth is that of course Labour was going to introduce cuts to tackle the deficit and no doubt there would have been pain, no cuts are painless, no matter what the Tories and their buddies like columnist Stephen Glover in the hysterically right wing Daily Mail will try to convince you about, however Labour's plan was to halve the deficit in 4 years, making for a much smoother less painful deficit reduction. Following labour's plans the deficit would have been reduced by half and we would have seen employment steady. If Labour's plans were followed we could also have expected to see growth  probably at least 3% higher than it will be under the Tories, indeed if we have a further continuation of last quarter when growth under this Tory-led government stalled and went into reverse and contracted by 0.6%. The Tory excuses are coming thick and fast, it's the weather, the wrong kind of snow, the snow was deeper than expected, it was too cold, too wet, too icy (it was winter, what did he expect?) if that is so then why did consumers refuse to put their hands in their pockets well into February? There was no snow then, however, now it is the fault of fuel costs and mainly the fault of col Gaddafi in Libya. this reckless government have not only take the generous support offered by the leader of the Labour opposition, they then turned around and even tried to blame the problems in Libya on the last Labour government!  this Tory-led government has no class, no style, it is brash, ignorant and arrogant and not only are the public beginning to realise this, the British public are now also realising that with this Tory government when things go wrong it is always someone else's fault, but it isn't, the blame for the way the British economy is in decline right now lays firmly at the door of the Conservative party, Cameron, Osborne and Clegg and their certifiably insane policies.

The VAT rise will cost families with children £450 this year alone, how will empty purses, wallets and pockets help to boost the flagging British economy?
Tax credits and child benefit will be frozen from April, this going to have a serious effect on local economies, as people receiving these benefits traditionally spend a larger proportion of their income and that gets spent mainly in their local economy.
Families are also struggling with soaring petrol prices and with the VAT rise adding 3p per litre, people are struggling to move around and more significantly people are struggling to get to work, the cross-over where work becomes totally untenable for many is fast approaching, what does George Osborne have to say about this?
Utility bills are soaring and are set to get higher still and not only is this going to be a struggle for the elderly to keep warm in the coming winter months, so it will for the disabled and chronically sick, as well as having a disastrous effect on families once again.
As consumers reined in their spending our economic growth stalled and contracted by 0.6% last quarter, with world events as they are the UK growth is now under serious threat. Unemployment is rising again it is now at a 17 year high at over 2.5 million and on budget day the chancellor tried to bury bad news when he purposefully omitted to mention that his own supposedly "independent" newly formed Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) released figures that it is expecting a further huge increase in unemployment as all the public workers start losing their jobs as a direct result of this government.  The last time unemployment was this high was in fact when the Tories were last in power. 
Almost one million young people are now out of work and with the cuts to youth services that this government are making, this figure is set to keep rising.

When Labour were still in office in 2010 and the country was just emerging from almost a global depression we were just coming out of certainly the worse recession since the 1930s, coupled with a banking crisis that also affected many other countries, however due to Labour policies things were actually improving. We were following a plan devised by Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling and it was working.

The great lie the Tories have been putting out is that  this *GLOBAL* recession and banking crisis is somehow the fault of one man - Gordon Brown and the Labour government. It is not just politics to blatantly lie and put out spurious comments like this, it is deliberately misleading the British people and the Tories and their "friends" like Rupert Murdoch of the rabid right wing press were actively pursuing a programme of disinformation and a personal vendetta against Gordon Brown! However, it turns out that out of the three leaders taking part in those leadership debates prior to the last election, only one man was telling the truth -  Gordon Brown.

At that time:
Growth - was stronger than expected and growing stronger.
Unemployment - overall was falling.
Housing market -  beginning to pick up.
Construction - picking up.
Government borrowing was expected to be £20 billion LESS.

Under Labour the truth is that things were beginning to improve, now barely 10 months into this new Tory-led administration and since Labour's policies and economic measures have been stripped out of the economy by  George Osborne, our economy is in reverse, this should tell the government that their policies are not working and that they should ease up, and ease up quickly, but they are ignoring all the signs, this from the government that made much out of saying they will listen to the people.

By contrast the US economy which adopted a similar strategy to the last Labour government grew faster than first thought in the final months of 2010, according to their Commerce Department.
Growth figures for the fourth quarter of 2010 have been revised upward to 3.1% from the 2.8% previously reported.
These are all encouraging and positive signs, although the economy is expected show slower growth in the first quarter of 2011, in part due to higher oil prices.
For the final three months of 2010, consumer spending grew at an annual rate of 4%, the strongest quarter for four years.
Residential construction was growing at an annual rate of 3.3% in the final three months of the year after plunging at a 27.3% rate in the July-September quarter.

Taking the US economy in consideration there is absolutely no reason to believe that labour would not have been successful, after all they did have the recovery underway using their policies before they lost the election and were forced to hand it over to the Tories and their little Liberal orange fig leaves. Now it is indisputable that the British economy is not only faltering it is now in reverse and as usual the Conservative chancellor is trying to blame  labour for his own mistakes, but the facts above show a completely different picture.

Last week city economists said the British economy 1.7% forecast for 2011 looked realistic but warned that the chancellor is relying on a sharp pick-up in growth in future years to bring the public finances into balance. In 2013 and 2014, the OBR is expecting growth of 2.9%. given this chancellors policies and their epic fail, how likely is that to happen?

I have long since been predicting that if Osborne's crazy policies do not work and the deficit is increasing not decreasing, his only plan B will be to come back to the British people and present yet another budget of cuts. Osborne once famously said that he was going to Ireland to "look, listen and learn about their economy", I sincerely hope he has learned the Irish lesson of cutting too much from corporation tax and cutting too far, too deep, because if he tries the same here 9and all the indications are that he will) then our economy will not only be in recession but in danger of slipping into depression.
(I am still puzzled as to why Osborne borrowed £10 billion to loan to Ireland to bail their banks out, but when he was in opposition he opposed the bailing out of British banks?!) Incidentally the UK's likelihood of ever seeing that money returned from Ireland is virtually nil. It now looks as if this government has now pushed us into the position of being forced to help bail Portugal out to the tune of billions as well as fighting a war in Libya which is costing us upwards of £5 million per day and firing missiles at the cost of £900.000 per time, how did our government get us involved in this fiasco which will end up costing Britain billions? Meanwhile our government is taking away up to £100 winter fuel allowance from Britian's pensioners!

Howard Archer, of Global Insight, said that could mean more tax rises or spending cuts in future years if the economy underperforms and there is every sign that the UK economy is not only going to underperform, there are signs of a complete disaster, which this hopeless, hapless chancellor is ignoring, It is almost as if this government is a government of Tory economic failure deniers!

If this government will not listen then it is time we made them listen. They should be reminded they are not a majority government, they are only being propped up by the hapless Liberal Danny Alexander and his Tory mouthpiece leader Nick Clegg. They have forced their MPs into a position where they feel they have no alternative but to back this feckless Tory government. You get the sense that Clegg has done this for his own personal agenda, and last week when he was still wearing his mic after speaking with David Cameron at a Boots somewhere in the Midlands (another secret location) he was overheard saying "keep doing this and we will have nothing to bloody disagree about in the bloody leadership debates", which speaks volumes about how far Clegg has merged with the Tories, add to this the fact that he allowed the orange Liberal bird logo to become blue at the Liberal's spring conference, remaining Liberal Democrats should be very worried indeed which direction their party is now heading.

Thanks to the Tories and the Liberals, the UK is now on a collision course of complete economic disaster to say nothing of fully privatised public services and a privatised NHS - who gave them a mandate to do this?

Time for a general election and if this government are so confident they have the will of the British people then they will stop trying to hide behind the Liberals, stop trying to gerrymander the electoral boundaries and parliament trying to fix themselves a full 5 years in parliament and seek a proper working majority.

There is misery being caused by this  Tory-led government's dogmatism and incompetence and it is completely unnecessary and yesterday hundreds of thousands of people sent a clear unambiguous message to the government.

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