Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On Prime Minister's Questions - House of Commons

I am wondering what the point of PMQs actually is? Especially under this prime minister? He actually answers nothing, which to be fair isn't that uncommon from sitting prime ministers, but what actually is uncommon is this proclivity of David Cameron's to answer every single question from Ed Miliband and the opposition with an insult and not just any passing insult, Cameron's insults are becoming more vitriolic, barbarous and personal as the pressure he is under grows. I think as Cameron's inability to do the job of pm effectively is really showing and as more people become aware of his incompetence and the general fecklessness of this government, then we can expect more deeply personal insults from Cameron. However, what he should realise is that everytime he does this, he loses the argument immediately. If this is all the PM has in his armoury then God help this country.

Ed Miliband asks questions, as leader of the opposition he is entitled to do so, he asks them in a reasonable way and he, and more importantly *US* are entitled to coherent decent answers from Cameron and not these personal vitriolic comments coupled with Cameron's growing nastiness and arrogance. I am sure Cameron is good in his own subjective, but he really is beginning to grate on the nerves of the rank and file. Ed Miliband is not only showing Cameron's obvious flaws and incompetence as prime minister, he is also clearly showing Cameron's inherent weakness, his 'overriding arrogance' and that is not a pretty sight.

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Nicky said...

Great piece, Gracie. I don't think I've read or heard anything in the mainstream media about how the Tory Party is implicated with these unsavory characters. I had heard they'd been arrested, and that was it.

The Tories really bring British politics down to the gutter. What a disgrace they are.