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Labour Failed In Reducing Child Poverty? Iain Duncan-Smith You Are a Bare Faced Liar!

If ever Dodgy Dave Cameron and his mates get fed up with screwing everything up in government, they could always turn to publishing books, I have just the titles for them:

How to Fiddle the Unemployment Figures - By David Cameron
How To Rent your House and Make Thousands out of the Taxpayer - By David Cameron
How To Procure Millions of Pounds for Your Political Party From Shadow Banks - By David Cameron
How To get Your Treasurer To Sell Dinner With the PM For £250,000 - By David Cameron
How to Obscure the Tanking British Economy -  By George Osborne
How To Make £450,000 Out of Taxpayers - By George Osborne
How to Avoid Paying Inheritance tax - By George Osborne
How To make £70,000 out Of Taxpayers - By Stephen Dorrell
How To procure Thousands of Pounds From Health companies - By Andrew Lansley
How To Help Virgin Care Buy Up the NHS - By Jeremy Hunt
How To Nick £60,000 From The TaxPayer and Get away With It - By David Laws
How to Pretend That You care About Child Poverty - Iain Duncan-Smith

The latest from the Work and pensions Secretary, Ian Duncan-Smith is that he cares about poverty (if you believe that you'll believe anything). Actually, what he cares about is bringing out a whole raft of measures that are literally going to mean that some people are forced to choose between heating their homes, or eating, while others will be in very real danger of losing their homes under Smith's cap on housing benefit. Then try and conceal it by  pretending you care and order a study into child poverty that we do not need. And who has Iain Duncan-Smith roped in to help him deceive the public over poverty? No other than Liberal Democrat David Laws, the new minister for schools, the man who Cameron fired Sarah Teather for. Laws is the man who is an ex banker multi-millionaire who fiddled the tax payer out of over £60,000 to pay rent to his lover on the pretext he didn't want his family to discover he is gay. He was rewarded for his deceit by being promoted back into the Cameron government and allowed to sit in on cabinet meetings and now he is helping IDS pull the wool over people's eyes about child poverty, it's a disgrace. Children will soon be living in poverty, in freezing cold damp poorly lit homes with little or no food for long periods, this is what IDS and Laws and this hideous Tory controlled government are concealing!

The true reason why Smith is trying to obscure poverty and how it's measured is because he knows perfectly well that his new policies are going to cause a massive increase, not only in child poverty, but in poverty generally and he is going to mask the effects. The man is not only a nasty bullying hypocrite, he is also a deceitful bare faced liar.

We already have the Child Poverty Act 2010 to measure poverty effectively, we do not need anymore layers of bureaucratic clap trap to try and purposefully confuse the issue.

IDS and erstwhile "friend" David Laws have just launched a consultation paper on how to better measure child poverty. Better for who though? Children or this feckless government?

Smith says: "we must learn the lessons of a decade" he is shameless, he hides behind his cloak of religion and lies through his back teeth. He said that "despite best intentions and an unprecedented level of spending" Labour failed to cut child poverty by a half and not enough was done to break the cycle of disadvantage.

This is just so disingenuous, yet where is Labour's response?  Why didn't they immediately point out that-true Labour miss *its own target* to cut child poverty by a half, but they did succeed in cutting it by a quarter down from the excruciating high levels it was left at by previous 18 years of successive Tory governments? To reduce poverty by that amount was an astonishing achievement. IDS knows very well that during boom years the poverty measure changes and it is harder to get people out of poverty and when we have a fall in the standard of living it gives a false picture that more are being lifted from poverty.Which makes Labour's achievements even more successful. That's why there are four measures as checks. But 60% is the international benchmark by which we will be measured by Eurostat, Unicef, the OECD and everyone else. As the IFS says, whatever the short term blips, over any longer stretch this measure fairly reflects a nation's poverty level.

David Cameron, in his now notorious Hugo Young lecture, accepted the measure and claimed inequality mattered. "More unequal countries do worse according to every social indicator" he said – though he has now reneged from that. He also claimed: "As the state expanded under Labour, our society became more not less unfair." Not true, saysProfessor John Hills, the LSE's great expert on inequality. He says the poor caught up significantly with the middle, and all those below the line did better by exactly the same amount, not just those who inched over it. The great distortion was the soaraway top 0.5%, the mega-rich Labour dared not touch. Leave them out, and the rest of the country became more equal. 
The other untruth is that Labour did nothing but splurge on benefits. This government erases the past, as if 2010 was year zero in tackling the causes of poverty. Labour used the nuanced phrase "social exclusion" to capture the many reasons why people get left behind. A social exclusion unit supervised 18 taskforces exploring every cause and effect, from worklessness to debt, low skills, poor neighbourhoods, bad housing, educational failure, mental health, single parenthood and more. Every year a fat document, Opportunity For All, benchmarked progress on removing causes of disadvantage, including breastfeeding and smoking: why has that been abandoned? 
Consider what else they did. Catching family problems early was at the heart of Labour policy, with Sure Start children's centres and free nursery education. The decent homes plan brought millions of dilapidated social homes up to standard after years of neglect. The claim that Labour ignored work is shameless: "Work is the best welfare" and "A hand up, not a hand out" were Labour mantras from the start. The programme to get single parents into work was an unprecedented success, now dismantled, like the successful scheme that cut teen pregnancies. The Guardian

I really get sick of the way this government of corrupt millionaires lie and cheat and sit pretty while they dish out severe austerity measures on the poor, low waged, disabled, unemployed. I bet none of these people's children will go without this Christmas. This government are doing more to impoverish a whole generation than any other government in this country.

Under Labour, they reduced child poverty by 300,000, it has taken this God forsaken government just 2.5 years to reverse that entirely and place an almost identical number 300,000 back into poverty. All some people have got to look forward to in the new year and spring is poverty and for thousands, they now have the very real fear that they will be losing their homes under IDS benefit cap and Housing benefit cap.

No wonder that the evil bastard Anasazi that is IDS wants to now fiddle the poverty statistics, he wants to conceal the million children he is going to be responsible for placing in poverty. He doesn't want you to think that not having money to heat your home, or feed and clothe your children or put a roof over their head is living in poverty, than man should be locked up for what he is trying to do to people.

This is the 21st century and IDS and this dreadful, hideous government are taking us back to Victorian times. What next? Work houses? Orphanages? People will be evicted from their homes, they'll be unable to rent any other, local authorities outside London will not be able to cope with the extra burden and in the end children are going to be torn screaming and crying from their parents and placed in care, where God alone knows what may happen to them.

It will all end in tears, but I doubt that Iain Duncan-Smith will be shedding any as he spends Christmas with his large family in their rent free mansion complete with tennis courts and swimming pool and extensive grounds. He also recently said poor people should be discouraged from having children by stopping their benefits. Don't forget that IDS is also the man that paid his wife thousands of pounds from the public purse saying she worked for him when she did no such thing, that makes him a cheat and a liar as well as a hypocrite.

Anyone who has a modicum of compassion could not vote for this shower of incompetent, arrogant, heartless fools. Soon there will be no one left willing to admit they voted for the Conservatives, they would be too ashamed to.

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Nick said...

the damage that the conservatives have done is irreparable and the lives of most people in the future will be one of continuous austerity Gracie just like in Greece