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What A Pity TRUE Victims of Child Abuse Cannot Get Such Swift Justice!

David Cameron and his Government  and "friends" in secret places appear to be creating the mother of all smokescreens in order to cover-up, that, which a previous Conservative government also managed to conceal many years ago, using chaos and confusion to obscure the truth.

Apparently McAlpine and the BBC have reached a settlement and almost two hundred thousand pounds of licence fee payers money is probably winging its into McAlpine's bank account as we speak, pity the victims of this whole sordid case can't get such swift legal recognition and compensation for the pain and distress and ruined lives they have suffered! I know it must have been horrendous for McAlpine, however, at least for him the establishment acted swiftly, this is so not the case for the victims of this heinous crime, it's still rumbling on so many years and years later and the victims still have nothing or next to nothing!

Ever since this sordid matter reignited, the prime minister's 'moral outrage' has been a joke and a complete sham. The number of Tory MPs who crawled out of the woodwork to take sly aim at the victims of childhood sexual abuse was also sickening, but what else can we expect from that party? The Tories are hardly a political party known for their sensitivity and compassion to people less fortunate than themselves.  Then just as it looked that the Newsnight/BBC fiasco may start to die away, up popped the Tory MP John Whittingdale, who chairs the Culture Select Committee, to wade in trying his best to reignite the whole thing by announcing, he has written a letter to the Director of ITV complaining about ITV and presenter Philip Schofield.  Still more subterfuge in an attempt to keep this Newsnight spat on top of the news rather than do what should be done - concentrating on the victims and letting the public know what is happening. Once again we have let these people down very very badly and once again the Conservative party have been in the thick of it!

Over the past couple of days Lord McAlpine has emerged to tell us all how angry he was, good for him, I would have been angry too, but, I am a hell of a lot angrier at the disgusting way victims of childhood sexual abuse have been treated in this country by the press, and this hideous Tory controlled government. I note that McAlpine wasn't sufficiently enraged enough to prevent him from accepting such a huge payout from the taxpayer though. Is there a lost principle there? I also note what appears to be veiled threats coming from McAlpine's legal team against people that may have mentioned his name on twitter, I've news for them, they cannot sue people for money which they don't have and it may come as a surprise to Lord McAlpine, but the vast majority of people haven't got two pennies to rub together at the moment, thanks in most part to alarmingly incompetent Tory controlled government which he supports! He also can't sue people for talking about him or telling the truth, it's only libel if what is being said isn't true and I never saw or read anything untoward on twitter, mainly just people asking what all the fuss was about, since when does Lord McAlpine's legal team have power over people's conversations? Or have we all suddenly woken up in Russia? I think these over privileged people are beginning to get way ahead of themselves.

Personally I couldn't give a twopenny damn about Newsnight, or the ridiculous nitpicking letter Tory MP John Whittingdale sent to the Director of ITV, but just to add my bob's worth, why has there been so much fuss about a name that was *NOT* actually announced by anyone during the Newsnight TV programme? Why is Newsnight to blame for conclusions on twitter that some may have jumped to? Why is Lord McAlpine's legal team engaging in shady innuendos trying to scare twitter uses who mainly just asked an innocent question for example: "why is Lord McAlpine trending"? They know they cannot sue anyone for making a remark like that, so why are they behaving in this threatening way? They need to ask themselves if intimidation and manipulation used like that is against the law too, or they may find themselves on a counter legal action. This Tory government are taking this country and totally destroying everything.  Has our democracy really been damaged this far under this autocratic Tory controlled "Hitleresque" coalition government? Does this dreadful and hideously incompetent government really have this much control over our thoughts and communications? Or is this something they are working furiously towards, in order that we be silenced and unable to criticise them, or talk about any heinous misdeeds by politicians in the future? Hence their trying to pass a law that gives them the right to look into our medical records and flog them off to "interested parties", or which gives them the right to get into our email accounts and read our emails? Where was Lord McAlpine's/The Sun/The Mail/ outrage against this assault on our democratic freedoms? Strange how these monied privileged people only seem to find their voice when it affects them personally, meanwhile the poor, disabled, unemployed, elderly and vulnerable are being metaphorically half battered to death by this shocking out of control Troy government. Or is the party that is supposed to be for individual freedom just one big stinking rotten red herring on a hot summer's afternoon too? And why doesn't this terrible government tell us all where the plight of the REAL victims in this ridiculous Newsnight red herring lay? Or have they now been suitably silenced too scared to speak out not only because they fear they will not be believed, but also now because they fear they may be sued. Well done Cameron, you must be so proud of yourself!

Amid much fanfare the Home secretary Theresa May announced inquires that on closer inspection turn out to be anything but. How that woman can live with herself and her lies and foolish incompetence is beyond me.

Apparently a Justice Macur has been asked to conduct an Inquiry into the original Inquiry to observe if it was carried out properly. One wonders if in another 16 years will we have another future Tory Home Secretary announcing that they have ordered and Inquiry, to look into the Inquiry, that was set up to look into the original Inquiry? Omnishambles? there really isn't a word invented which could adequately describe this ridiculously stupidly inept Tory controlled government, so hyperbole abounds I'm afraid!

Do we need an Inquiry to tell us that  the Justice Waterhouse Inquiry had no real power and the remit he was given by the then Welsh Secretary, William Hague, was deliberately narrow? It all smacks of delaying tactics and create obfuscation to me, probably introduced until all the witnesses either commit suicide, die, or get murdered? See HERE for a list published in the Independent Newspaper in 1996.

This whole affair seems to have been micro-managed.  Could it be the PM and his chief spin doctor - Craig Oliver (the former editor of BBC flagship news programmes) and Tory peer Lord Patten, Chairman of BBC Trust (parachuted in by Cameron) and his erstwhile "pretendy son" the former BBC Director General George Entwistle? Must be bad if the government are going to these lengths to conceal whatever it is they appear to be trying to conceal!
The days following Newsnight have been one long very unfunny joke, full of farce, lies and innuendo, like a plot for a far fetched political play by the autocratic David Cameron on speed!

Not adverse to indulging in a bit of shameless politicking, on seeing his chance, David Cameron charged in on his hard rough ride steed, to condemn the BBC's £450,000 payoff to Entwistle, who is he trying to kid?

What seems to have been hidden forgotten  in all of this public hand-wringing being undertaken by the prime minister and his clones, is the indisputable fact that 'Sir' Peter Morrison, who was closely linked to the heart of Margaret Thatcher's government has been implicated in child sexual abuse. Morrison has also been named in former senior Tory Health minister, Edwina Currie's autobiography as procuring boys for underage sex.

With all this faux hooha about Newsnight being used as a smokescreen, sadly the victims of this abuse are still being ignored and they still do not believe they will be heard or that action will be taken, as one of them says in this Ch 4 documentary  where a reporter asked: "Do you think we will ever get to the truth?"....Eye witness replied "No, too many people have got too much to hide"! 

Sadly with the closing of ranks of the Conservative party and the ridiculously blown out of all context Newsnight programme, it looks like these eye witnesses and victims will be proven right - yet again! Morrison is not alone either, yet this story has become so muddled, so confused that it is almost impossible to get to the truth and the Inquiries announced by Theresa May Tory Home Secretary will not serve anyone, except for the perpetrators of child abuse, as with the deliberately confined Waterhouse Inquiry ordered by the then Conservative Welsh Secretary William Hague in 1996, no names will be allowed to be mentioned, so once again the witnesses are being silenced by a cloak of Conservative political secrecy.

Lord McAlpine was *NOT* implicated and he is totally innocent and only been to Wrexham once and I have no reason to doubt him, good we have that clear.

But it doesn't alter the fact that two people with the same surname as McAlpine have already been named in possible abuse cases.......Are police detectives actively investigating this line of inquiry? It looks like they escaped investigation in the original Inquiry because they were not allowed to name names! Will this be the same with the Macur Inquiry now?

How much longer are we going to allow governments to pull the wool over our eyes before we demand that these eyewitnesses and survivors of the childhood sexual abuse be heard and be heard properly? The deliberate obfuscation and the deployment of disinformation by Cameron and Tories in general and their "friends" in the right wing press last week was as sickening as it was totally and utterly wrong and completely unjust.

Peter Righton was the former Director of Education at the National Institute for Social Work and was a consultant for the National Children's Bureau, yet was also predatory paedophile who founded the PIE. PIE members presented themselves not as abusers, but as "child lovers" keen to "liberate" children  from sexual "repression"who wanted the age of consent reduced to four. Righton published essays justifying paedophilia, which he called no more mysterious than “a penchant for redheads”. Some of Righton's colleagues backed this but later sought to explain his enthusiasm for sex with children away, by saying they did not want to appear "anti gay"!

Many children made serious allegations against Righton, yet nothing was ever done about it and during the years of the Conservative government, his career was allowed to flourish. When Customs and Excise intercepted a package of child pornography posted to Righton from Holland in 1992, police eventually raided his home and discovered the true extent of his crimes when hundreds of pieces of correspondence between him and other paedophiles, which revealed that he had abused, prostituted and shared numerous boys. Righton's associates and correspondents included an assistant bishop, artists, aristocrats and public school teachers.  It was at that time that it also emerged that Righton's lover ran New Barns School in Gloucestershire a school for emotionally disturbed children, which admitted many children from London care homes and Righton was the school's vice-chairman of governors. The school was investigated and closed down.
There has been suicides connected with this school and an Islington care home, Nick Rabet, committed suicide in 2006 after being arrested for abuse, he used to drive pupils back and forth between the home and the school.
One social worker who was said to be deeply concerned about one of the pupils of New Barns after the boy confided in him, disappeared on Christmas Eve 1989 after promising the boy action, the files of the boy he was so concerned about disappeared with him and neither he or the files has ever been seen of heard of again! It was Nick Rabet that used to drive this boy between the home in Islington and New Barns school in Gloucester. the disappearance of this social worker meant the home could tell police that it had never sent pupils to New Barns school. The Inquiry into Peter Righton's alleged ring was closed from orders "from on high" in 1994. Righton was given a £900 fine for his child porn imports, and a caution for a 30-year-old-indecent assault.

So much for the Conservative government credentials of law, order and justice!

Many other similar investigations into paedophile rings have also mysteriously been closed and then just as in the case of now in 2012, cover-ups have taken place; events and the victims and eye witnesses demanding investigation have been ignored. The Inquiries and investigations ordered by Theresa May and David Cameron are in my opinion just cover-ups with fancy names! In the end nothing will be done, because for anything to be done, the perpetrators many of who did or may still hold senior positions within our society.

The one and only good thing about now is that Tom Watson the Labour  MP and deputy chairman has got hold of this and as we have seen from his endeavors over exposing hacking concerning the Murdoch newspapers, he will not let it go.

If we fail the victims now after they have placed themselves in the firing line of people like two of the most iniquitous journalists David Rose and Bob Woffinden writing in the right wing newspaper the Mail On Sunday then we fail as a decent civilised society. I have no idea why, but these "journalists" (and I use that term lightly) disgracefully and despicably took it upon themselves to attack a victim and completely misrepresent what he said, totally and utterly without thought or care or conscience. It was just bullying of a man who has suffered so much in his life, bullying of a man powerless to fight back, a survivor of horrific childhood abuse and the dreadful effect this has had on him, bullied by these two journalists, even for the Mail on Sunday this ranked pretty despicable.
They did a job on this victim and systematically and in my opinion deliberately, misrepresented his whole case against the state and took a metaphorical wrecking ball to it, more or less giving the green light to those who raped him over 50 times when he was just a boy in a care home to just get away with their heinous crimes. When I read it I felt sickened to my soul, not because Mr Messham had made a mistake, but because it felt like he was being abused all over again by Rose and Woffinden and I felt "dirty" just reading that malicious venomous diatribe. I hope that if there is some justice in this world that someone with the knowledge and know how will come forward and offer to take Rose, Woffinden and the Mail on Sunday to court for defamation of character, they simply should not be allowed to pick on an individual like this, simply because they know he hasn't the means to strike back. If Lord McAlpine can complain and receive recompense in such a short period of time, then so should Steve Messham, why is there one rule for this rich and another for the poor? "We're all in this together?" Pah!

Perhaps being abused on a daily basis by those who were tasked with caring for him doesn't register on the consciences of Rose and Woffinden or the editor of the MoS,  fortunately however reading the comments below that disgraceful fetid piece which emanated from the sewer like minds of those who penned it, it appears that most readers didn't agree with them, and I take heart that the majority refuse to be taken in by a report which was clearly meant to deceive and mislead. If Newsnight is accused of "sloppy journalism" and should not have been broadcast, then so too should the Mail on Sunday stand accused of "sloppy [and feted] journalism" for publishing that grossly unfair piece of trash and they should be forced to apologise and pay the price for it!

Mr Messham's abuser was not Lord McAlpine, however, what is also going unreported is the fact that there were two other people with the McAlpine name in the Wrexham area and hopefully the police investigation currently being undertaken by Keith Bristow, will have this thoroughly investigated, in a way it was not investigated in the first Inquiry! Hopefully the Justice Macur Inquiry will be able to allow victims to name names too and their evidence will not be deliberately discredited, covered-up and swept under the carpet! (Although I am not holding my breath!) The way in which victims of this abuse were treated then is absolutely appalling and the way they continue to be treated is even more appalling now.

By the very nature and trauma these people have suffered in their childhoods could instigate behaviour as reported by Justice Waterhouse, and he should have made this absolutely clear. Trying to chin someone who is calling you a liar and a fantasist after being raped over 50 times by men when you were a boy should have been reported in context by the Mail on Sunday reporters, not make him out to be some out of control person who decided to chin someone for no specific reason (other than to themselves).

Why didn't these journalists report the dubious nature of the way the report compiled by the then Director of Derbyshire Social Services John Jillings, known as the "Jillings Report" was incredulously ordered to be "pulped"? The new police investigation *must* discover why the report of the investigation carried out by Jillings and all its copies was ordered to be destroyed, on who's say so? It was a legal document that should have been kept for a minimum of 7 years and was well within that time frame. I find it incredulous that on the orders of councils themselves acting under orders from their "insurers" this highly contentious legal document was ordered to be destroyed in its entirety, and Jillings himself apparently even destroyed his own copy! It smacks of a serious cover-up.
 Just as well Flintshire council has found a copy of the report in their archives and are finding out if it can be released under the freedom of information act, but don't hold your breath as David Cameron is sure to object, just like he did over the NHS reforms impact report! Or perhaps this too will mysteriously disappear?

"Currently there are at least 13 different inquiries including 3 BBC inquiries into Jimmy Savile, a Department of Health Investigation into Broadmoor, a CPS inquiry and Inquiries into child protection in Rotherham and Rochdale. Yet the Government has no way to draw all this together or to make sure that serious problems are not hidden by the fragmented nature of the investigations".

How are all these inquiries going to serve their purpose? There is no coordination, things will be missed and  links between people and possible paedophile rings will also be missed, abusers will go undetected and yet again slip through the net unpunished while their victims struggle to get on with their lives.

Perhaps the answer doesn't lie in so many more endless inquiries? Perhaps what we need is a dedicated task force of trusted police officers and detectives serving and non serving, men like Jim Gamble formerly head of CEOP (online child protection) to conduct it? Why not ask Mr Gamble? Or would that prove too embarrassing for this ridiculous government who disbanded CEOP causing the very much respected Mr Gamble to resign in disgust? I wondered why this government did this, however, perhaps now the pieces of the jigsaw are beginning to fall into place!

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