Monday, November 12, 2012

£450,000 for 54 Days of Failure! What About The REAL Victims In All Of This?

Great work if you can get it! George Entwistle former Director General of the BBC and just 54 days in post resigned under a cloud and the BBC paid him £450,000 of our taxpayer pounds for his trouble!

Once again this Conservative controlled Government has totally messed up, can they not do anything right? If "pretendy Prime Minister" David Cameron had managed to refrain from interfering in the running of the BBC, and had not parachuted his old Tory millionaire chum Conservative peer Lord Patten into the job of BBC Trust Chairman, then it is very doubtful Lord Patten's "pretendy son" George Entwistle would have ever been given the job of Director General, he would have stayed (probably quite happily) where he was and he would not now be facing a barrage of criticism in the press, or be out of a job with loss of his career which he has spent years cultivating. I have some sympathy with the man, he became the fall guy for the Savile scandal which he seems to have spent most of his 54 days trying to sort out, he was left clearing up the mess of decades of neglect at the BBC. He then stupidly got himself into hot water because bizarrely he had to preside over who pulled the plug on a previous Newsnight programme looking into the Savile abuse claims at the BBC, while sorting that out he took his eye off the ball and the same programme, Newsnight, complete with "sloppy journalism" slipped a programme on air concerning the abuse of a Steve Messham in children's home. So the BBC got itself into a situation where it was being condemned for *not* putting out a programme about possible child abuse and then roundly condemned for putting out a programmed about child abuse.

Neither Newsnight nor Mr Messham named names, yet somehow an almighty hoo-ha has erupted because of the case of  mistaken identity which happened years ago, when Mr Messham was shown a picture of his abuser and was told by police that the man in the photograph was a top Tory with links to the Thatcher government. Was that Mr Messham's fault? Certainly not. Was that George Entwistle's fault? Of course not!
No names were named, Newsnight simply said a Tory linked to the Conservative government so why the fuss? It's the truth! OK so more journalistic checks should have taken place, get the editor in and haul him over the carpet, demote him, move him sideways  make him make the teas for the cleaners, or whatever, but for goodness sake stop this politically engineered crisis designed to take attention away from the true victims and get back to why these Inquiries were set up in the first place!

I still do not see what all this fuss is about and why Entwistle should have been forced to resign, but even so, is he really worth this huge pay-off while the people of this country who pay their licence fees are struggling to either eat a meal or heat their homes?

We should also perhaps have the police investigate why David Mellor is suddenly so keen to destroy the reputation of a witness who is speaking about about child abuse. Mellor who has been in relative obscurity tucked away in his revolting LBC radio show has suddenly sprung to life and used his own show to libel a witness and then did the same on a show aired on BBC2 last Sunday. The BBC also needs to answer why Mellor was asked on the Sunday Politics programme by presenter and right wing journalist Andrew Neil, why now? What is so important about this opportunistic revolting liar that makes him a suitable person to appear on the BBC to discuss this and please don't say it was because he was once Heritage Secretary, because he wasn't any good at his job then and he certainly wont have changed much in over 20 years! Why  did Andrew Neil allow him to further abuse a victim of child abuse by branding him as "a weirdo" and not make the slightest attempt to stop him or even pull him up on it?  The former Conservative minister "for fun" David Mellor, who most would say is more than a little "weird" has had sordid sex scandals and financial irregularities himself which caused him to resign from the previous Conservative government in 1992, how dare he try and point his finger at someone else, the hypocrite! Mellor was also part of the government and still a Tory MP at the time of the Inquiry ordered by the now Foreign Secretary William Hague, when he was Welsh Secretary. The Inquiry which had such an appallingly narrow remit and which is now beginning to look like a political cover-up!  And while all these various sideshows play out, once again, the true victims of the most appalling and shocking abuse are having their voices drowned out.

I end this blog by repeating that because of the fuss and faux moral outrage of our pretendy Prime Minister and his various little sycophantic journalistic buddies in the barking mad loony right wing newspapers (who have been known to libel a fair few people themselves over the years) and BBC presenters who all seem to be suffering from sudden bouts of total hysteria and manic tendencies, and Mellor the former Tory Government minister for "weirdness" all giving their opinions about the mistaken identity of a man, *who no one actually named* in Newsnight, and who the victim did not even name on that programme, and who was also not named in the House Commons either, the real victims of this heinous child abuse, those that suffered at the hands of a high profile paedophile ring that operated in North Wales and is said to have operated in many children's homes across the country, are once again being sidelined and their cries for help are falling on deaf ears. And once again the establishment that has already caused these people immeasurable harm, is once again abusing their rights to be heard is now standing by and allowing the intentional discrediting of witnesses.

Whether this particular Tory controlled rabidly incompetent government, that maybe should open a "Ministry for U-Turns", with its useless out of touch and out of his depth incompetent prime minister and his mates in the right wing press like it or not, there are links of a paedophile activity to former PM Margaret Thatcher's Conservative government, in the shape of her close aide the late Tory MP Peter Morrison, who's "late night pursuits" have been detailed in an autobiography written by former Tory MP and Health Minister, Edwina Currie. Edwina Currie herself had an illicit affair with the former Tory PM Lord John Major, when he was still a serving prime minister. Now that it appears that further evidence has come to light that there may have been an historical link to a paedophile ring to Downing street involving convicted paedophile Peter Righton and also links to a BBC presenter, it is only right that this be fully investigated, if Cameron and Downing Street do not like it, then tough, they are not above the law, they may think they are, but they are not! The name of that police man who showed Mr Messham a picture who when Mr Messham identified him as his abuser told him that it was Lord McAlpine. It now appears that another member of the McAlpine family lives in Wrexham, so let's get this out in the open, investigated and cleared up before there is more mistaken identities.

So let's have no more of this stalling and obfuscation and let David Cameron stop playing political games in order to create smokescreens and cover-ups for previous Tory governments. We must have a properly held Inquiry with as much scope and power as it needs to investigate and bring these abusers to face justice and not these excuses for Inquiries that Home Secretary Theresa May has just announced. How can she in all honesty, fairness and openness ask the police to investigate themselves? It is just recipes for further chaos and confusion.

It's past time the true victims of this abuse were heard and the Prime Minister should realise that the public will not accept anything less.

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