Monday, November 12, 2012

Britain's Dysfunctional Tory Government!

Another day another disaster! Why is it that anything this Conservative controlled government and this pretendy hapless Prime Minister David Cameron has dealings with turns into complete farce? Not content with operating a Government that presents us with multiple u-turns, (sometimes even more than one a day), they are hell bent in ripping a hole through the very fabric of our society, if they knew what it was they were doing it would be scary enough and a hell of a ride for the public, but it's obvious now these Tory fools don't know what they are doing and it is not just scary, it is like being on the worlds most frightening roller coaster and witnessing part of the track your car is hurtling towards suddenly break off and disappear!

All of us need to understand now that Britain has a totally dysfunctional government, with a totally dysfunctional PM and the Deputy PM and the Chancellor are not much better, in fact, they are absolutely no better, the lot of them are completely feckless. They did not win the election, because quite rightly people were sceptical of them, so Cameron went out and bought the 57 MPs he needed to make his numbers from a "bargain basement sale in the seconds department" of a near bankrupt chain store. Apparently these rejects had all been mistakenly dressed in orange jumpers when they should have been dressed blue! One of the biggest laughs for me is to listen to this cumbersome tiresome lot that refer to themselves as the "coalition" opining that they have no choice but to lie, misrepresent, cheat and mislead and completely disregard their manifestos because the public did not vote for one party, they voted for a hung parliament and coalition so they are fulfilling their duty to the public! Biggest lot of  "hollyhocks"I have ever heard! Out of the millions of votes cast in this country and the myriad of candidates bordering from the certifiable Miss Whiplash to the hilarious man in a monkey suit, not one single candidate stood for a hung parliament and coalition government, and nowhere on any ballot paper was there a box to tick that gave us the choice of electing a hung parliament and coalition government - not one! This is just used as an excuse for them to lie their way out when asked awkward questions, such as trebling instead of abolishing tuition fees. DPM Nick Clegg can often be seen and heard Evangelising, flinging his arms all over the place and generally talking to us all like we are a bunch pf pre-school children saying: "we did not win the election so we have no choice" we are forced to rob disabled people, children and generally treat those on benefits as undeserving scum. The fact remains that Clegg and his Liberal Democrats know fully well that they never had a hope in hell of winning the last election, they only ever have one hope and it is always the same - that there would be no overall majority and then they can get into government by default, so their manifesto was and always will be the longest set of blatant lies in political history (next to the Conservative party's), who are they trying to kid? They were never going to be in a position to implement any of it, so they thought they could get away with being all things to all men and saying one thing in one constituency and the direct opposite in another!

This mongrel government have winged it into power and now Britain is being governed by a bunch of political opportunistic 'talentless' chancers. They want to reform the country, yet there is not one of them who knows what they are doing, let alone capable of actually carrying it out successfully and that includes the Nazi that is the religious zealot Ian Duncan-Smith!. To have one big reform in a parliament is time consuming enough (if it is done correctly), but to have reforms in every major department is not only catastrophic, it's nigh on suicidal! This lot are not capable of rearranging their curtains, let alone rearranging the infrastructure of the country!

Everywhere we look and everywhere we turn we see the government flip-flopping all over the place! They are incapable of keeping their word. They're all wandering about like a bloody great fart in a trance and none of them know what it is they are doing, least of all know when it is they are supposed to be doing it, remember Chloe Smith in the fuel price debacle? Watch it in all its cringeworthiness here. Announcements made in the morning are changed by midday. It's a joke, a farce, it's laughable until you realise how frightening our position is in this country with a government of fools and take a look at the sheer number of reforms they are trying to impose on the country, and not one of the rabble appears to know what it is they are supposed to be doing. They even caused a petrol panic back in the summer and the whole country was gripped in queues for fuel affecting many businesses and preventing many from getting to work.

After only 2½ years, this government has been reduced to the sleaziest, most venal governments in the history of this country. They are already tired, washed-out and devoid of ideas, all except for reform anything  they can and sell off anything the Tories didn't manage to sell off the last time they were in power. There is no rhyme nor reason for what they are doing, they seem to be doing it simply because they can! As far as totally absurd governments go, this one surely wins first prize. Their futile attempts at reform are beset with so many problems, often they have taken a perfectly functioning policy like the hugely successful Regional Development Agencies and replaced them with a distant and very poor and totally ineffective toothless cousin like the Local Enterprise Councils which have been a mega flop. So much so that the Tories had to ask Lord Heseltine to come in and redraft them, he did and issued a set of improvements which will if implemented turn the LEPs back into the old RDAs just with a different name and the cost of doing this will be phenomenal, not only in funding terms but in the thousands of people that could have been helped into employment and weren't, because of this government's incompetence and inability to see the bigger picture.
Same sort of thing in Government departments. Cabinet ministers went hell for leather reforming their various departments sacking thousands of civil servants and then discovered they had no one left to do their work, so they were then forced to rehire the same staff they just sacked through agencies costing the taxpayer three times as much!
Exactly the same with the so called "bonfire of the quangos", they burned a lot of them then had no one to do the work they did so had to set up more quangos. It's careless, irresponsible incompetent meddling in things they know absolutely nothing about and this government are leaving a trail of chaos and confusion in its wake!

It seems they are they picking up from the mayhem they caused the last time they were in power from 1979 to 1997, when they sold off our railways, privatised them and caused the huge problems we have with infrastructure, franchises and fairs now. They sold off and privatised our utility companies and now the price of gas, electric and water is fast becoming out of reach for people to actually use and things have got so bad that people are being forced to choose between heating or eating! With all these reforms this government are carrying out, it hardly fills one with confidence when they cannot eve get one single little thing right and where they often announce one thing in the morning and then change their mind by early lunch time. For months this government were being warned about their proposed badger cull by top scientists and not only did they go against what these scientists advised and announced the badger cull would go ahead, they also cited a scientist that backed them up using his name in their official announcement, except that he did not back them, he was one of the top scientists advising against the cull. A few days later the government have abandoned the cull in yet another u-turn. The fiasco over the West Coast Railways where the department of transport and the Treasury got their sums completely wrong, they were told this by everyone but refused to budge, it was only when Branson of Virgin Rail was taking the government to court did they back down and admit they had got this completely wrong. Experts say this is going to end up costing the taxpayer at least £400 million! it's not just one thing in one department, it is everything in every department, every day huge mistakes are being made and when the government's planned reforms in the NHS take place and they start next year, it will not only be money that it costs us, we will be paying with our health and our lives!

All this and so much more and the only thing that seems to strike fear at the Tory party is the EU! Nothing else seems to matter to this bunch of over privileged out of touch millionaires.

How ironic is it that the most jingoistic party, are the Conservatives who boast to want us to depend less on Europe and want us to cut our ties with the EU, who stand up at the end of each Tory party conference and belt out Land of Hope and Glory, while bedecked in the Union flag, the party who secretly want to thrash all immigrants to within an inch of their lives and want to shut our doors to all immigration into this country, are the very same party that have flogged off our infrastructure to Europe? This party who does not want much to do with the EU has sold off to them over the years, our railways, gas, electricity, water. Do the public realise that "the old electricity suppliers of eastern and north-west England and the English Midlands, the coal-fired power stations of Kingsnorth, Ironbridge and Ratcliffe-on-Soar, the turbine shops at Hams Hall, the oil and gas stations on the Isle of Grain, Killingholme, Enfield and Cottam are the property of E.ON of Düsseldorf?".

The scariest thing is this pretendy government, with pretendy PM are in the process of doing this to our NHS, soon our NHS will have disappeared and we will be charged through the nose for health care and thousands of lives are going to be placed in great danger, if they are not stopped.  You've been warned!
Yet all these reforms will not save us money, they will end up costing us a great deal more and the people that caused the world's problems, the Tory supporting banksters are just allowed to get away with their crimes in this country, not one single one of them has ever been prosecuted for what they did! While in America they are being prosecuted, their assets frozen and imprisoned. The only reason that doesn't happen in this country is because most of the City (and don't forget it was the Tories who deregulated the financial sector) not only support the Conservative party, they actually donate millions of pounds to it. Is it any wonder that the Tories will not bite the hand that feeds them, but are making us pay for their greed instead?

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