Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another day & Another Tory Hurls Abuse At The Public - Boris Johnson and "Tossergate"

London Mayor, Boris Johnson paid a visit to Bristol yesterday and met with a little "local difficulty". he was heckled by a few Occupy Bristol protesters. He has been a politician for many years, he knows heckling goes with the job but instead of just ignoring them he retaliated, proving he has a very thin skin under all the bluster and buffoonery displays he puts on for the public.

In the following clip the mayor can be heard twice calling the protesters "scum" he then turned around and shouted back at them "lefty tossers".

Gone were the trademark "cheerfulness" and "bonhomie" that Johnson has carefully cultivated and here we got a glimpse of the real Johnson, the one that plotted with his friend Darius Guppy to have a journalist beaten up his eyes blacked and his ribs cracked for crossing them.
Read about it at the Independent newspaper: HERE and listen to the audio at Ch 4: HERE

It's Johnson's hypocrisy that never fails to impress! During the Andrew Mitchell #plebgate affair. In his 2011 speech to Tory conference he also said that if people swear at the police then they should be arrested. Perhaps Johnson and former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell should be arrested for swearing in public at protesters and the police?

On his trip to Bristol, where he had gone to offer support for the Conservative candidate in the coming Police Commissioner elections, Johnson discovered a home truth; that he isn't as popular outside London as he and his Tory supporters seem to think he is, and it hit home and he did not like it.

Johnson won the London Mayoralty by a very small margin, this was after paper the London Evening Standard and its free metro version put out a mini party political adverts on behalf of Johnson every single day it as published. Grossly unfair, where the Electoral Standards Commission should have intervened but stayed mute! They accused Ken Livingstone of acting illegally by not declaring some tax affairs, yet they kept quiet about the Tory transport minister who criticised Livingstone for avoiding tax payments while using the same loophole himself and not declaring it to parliament. As usual here is an yet another Tory who insist on Labour and us doing one thing while he and the Tory party do the exact opposite! Incidentally the editor of the London Evening Standard, Sarah Sands is a close friend of bonking Boris; 'the mayor, who put the f in affair'! The friendship dates back to when she looked after his Daily Telegraph column a decade ago when she worked on the paper, this led some journalists at the title to speculate that the newspaper would more firmly embrace the Conservatives under her editorship.

Friends of Sands dispute that thinking, saying that there are no plans to return the newspaper to the strident anti-Livingstone agenda of the era of former editor Veronica Wadley. While she remains a good friend of Johnson, and in particular his wife Marina, Sands does not want the freesheet to lecture its readers. But this is what happened anyway, maybe not as much as when Veronica Wadley another "close friend" of Johnson's was editor, but is was still partisan just the same!
Winter arrived early in City Hall on Wednesday when Veronica Wadley, one of the more helpful of Boris Johnson's many media chums down the years, made acquaintance with public accountability in the form of questions from London assembly members. Wadley edited the Evening Standard throughout the 2008 mayoral election campaign that propelled Johnson to power. It was the most absurdly partisan manifestation of that newspaper ever, and its legacy was such that after a new owner brought the Wadley era to an end, one of her successor Geordie Greig's first moves was to launch an advertising campaign apologising for it. 
Johnson, undeterred, ensured Wadley's subsequent elevation to the chair of the London board of the Arts Council after a long and terribly mysterious saga which only ended with the arrival of a Tory culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, (and HERE) who took a different view from his Labour predecessor about the application of the Nolan anti-sleaze rules.The Tory mayor has now appointed Wadley to the post of Senior Adviser for Team London, Volunteering, Charities and Sponsorship. For this she will be paid £95,000 of taxpayer cash a year, though she's in the fortunate position of being able to provide her first year's labour for free. Her new job's title suggests a wide range of important activities. Would she tell Londoners all about it, please?

Which just goes to show that Tory politicians all of them from the Prime Minister down are just a bunch of lying corrupt sleaze bags.

It may not be quite so bad if we did not now know exactly what Tory minister and Tory MPs and the Tory London Mayor actually think of us, we are just:

"scum" "lefty tossers" a load of "fucking plebs" who don't "know our fucking places" and if we do not become subservient to our Tory political masters they'll have our "fucking jobs" apparently.

Well the latter is certainly true, only the Tories are to deceitful to admit that they have been manipulating the unemployment figures. If the truth were actually known unemployment has hardly fallen, (if at all) as thousands of people have been taken off of the unemployment register and forced to work for nothing on the government's Work-Fare placement and the Office National Statistics (ONS) has been forced to admit that people on all of these schemes (many thousands of them across the country) whether they are paid or not are NOT counted as unemployed. Add to that the 1.5 million part-time workers and the further million who are underemployed and not registered either, we begin to see exactly where the Tories are fiddling the unemployment statistics. It's fool's gold as they say and in the end will all underflow on them leaving us and the country in even more of mess than Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are currently making of it.

I don't know about you but I am getting sick and tired of the way in which this hideous Tory government think they can abuse us, abuse the police, lie to us and mislead us over unemployment, GDP, the NHS and goodness only knows what else!

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