Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Compassionate Conservatives? Or Cold, Cruel and Controlling?

The Conservative party under David Cameron has desperately tried to portray themselves as a kind, caring and compassionate and fit to lead this country and for while people believed them, however, it wasn't long before we realised, that the image Cameron portrayed was just that, an image!
It's all been a pack of lies right from the start, sold to us by a former PR man - David Cameron.
We have been conned, lied to, manipulated, used and abused and even been inferred to as "fucking plebs" who "don't know our fucking place" by the now former Conservative Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell,  in an astonishing scene in the most famous street in the world; Number 10, Downing Street, where he shouted and screamed abuse at police protection officers, the public were outraged (and rightly so)!
We have looked on in anger at this Government's tissue of lies, their fecklessness and been left speechless in utter amazement as they performed u-turn after u-turn, after u-turn, after u-turn, powerless to do anything about it. Of course anyone, and every political party, and every government makes the occasional mistake, but not like this, this is just astonishing serial incompetence, it doesn't stop, it merges into day after day after day, until we haven't a clue what this Government are doing (and neither do they).

The first rule of government is its duty of care to its citizens, yet in just one of his farces, David Cameron and one of his Senior minister Cabinet secretary, Francis [Jerry Can] Maude, purely for political reasons, tried to pick a completely unwarranted and unnecessary fight with the unions and in doing so managed to panic almost the entire population causing utter chaos and confusion and panic at the pumps on filling station forecourts all over the country. One unfortunate woman who tried to decant petrol into a container for her daughter to use suffered life threatening burns when the fumes ignited turning her into a fire-ball, she is now left with extensive burns and scars and has years of treatment ahead of her. This government is dangerous and should carry a health warning!

They are just not competent, not at anything. This has to be the most incompetent government I have known in my entire life. The electorate was conned into voting for them and we were sold a pup and unfortunately some bought it!

At a time when we needed sharp people who know what they are doing, we have a bunch of out of touch, over privileged incompetents, this Conservative-led government is a complete farce who believe because of their birth status that they were born to rule us. Their astonishing arrogance knows no bounds. They appear to be living in a by-gone age where their status and money was once a right to power and an age where they could treat people they classed as beneath them, as dirt, commodities to be used and discarded when of no further use. Unfortunately this government are taking this country back to those dark days of work houses, debtors prisons, a time when working class people were destitute and or lived in overcrowded hovels with lack of hygiene facilities in squalor and poverty . Where the "under class" (us) were supposed to do as we were told and if we failed we would be thrown into prison (or worse). Where we had no voice and those who spoke up were bullied, harassed, victimised and threatened until they fell silent. If you think I am exaggerating let me tell you the story of a disabled lady who has been campaigning for disabled rights and trying to bring to the attention of the public how Atos is affecting people to the point where some are dying and others are committing suicide.

Last Friday a female disabled rights activist who is disabled herself, was alone in her flat when she was reportedly 'visited' by the South Wales police. What followed was shocking! She was intimidated, harassed and bullied, her supposed transgression? Is apparently posting comments on her Facebook page which were critical of Government cuts and specifically the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Police interrogated her and only left when they had reduced her to a sobbing hysterical wreck. She wasn't charged, but she was made to feel frightened and intimidated in her very own home where she had a right to feel safe and secure by the very people that should be able to rely on to protect her. I find this an astonishing overreaction and I also am having difficulty believing that Facebook had anything to do with this because if they didn't like what she posted they would have simply taken her comments down, warned her, and or issued a ban, so no, there has to be more to this and much more behind their actions. What I feel the big question here is: Who asked the police to visit this person and why? On what possible grounds? Was it the DWP? If so on who's say-so? The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan-Smith? One of his staff? Who? Not only does this person have a right to know, but because of the nature and complete overreaction of the police, we all have a right to know what lay behind this abomination to our freedom of speech and democracy!
I have the utmost respect for our police who do a difficult job under increasingly difficult conditions, however, who gave them the order to raid a disabled woman's home close to midnight over a weekend and for what possible reason and who told them the line of questioning that need to be taken? If they needed to speak to her, why didn't they behave rationally by contacting her and arranging a time and place for them to have a chat? Why like this?

If the Government is behind this then they need stopping and they need stopping now. The sad thing is that they could be stopped as there is one party that holds that power - the Liberal Democrats! Alas, they have turned out to be just a bunch of yellow bellied spineless, gutless cowards, who saw their one chance of being in government, took it and embraced it. Now instead of standing up for us, they aid and abet the Tories in every draconian act and at every possible chance they get. Tuition fees - trebled;  NHS-fragmented & privatised; Education - in turmoil; Railways - farcical; Defence - compromised; Police numbers - cut. Whatever incompetent hair-brained scheme the Tories have come up with the Liberal Democrats have been there by their sides ready to hold their hands and get it through parliament. Wasn't the Liberal Democrat party once supposed to be the proud party of liberty and freedom of speech and human and civil rights? So why are they so silent now when our rights are being eroded on a daily basis bu the Tory-led Government? Why have they fallen silent on the issue of this poor woman who was intimidated and scared witless by police in her very own home for simply exercising her right to free speech?

David Cameron and his government have set this country on a very very dangerous slippery road if we do nothing now, gradually all our powers and freedom and democracy will be stripped away, we will be left downtrodden, powerless and poor. This is the way controlling governments control the people, you would be forgiven for thinking that you had awoken in China, or Russia, but welcome to Tory Britain 2012.

Soon you may have a chance to vote, whether it be in council/local elections, by-elections - police commissioner elections, or even the general election (when it comes). When you do please remember what this farcical, narcissistic controlling government and their side-kicks are doing to this country and to our people, that's your family, your children, your parents, your friends, your lives and your children's and grandchildren's futures and remember what they are doing to our personal freedom, our democracy and our freedom of speech. This is not a government trying to right the country, this is not austerity, this is Conservative dominance, dogma, the actions of ideologues using austerity as a means to scare you into doing what they want you to do, this is how they are controlling you, don't take my word for it, look in the papers, research the internet, but above all remember it and when the time comes don't let them fool you again and don't vote for them, you are worth more, much more than they think you are worth!

Kick them where it will always hurt them 
in the
Ballot Box!


R33 said...

The Tories - wrapped in the British flag with treason in their hearts.

Nick said...

the DWP gracie can stop your benefits if you post things on line as that's happened to me in the past so you have to toe a very fine line

even today I'm banned from twitter and facebook because they say your ill and if your ill you cant be posting stuff online

they with my mp's help allow me 1 hour a day online so i have to live with it

Gracie Samuels said...

Nick, really? This is getting ridiculous. This government need exposing. yesterday this blog and others of the same genre were attacked by malicious malware. I managed to get the blog up and ruining again, but is this a coincidence we were taken down and the Labour party recruitment drive got hacked?
What the hell do we have for a government,when in opposition they said they wanted to interfere less in peoples lives? Turns out they are not only interfering they are trying to control every aspect of our lives - how dare they? Human rights, civil rights, working rights all taking a huge hammer blow.

Nick said...

it's been tough Gracie for me over the years and hopefully one day i will be able to speak about it to a committee of some sort or a judge led inquiry in to the horror of it all in being ill and having to live by a very strict regime that only a very few worldwide have experienced like Aung San Suu Kyi,for example

i more then anyone understand why all these people who have come forward in the jimmy saville abuse as like me when I've ever complained about the DWP you only then get punished if you say anything or step out of line

And that's what's happened in the victims of jimmy saville if you had said of your ordeal at the time no one would have believed you and in most cases if you were in work and said anything you would have been sacked

Gracie Samuels said...

back when the vile man was controlling people, reporting abuse was taboo, hardly anyone did it for fear of not being believed or persecuted. That man who is so brave by waiving his anonymity has my utmost respect.
Hopefully it's different now, but people still cannot talk until they feel ready and there is no time limit on that.
Keep strong, you will win through in the end.