Saturday, October 27, 2012

Same Old Tories!

Iain Duncan-Smith

The Tories are behind in the polls and when they are behind in the polls and they start feeling panicky, like wounded animals they become dangerous. Like all bullies, they usually begin by kicking out and attacking those who are least able to fight back, bullying the weak is the Tories default position. In the nineties and noughties it used to be Labour voters,  immigrants and single parents who were singled out for their wrath, remember Peter Lilley?  Take a little look at this video from his Tory party conference speech and then see where today's Tories got it from - nothing new under the sun/Sun huh? Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, IDS and Grayling could have fashioned their policies on his speech, in fact they probably did!

The Psychotic Tory Peter Lilley
(Bunny Boiler)

Lilley who is a climate change sceptic and oil company director, has been appointed to the House of Commons energy and climate change select committee.
Peter Lillley is the vice-chairman and senior independent non-executive director of Tethys Petroleum Ltd, an oil and gas company with operations in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Tethys most recently paid him £47,000 for 120 hours' work over the period of a year "attending meetings and advising on business developments", the register of members' financial interests shows. That's £47,000 on top of his MPs salary and these are the people that are attacking and bullyin the weak and disabled, unemployed and low waged part-time workers?  I wonder if tax dodging Tories and non doms and Tory doning corporations  like Vodafone, Barclays etc etc etc also appeared on Peter Lilley's list?
More recently he gave a speech at a Policy Exchange event. It's all swings and roundabouts and these Tories really are "all in it together" The Policy Exchange is David Cameron's favourite think tank and the one that is closest to parliament, it was co-founded by Cabinet Minister Francis[Jerry Can]Maude and it has lobbied for more private sector involvement in providing NHS services. Archie Norman, Francis Maude and their allies set up two separate think-tanks as part of their modernisation project. One, XChange Ideas or simply XChange, would be rebranded as Policy Exchange a few months later. 

We now have a mongrel Tory government taking the form of a supposedly coalition government and beware because this particular brand of grotesquely morphed hybrid Tories have added to their list, the disabled, the unemployed, the poor, weak and vulnerable - same old Tories - if in doubt kick out at those less fortunate and those least able to defend themselves, after all, Theresa May the now Conservative Home secretary, did not dub her party "the nasty party" for nothing! I wonder, does May remember saying this?
Politicians are seen as untrustworthy and hypocritical. We talk a different language. We live in a different world. We seem to be scoring points, playing games and seeking personal advantage - while home-owners struggle to make ends meet and schoolchildren see years of hard work undermined by the stroke of a bureaucrat's pen..........
I wonder what she thinks of her party who have currently spoiled the life chances of so many schoolchildren who studied and worked hard for their GCSE's only to have them cruelly down graded at "the stroke of Michael Gove's pen?" And what was she saying about struggling home-owners?

They planned to let bureaucrats snoop on peoples' phone and email conversations. We helped to stop that........Theresa May Tory Conference 2002.

Really Mrs Home Secretary? Then why now when you are in power your Conservative Government is coming under fire for intending to introduce legislation which would allow it to monitor all email communications of UK citizens without a warrant? Why now ten years later you as Home Secretary are now advocating a system of total digital surveillance, while Clegg the DPM who also once spoke out against this, is backing the Communications Data Bill, providing a few mealy mouthed pointless meaningless wishy washy Lib Dem safeguards are put in place? What about this government who will now be selling our private medical records to profit making private "interested" companies?

We now discover you are indeed one of those politicians you spoke of in your "nasty party" speech, you are as feckless, disingenuous and duplicitous as all those you once criticised and add to that your total incompetence to even read a date correctly, or to have our Borders securely monitored, and your refusal to take responsibility for your own shortcomings, you too are a danger to this country and to our democracy.

However, now this "nasty party" has got its hands on the reigns of power, (albeit with the continued help and blind support of the spineless, gutless cowardly Liberal Democrats) it is going several steps further, and viciously attacking people who have a family. Iain Duncan-Smith (or plain old Ian Smith) the Work and Pensions Secretary, is now drawing up plans to threaten families with loss of benefits if they have more than two children. See Politics of prejudice: Now Tories want to penalise children for simply being born, by setting himself up as a family planner for impoverished parents and "Why Iain Duncan-Smith should look at himself before complaining about people who live off of the state".  
I keep saying this about this government, we are moving into very, very dangerous waters, the level of government interference and dictatorial attitudes towards workers, unemployed, the disabled, the poor etc is increasing at alarming rate. This has echoes of China's one child restriction about it and this government are acting to cancel out workers rights, human rights, denying people proper representation through legal aid and they are actively helping Tory doning corporations to drive down your wages and deny you unfair dismissal tribunals. This government and this prime minister would be more at home standing next to Putin, Pinochet   or Pol Pot!
Smith doesn't care if they are part of the government farce who have falsified unemployment figures by using low paid part-time workers in their statistics, or that these people who are already struggling under higher rent, food and utility bills, are also due to have their tax credits cut or stopped if they don't work more hours (even if those hours do not exist). It doesn't seem to matter that people may have had their families and then fallen on hard times, they could even be one of the million public sector workers that May's Tory government has already sacked or is in the process of sacking; they could have had one child followed later by a set of twins! There is a whole myriad of reasons why some people end up with larger families, contrary to popular Tory right wing benefit scrounging belief, most people do not have children so they can get a house or more benefits and benefits do not come anywhere near the cost of raising a child anyway. But this government is now seriously suggesting we all band together to bully people and bully these innocent children too and make them suffer, please realise they are asking *YOU* to give them your backing and blessing to attack the weak and to also make innocent children suffer unnecessarily. "Suffer Little Children"? Who does Iain Duncan-Smith think he is - God?

However, it matters not, none of this matters to the Tories all that does matter is their poll ratings and their lurid lust to get into government in 2015 with a majority (God help us all if this happens), these people, (and they could be you, or your family and friends) no matter how they ended up with more than two children or how they have fallen on hard times are due to be heavily penalised and we in Britain are moving into very dangerous dictatorial territory.

I have repeatedly warned on this blog that this government is akin to a dictatorship, run by a dangerous narcissistic liar in David Cameron and now the buds of proof are starting to swell and burst proving what I have been saying all along. And please, I ask you to seriously ask yourselves now; "if the Conservatives get away with this, what is next"? "Who is next"? Because let me tell you, that no one, unless you are a multi-millionaire will be immune from the Tories ideological state, this has nothing to do with austerity, austerity is just being used as an excuse to fool you and there is plenty of proof of that.

Cameron is a driven man and I believe an unstable man. He uses certain tactics to get his message across in order to appeal to the base instincts of some people. Those tactics include; fear, lies, confusion, distortion, misleading and misrepresentation and black propaganda, which when added all together becomes 'disinformation'.  The deliberate misrepresentation of his opponents and deliberate distortion of the facts are all par for the course with Cameron and this government and at the end of every attack comes 'divide and rule' where Cameron and all his millionaire cabinet cronies attempt to drive a wedge between certain sections of society in order that when divided we will become weakened and fall. Cameron is using peoples fears and prejudices to persuade people to believe in him and the Tories and convince them that it is OK to attack, vilify and bully those less fortunate than yourself. As the next general election starts to come into view, he is starting to crank up the rhetoric.
He wants a Tory majority so badly that he is willing to do and say anything to get it and if that means bullying the disabled and the unemployed etc so be it, don't take my word for it, just look at what they are doing to people in the various government departments, they have already turned great swathes of people against public sector workers, disabled people, single parents, young parents, immigrants, the unemployed.

Cameron is not even any good at being a prime minister, he may be a ruthless, ambitious, insensitive narcissistic liar, but he is also a weak incompetent who is bounced into u-turn after u-turn, his government has descended into farce and chaos. Which brings me to another conclusion he is being manipulated by corporations, the banks and the shadow banks, we have unelected, unseen heads of corporations running this country and Cameron is their PR man puppet.

This doesn't mean he is not a dangerous, conniving, lying megalomaniac he is and a very ambitious one and if Cameron gets his way and gets majority power at the next election, he could very well turn five year fixed parliaments into ten year fixed parliaments and introduce boundaries that make it impossible to vote him and the Tories out democratically. Think that far-fetched? It isn't,  he has already changed the terms of parliament into five year fixed terms and he is trying to change the boundaries and his side-kick Clegg has already boasted if they can manage to do this then they could keep Labour out for over a 100 years - how good is that for a supposed democracy?  True Clegg has had a public hissy fit and said the Lib Dems would not back the government's boundary change bill because they did not get their way over Lords Reform, but don't hold your breath, remember this is the man who promised no tuition and then helped the Tories to treble them!


Nick said...

what's to become of us all Gracie
he's no good that peter lilley he's like IDS their bullies just imagine being alone with them in your house enough said

They are so very creepy

R33 said...

"what's to become of us all"

The Tories intend to destroy all social mobility, so the majority of the British people die in the impoverished circumstances into which they were born and completely destroy the welfare state to create a sink or swim society, where workers work for poverty wages which they can barely subsist on, live in overcrowded houses in dirty slums, work 15 hr shifts daily, walk all the way to work and all the way home because public transport has been discontinued since no-one can afford it anymore, have no holidays, no weekends off, no sick pay and can be sacked on a whim, where the unemployed clothed in rags, suffering from malnutrition, with very short life expectancies, are reduced to homelessness, destitution and begging to survive, crime is rampant, sudden violent death is an ever present threat, people are framed by privatised police and given long sentences in prison to do slave labour to enrich the wealthy, people are left to die of illnesses and disease if they can’t afford to pay for their treatment and the sick, mentally ill and disabled who don’t have any family to help them, are simply left to die alone in the gutter in slow agony of neglect, all so the idle rich can shirk all their obligations to society and grab even more money, so they can gorge themselves and splurge on ever more extravagant luxuries and frivolities.

This is the right-wing vision of paradise and to create their heaven on earth, the Tories and their partners in crime the right-wing media, will exaggerate, misrepresent, cherry pick, demonise, dehumanise and lie, lie and lie again.

Gracie Samuels said...

@ RR3 your reply to Nick sent shivers of fear done my spine. You are so right.

However, what Cameron, Osborne, IDS, and yes Clegg and all the rest of them have not bargained for is the "collective us". We have recognised what they are trying to do, identified it and are now spreading the word and it is beginning to get into the mainstream press. (Good of them to catch us up, we've only been 2.5 years ahead of them).

Some of us recognised immediately that Cameron was using "divide and rule" we shouted, I shouted (from this blog) our shouts fell on deaf ears, but now they are finally being heard.

R33 your post was chilling, you described a Britain we left behind many years ago, please God that we will stop these bastard Tories doing the same again.

When Ed Miliband pointed to the fact that the Tories believe that "Downton Abbey" is a reality programme, he wasn't wrong!

Thank you both for your posts, knowing there are people like you out there makes it all worthwhile.

Together we will fight the curse this Tory government is trying to bestow upon us and *united* we will win.

We have right on our side.

Nick said...

My view is that if people are treated right and they fit there'll work and if their not treated right they wont

We in this country have moved on from the slave days but the governments of the day are still hell bent on getting the slave days back

They look to down trodden china as a success story where the reality is that it's a slave nation for the vast majority of it's people with much misery all round

The only way forward for any country is to have the very best in education and that means that the government need to be seen to be doing it's very best for the young in supporting them every step of the way and not blighting their chances in life by taking money off them and charging £9000 per year for university places

university places should be free for all who are making an effort to get on in life and those students who shine above the rest should be paid so that the rest of the students get it into their heads that being the best is possible as all are capable in the right hands of going the extra mile and ending up in their chosen career

The conservatives have never aspired to that role model for the young but it's about time that the public only vote at any election for those that have leadership qualities only and not for anyone that can just talk a good story