Sunday, October 14, 2012

Boris Johnson The Last Nail In the Tory Coffin

So Boris Johnson swaggers onto the stage of the Tory party conference to oohs and aahs of the party faithful, (except for one man in the seventh row perhaps). His sole intention of speaking at the conference was not to try and boost the Tories ratings or their beleaguered prime minister Mr David [incompetent] Cameron, but was wholly designed to boost his own personal ratings amongst those whose votes he will need when it comes to stabbing Dave in the back with one of those "long knives" (if the Tory "stalking horse" hasn't kicked him senseless first that is).

I watched the Tory delegates reaction to Boris Johnson's arrival, it was totally bonkers! Like something out of the audience of the X-Factor. 

When Johnson finally took to the stage to deliver his speech I was minded of the character 'Jack Torrance' played by Jack Nicholson in The Shining, and if this is the kind of "caretaker" leader in waiting Boris Johnson turns out to be then God help the Tories if they are mad enough to elect him, and if  he ever becomes Prime Minister, then God help us! The Conservative party is almost finished as a political force, it's too old fashioned, too out dated, too stuffed with millionaires, bankers and City folk, it has a crusty unhealthy almost incestuous image, but if they elect Johnson, this will be the very last nail in the Tory coffin!

Like 'JackTorrance', Johnson started off affable enough, but soon a strange look cast over him and he began metaphorically banging away at an imaginary keyboard writing over and over again; "I must be PM - I must be PM - I must be PM", it was the only thing that occupied his mind during that speech, and it is the only thing that occupies his mind - period!  There is undeniable something mentally unhealthy about Boris Johnson, it's not his stage managed messy hair all over the place appearance and it's not his "lovable buffoon" act, it's something far more sinister than those contrivances. In my opinion there is something deep down "not to like" about Boris Johnson.

I dislike his many philanderings, I feel sorry for his wife and children and in all honesty how can we trust a man who has cheated so many times on the people he is supposed to love most in the world? If he does it to them, he'll think nothing of cheating on us and screwing us over. Just imagine the lurid headlines of having a PM where his personal integrity is in constant question and splashed all over the press along with exclusive stories from spurned conquests every other day? I can see them now "I bonked Boris on PMs desk". David Cameron's incompetence has already made other countries wary of us, however this would make us a laughing stock.

What has Boris ever done for London? All he has done is finish off what Ken Livingstone, Tessa Jowell and Seb Coe started and then preceded to dishonestly accept all the plaudits for the Olympics. It's nothing new he done this with so called "Boris bikes" and the river crossing car, both Ken Livingstone's ideas that he had already started to put into practice which Johnson took over. he took all the praise for the Olympics which he did not earn, the only thing he had to do was sort out the security with G4S and almost managed to cock that up. The London Mayor is a charlatan and a fraud!

There is also his questionable conduct with his friend Darius Guppy (Audio) and Independent newspaper story where he is colluding with Guppy to have a journalist beaten up for allegedly getting on the wrong side of him.  How long will it be before other people crawl out of the wood work to claim that Boris Johnson had a hand in having them beaten up? The press is relatively quiet now, but it won't be should Johnson ever become Tory leader. Yet some in the Tory party have convinced themselves that Boris Johnson is the "2nd coming"!

How could Johnson have got away with inviting Rupert Murdoch the disgraced media tycoon to the best seats in the Aqua Centre to watch the swimming at the Olympics? How could he have got away with not declaring funding and meetings with Murdoch at News International? How could he have got away with borrowing over a million pounds of a charity's money without asking? (Has he paid it back yet?) Hardly a day passes with out a Boris story, yet he is allowed to get away with this because he has deliberately unkempt hair, and an ill fitting suit? For goodness sake how low has politics sunk in this country and how fickle have the British people actually become?

It speaks volumes about Johnson that he could not be bothered to be in the audience for Cameron's big speech, especially when Cameron, the PM had made time to attend Johnson's and then was forced  into joining in the standing ovation for the mayor. I don't like Cameron, but this was rude and out of order and  Johnson knew his absence would be interpreted as the snub, which is undoubtedly what it was and is of course why he planned it this way, after all it wasn't as if Johnson didn't have a year to put the date in his diary.

I don't think Johnson has a single personal conviction apart from that he is ruthlessly ambitious and wants to be prime minister and he is not going to allow anyone to stop him. He is in politics for all the wrong reasons, exactly the same as the incumbent, David Cameron. There is not much between them, both are ruthless, both ambitious and both think they have the divine right to be in government, unfortunately, both are totally unsuited to the position and just as David Cameron has proved to be disastrous, Boris Johnson would prove catastrophic.

At the moment Johnson's damage is limited to London and he can say or do pretty much as he pleases because he doesn't have to deliver. He doesn't have to find the money to run the entire country, see how well he does when Osborne cuts his funding. See how he fares this next term when he no longer has the Olympic funding, see how he fares when the government he supports and IS A PART OF is the cause of evictions and people start losing their homes and people in the capital start seeing whole families poverty stricken, starving and homeless on the streets because they are low wage earners and have lost their housing benefit to the cuts as Johnson's and the Tory banksters and Tory tax dodgers escape punishment and get richer and richer,  that gold plate covering Johnson will pretty soon become tarnished!

Johnson has demonstrated he has no discretion, no compassion and no loyalty, all attributes he shares with the present prime minister, one more thing he shares with Cameron is an appalling lack of judgement, born out of privilege and the sense they were put on earth to rule us "fucking plebs" and make sure "we know our fucking places". It is a constant amazement that he became London Mayor, but then he did have his "friend" in the free paper the Evening Standard running a party political broadcast on behalf of Boris Johnson every single day brainwashing people, so that could have swung it for him. One wonders what that particular publication would have done had it been Ken Livingstone that colluded with a friend to get a journalist beaten up and his ribs broken? Something else Johnson has in common with "our Dave" and sometime for his brainwashed Tory MP supporters may like to think about, is that he very nearly lost the mayoral election it was very close and if Johnson hadn't had the right wing press batting for him, blowing everything about Ken up out of all proportion while totally ignoring the dreadful things that Boris Johnson has done then he most likely would have lost it! This is a reality check if I were him I wouldn't be mussing my hair up too much at the moment and if I were his supporters I would prepare myself for defeat.

Boris Johnson is not nice, he is not lovable, and he is not funny, he is a dangerous thug of a man who is totally unsuited to the role of high office, he would make an appalling prime minister and he would kill off the Tory party for good!


Nick said...

Gracie i do agree with you about Johnson but if he went on to become mp he would win a safe blue seat hands down

The average conservative likes him and with the country these days in an x factor way of behavior i do believe he could pull it off and become prime minister

I think he is very popular and believe with the average mentality today around he will one day be prime minister sad to say

Just being mayor of London shows just how the people of London think
there not the brightest of lights in the box and if that's all the candidates they could have put forward i rest my case

Countdown to November said...

This is definitely an interesting little piece you've put together, although I think that Johnson comes across as a bit more populist than Cameron. In other words, while Cameron talks about a "Big Society", everyone only sees it as a big campaign charade to hide the constant doses of austerity.

From an outsiders perspective (I'm an American), the British electorate is more willing to take Johnson for his word, although in sort of a folksy way. While he has elitist roots like just about every major Tory politician, he has somehow been able to make himself come across more as one with the people.

This could definitely help the Conservatives come election time if they decide to abandon Cameron and opt for Johnson.

Gracie Samuels said...

I take both of your points and would agree that this is probably the case in London - for now! Although that can change quickly enough.

Two things Johnson will have to overcome to be come PM 1) is the North of Watford Gap question and 2) Is a press that could turn hostile.

For our American friend, Watford Gap is where the South ends and the North begins and we have a very unhealthy North - South divide in England. It would prove almost impossible for Boris Johnson to gain the votes of the North and this I believe would scupper his chances of becoming PM.
Londoners were asked to vote for Johnson for mayor, they were not asked to vote for him to become PM, if they were I believe this would have a very different outcome; don't forget that Johnson almost lost the London mayoral election to Ken Livingstone, despite having every single thing and the right wing press going for him! This will not play in a general election, the people and the issues and policies would be entirely different. Also Johnson will not be able to claim the Olympics in a general election, they would by then have become a thing of the past and even if he tried it, he would be pulled sharply up by the Labour party who would make sure everyone knew the Olympic success was almost entirely down to them and Locog and that Labour's Tessa Jowell played a huge part along with Tory Sebastian Coe, one only has to see Seb Coe appearing on the stage at the Labour conference to understand how well he and Jowell worked together to pull off our amazing Olympic success, it had very little to do with Boris Johnson.

Then there is the press, they have been moderately quiet about Johnson, but would crank up and enter overdrive if he became leader of the Tory party, they I suspect are saving their best stuff for if and when this happens, they they will be competing with each other to sell copies containing exclusive stories from Johnson's former mistresses and any others he has had in his time as Mayor! The Darius Guppy story would ignite again too, can you imagine if Johnson was PM and the tapes of that were made common knowledge? Not that many people know of Johnson's "thuggery", however, this would soon not be the case should he become leader of the Tories!

I could go on about so many issues why I think that Johnson would flop as a would be Tory PM, but there are too many! I think that many Tories would agree with me and many are secretly worried about him making it as their leader, not all of them think he is the best thing since "sliced bread"! I think he would prove to be a divisive leader and once again the Tory innards would be exposed for all to see!