Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Dave's Sit-Com Government - A Farce a Minute!

The Conservative party have turned the Mother of all Parliaments into a complete farce and omnishambles.

A Young Osborne
"Dressed To Kill"
(Some Innocent Wild creature)
The Tories want to repeal the hunting act so they and their Countryside Alliance mates can resume tearing foxes apart for fun. They want to kill off all our beautiful badgers on a whim to please the Countryside Alliance and Tory supporting farmers. A while back they wanted to sell off our ancient woodlands to their property developing Tory mates at rock bottom prices, and now, their complete and utter incompetence has put our entire population of Ash trees in danger - what the hell is coming next?

"Britain Rule The Waves"? This bumbling lot couldn't even locate the tail on a donkey without the help of a sat-nav!

What is it about the Tories that they have to kill everything, or hurt people and cause them as much pain and distress as possible and unless they are doing this, the lot of them are never really happy?

Look at the lot of them whooping and cheering and shouting and waving their order papers in the House of Commons whenever Osborne announces any cuts. "Cut pensioners winter fuel allowance" Hurrah - Hurrah - Hurrah!
"We are going to cut benefits for the unemployed if they do not work for our mates for nothing" huge big cheer for that one!
"Today I'm announcing I'm cutting funding for Sure Start Centres" Yeah bravo George bravo that'll teach them early that can't have something for nothing little " plebettes" - whatto - whatto'.

At the moment Iain Duncan-Smith is in his element, announcing his intentions to stop benefit payments for 3rd and subsequent children, that will please the Tory supporters and MPs you can just hear themall:  "good thing too, that'll teach them for being born - little runts, skanks, scrounging parasites". His obvious hatred of "working class families" has caused him to launch an attack on who he views as the "undeserving poor" and "undeserving big families", his prejudice is a smokescreen for a fundamental attack on those who are in work as well as on the unemployed.

No doubt when this fascist bastard IDS introduces his 'Universal credit' it's bound to go pear shaped, everything this government ever does ends in total farce! His policy is going to take money out of the wallets and purses of the low paid workers and food out of the mouths of their children and keep them from keeping warm and force them to sit in the dark. This time real people lives and children are going to be badly affected. They will be made homeless, destitute and left freezing cold and hungry in poverty. Still it doesn't matter to Iain,  Dave, George and Nick and all the other Chumley-Browns and Ponsonby-Smythes, if kiddies get taken into care and are pulled away terrified crying from their mummies and daddies and dumped in foster homes in the dead of the freezing cold dark night, so damned what- they deserve it right? "They were born that is their crime they are nothing but "fucking plebs" that teach 'em to "know their fucking places" bastards, bred of bastards and of people that have no right having children. String the scrounging lot of the useless shirkers up". This is what the Tories think of us and to make us suffer they intend to crush the welfare state, the NHS and education and it is already happening and people are in a dream just allowing it to happen after all, they think they are not these people, they really do! However, they shouldn't rest easy, when the Tories have finished with who they see as the "undeserving, unwashed, unclean poor"  they'll start on the next rung of the ladder, in the end, where ever you are and wherever you think you are in the class system of this country, they will come for you (unless of course you are very, very rich) - and in the end, there will be no one left to fight for you because we will all be downtrodden, penniless and our rights and power stripped away, all the rights the unions fought for over the years for us - just gone! I'm not exaggerating, it is already happening! The Tories are busy turning this country back years into a low paid powerless workforce. They are taking pay and jobs off of nurses, midwives, teachers and police, cleaners, road sweepers, lolly-pop ladies and men whoever you are, whatever you do, you will be hit, you can count on it!

That's the Tories though, never happy unless they are causing pain and suffering to something or someone! The terrifying thing is that we haven't even felt the full force of what these clowns are doing to the NHS yet, that''s for next year too, nice little win double with the welfare reforms coming into effect! The NHS is already disintegrating, with people being kept for hours in ambulances in hospital car parks, while people who need ambulances are being left on the roads waiting for an hour after having an accident. What the hell is it going to be like next year?

The laughable thing (if this government can ever be termed as funny) is their competence is seriously in doubt and is consistently being called into question. We have had a whole raft of policy cock-ups and a series of
u-turns and bungles, such as the wrong awarding of the West Coast Main Line contract, which is going to end up costing the taxpayer at least £500 million. The cancelled badger cull and the confused energy bill policy which the Prime Minister, David Cameron made on the hoof in the Commons after being wrong-footed by Ed Miliband.
They sack civil servants and public sector workers then discover they have no one who can do their jobs, so they have to hire the same people through an agency, trebling the cost of leaving them in their original jobs and the taxpayer has to pick up the bill for it.
Recently released are the figures for MPs' foreign junkets which show to have cost taxpayers £1.4m: Accounts show bill for ten trips topped £40,000 each" and this government have the cheek to attack the low paid and take money from children and the sick and disabled for this? And we like fools are putting up with it?
They waste £300,000 on tea and biscuits and then pretend they are cutting waste! All this money they are wasting, while they have given a tax cut worth £40,000 per year to the rich and cut the working tax credit for the low paid in order to pay for it and also raising pensioners tax threshold so they end up paying more tax. It is one huge shambles. They are taking child benefit away from people earning £50,000, yet allowing couples to keep it all if they are earning £98,000 (£49,000 each). They are keeping the rich happy by taking benefit from the low paid and giving it to the rich. The most ridiculous thing is that experts have said that this system and means testing etc will cots the tax payer far more that it will save- however, this is the level of gross incompetence we have all come to expect from this feckless hapless government.

If I were to list all this government had done wrong it would take me 6 months! They tell lies, misrepresent the facts and what people say. They deliberately mislead. They have deliberately misled people over the recent growth figures, where it has been discovered that apart from the Olympics effect, personal debt has fuelled growth. That is not people paying out for luxuries, that is people using their credit cards to pay rent/mortgages, soaring gas and electricity, fuel, groceries, the kids dinner monies etc because their salaries no longer cover their outgoings, thanks to Osborne and Cameron driving down wages and their standards of living, and the Tories have also manipulated the unemployment statistics! The ONS has confirmed that the government are regularly taking thousands of people off of the unemployment register and forcing them into work programmes to work for *nothing* under threat of sanctions for the big Tory doning companies like Asda, Poundland, Argos etc.
 The PM caused a nation wide fuel panic where one woman nearly died from burns from decanting fuel. No one knows what this government are doing or are going to do from one day to the next. They announce something in the morning and it has changed by midday, it really is like government by sit-com.

We would be better governed by Laurel and Hardy
Remember this:
None of this, absolutely *NONE* of this
could happen without the Liberal Democrats helping this government.
Remember that when it comes to voting!


Anonymous said...

I feel much better after reading this, nice to know other people feel as angry at the tory evil scum ruining our country. Thanks.

Gracie Samuels said...

Don't mention it and be reassured that you are far from alone. We are a growing band of angry people against this government, we can do something, we can talk to people convince them to vote against the Tories and Lib Dems. We have to fight.

Anonymous said...

For amusement I read Guido Fawkes' blog. It astounds that the nutjobs on there want a more right-wing government.

R33 said...

"That's the Tories though, never happy unless they are causing pain and suffering to something or someone!"

Truer words were never spoken.

Right-wingers are primarily motivated by two things: greed and sadism. Tories really enjoy hurting people. They love it. It’s at the heart of everything they do and it’s why they enjoy blood sports so much. Tormenting the unemployed, low-paid and the sick and disabled sexually excites them. Making the poor completely destitute and homeless is complete ecstasy for them.

R33 said...

Anonymous said...
For amusement I read Guido Fawkes' blog. It astounds that the nutjobs on there want a more right-wing government.

The Tories pathological desire to inflict misery, suffering, humiliation, despair and hopelessness on the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society is insatiable. It can never ever be sated. No measure or policy no matter how extreme, is ever extreme enough for them. Nothing is ever enough for them. They always want more.

Gracie Samuels said...

The lessons of an ordinary person voting Tory will hit home sharply over the next couple of years. So far many people have not been touched by these cuts and measures, but that is about to change and when it starts affecting people personally, this is when hardened attitudes start to soften. When people talk about those in need, the unemployed, the low waged, single parents etc, some people never equate this with themselves, they don't realise that the Tories think we are all "scum" and anyone who doesn't agree with them is a "lefty tosser", we are all "fucking plebs" who should"know our fucking places" apparently. How many people regard themselves as a pleb? Not many, but Mitchell, Cameron, Osborne, Clegg and the whole lot of them, really do regard us like this and that will start hitting home.

If the Tories had anything about them they wouldn't speak like this,they don't for the most part, however, sometimes alcohol loosens their tongues, or their anger gets the better of them and they let slip what they really think about us! We saw it with Andrew Mitchell, Lord Young, George Osborne etc and we see it repeatedly with David Cameron when he gets his hair off in PMQs when ed Miliband gets to him, the crimson tide appears and Flashman pops out and then he insults, denigrates anyone who disagrees with him, (even sometimes his own MPs. Cameron is a user, all the Tories are, what never ceases to m amaze me even now, is that the Liberal Democrats are actually helping Cameron and the Tories to treat us like this.

But as R33 says, Same old Tories, they'll never change and they'll never change because they honestly think they were born to rule over us and that's a fact. The Conservatives are an antiquated party, nasty, vindictive, authoritarian, Victorian and have never manage to drag themselves up to the 21st century and it shows!

Anonymous said...

You are right Gracie. The Tories really are despicable. And Cameron knows that they would never have been elected if their manifesto had contained a foretaste of what they are doing to this country and its people.
I know you have great faith in Ed, but I'm still not convinced he has the wherewithal to seize the argument and start motoring ahead in the polls.

Time will tell.

Gracie Samuels said...

I do have great faith in Ed it didn't happen immediately, but the more I see of his strength, his integrity his honesty and decency, the more I am convinced he is the leader we absolutely need to fight this crooked Pm and corrupt government. His intellect and intelligence was never in doubt, I think his overall competence and honesty and integrity are really beginning to shine through. We have to back him, we need to get this hideous government out.Mind you Anon, I really do not agree with all he does or says, but I don't want to be lied to either, we have enough with Cameron and Tories and Lib Dems doing that. I do respect Ed Miliband's honesty, even when he knows it will come back to smack him between the eyes, he insists on telling the truth.