Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another day and Another set Of Totally Misleading Figures From Incompetent Tories

Britain's budget deficit is down on the same time last year, according to the Office for National Statistics.
But it's not real - rather the numbers are flattered by the transfer of the Royal Mail pension fund to the public sector last month. This swelled receipts by £28bn and resulted in a £16.5bn surplus for the exchequer in April.
What are we supposed to do as a collective people trying to cope with the attack on our living standards by a morally bereft government that reduces tax for the mega rich (which includes themselves), reduces tax for the bankers and OKs their huge million pound bonuses while forcing pensioners, the disabled, terminally ill, the unemployed, public AND private sector workers, women and children etc to pay for the greedy corrupt practices of the bankers, the very people who actually caused the world's problems?
What can we do about this government who are lying to us at every twist and every single turn, who are totally misleading us and have us on the road to certain financial catastrophe?
This government are hiding the truth from us, they are keeping us in the dark deliberately, they are not even doing this because they think it is in the interests of the country, they are doing it for their own narrow party political interests. The very flakiest of reasons. They are deliberately hiding the deepening mess and the crisis this God forsaken Tory led coalition government have caused and are causing every single minute of every single day. They are concealing the truth from us because Cameron, Osborne and Clegg know if the people actually knew the whole truth it would spell the abrupt end of this deceitful, disingenuous Tory government. Everything they are hiding now is being hidden in order that they get re-elected at the next general election.
The next time David Cameron and George Osborne and their tea-boy Nick Clegg try lying right to your face remember these simple set of *official  figures* provided by the Office national Statistics.

Public sector net debt at the end of April 2012 was £2,293.9bn (147.7% of GDP).
This compares with £2,245.3bn (149.7% of GDP) as at the end of April 2011
So you see that when you remove the Royal Mail pension fund figures the TRUE picture is that the Tory government under Osborne and Cameron is actually INCREASING the deficit and not decreasing it.

This Conservative government is lying to you - Same Old Tories (Only much worse)

Same Old Tories - For the rich and stuff the poor.


Mark said...

What would the April 2012 figures be if you adjust them for the pension fund transfer? Surely such figures would make a bigger impact? (I'm no mathematician!).

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