Monday, May 7, 2012

Cameron's Habitual Lying Surfaces Again

Ever since the Tories got trounced in the local elections, got kicked out of Scotland and Wales and almost lost the London Mayoral elections, Cameron has been doing the rounds trying to blame it all on Labour saying they "inherited a broken economy", they didn't, IT WAS GROWING and it isn't now, we are in recession. The Tories (Cameron, Osborne and Clegg) broke it. Their fault!

Sick of Cameron's habitual lying, arrogance, rudeness, incompetence and deliberate misleading.

This is a Tory recession made in Downing Street by David Cameron, George Osborne and Nick Clegg and it's about time they accepted responsibility for their own actions and stopped blaming others.


Anonymous said...

They've been trying to offload responsibility on to the Lib Dems but arguably, the losses had more to do with the sleaze, the cock-ups and the failed economic policies.

It's not because they're too liberal!

Anonymous said...

Cameron and the Tory party seem to enjoy annoying everyone,from students to nurses, doctors, unemployed, disabled, now even our police force are being called plebs. How very insulting they are.