Friday, May 18, 2012

David Cameron Misleading and Lying Yet Again!

David Cameron speaking in Manchester said:  "the financial crisis of 2008 that led to the near-collapse of the banking system "never really went away". Is that so? Then why have Cameron, Osborne and Clegg repeatedly told us for over a year and a half that they have got us ‘Out of the danger zone’ and also said, "we are a safe haven, we will secure the recovery, we’ll get the deficit down?" So was Cameron lying when he said at or is just totally incompetent?
The reality is unemployment is high, they’re borrowing more than they planned and we are now back in recession. Thanks to Cameron and Osborne everything they have touched is a huge terrible chaotic "omnishambles"!
Also in PMQs yesterday Cameron spoke of how his government had reduced interest rates, this is a blatant lie, interest rates are exactly the same now as they were over three years ago BEFORE the Tories assumed power, when is the Speaker going to pull Cameron up on his habitual lying?

Cameron Claims they have reduced the deficit!

How can this possibly be true when this Tory led government are in fact borrowing £150 BILLION more than Labour would have done? That is government borrowing money to pay unemployment etc, so the deficit cannot possibly have reduced. Totally misleading lies from Cameron yet again.

Is Unemployment Really Falling?

David Cameron would have us believe that everything is fine and unemployment is falling and it is all down to the Tory led coalitions government's austerity measures.

However the latest 45,000 decrease in unemployment is down to the huge increase in the numbers of people forced to take part time jobs because they cannot find full time work and the British economy is in recession and is still shedding full time jobs, just today Clintons the card shop has said it will close 280 shops with the loss of 3000 jobs. There are still 2,63 million people looking for full time work with over a million of those being long term unemployed and another million attributed to youth unemployment.

The 45,000 "reduction" in unemployment (if that is what it really is) between January and March barely registers in the ranks of the jobless.

The reason why we are in this recession and the reason why Ed Balls and Ed Miliband are correct to point out that this is a "recession made in Downing Street" is because the Conservative chancellor George Osborne's austerity measures have crippled the economy crushing and choking off the growth they inherited from Labour in May 2010 and have ruined the fragile recovery that was underway.

Introducing a massive hike in VAT up to 20% was a huge error and making 750,000 public sector workers redundant is seriously damaging consumer confidence. There is now simply no consumer demand and this is set to get worse, as people continue to cut their spending back to bone in an effort to make ends meet. People who would describe themselves as "middle class" are now shopping for clothes in charity shops and the number  of  food banks since 2010 has doubled as people can no longer afford to feed and clothe their families, ore heat their houses.

The most alarming thing about this is that only 15% of this government's austerity measures have been implements, there is another 85% t come and yesterday, David Cameron the Prime Minister tells us he is now thinking of bringing in more spending cuts, forcing those poor, vulnerable and middle income earners to pay for what the greedy bankers did not only to the British economy  but to the world's economy too!

Confidence in British Businesses

There is no confidence in business or demand in the private sector to inspire the to hire people or expand their businesses, or to off set  Osborne's attack on public sector jobs.

Before people fall for Cameron's decidedly nasty yet totally contrived attack on the "bloated public sector" they should remember that public sector workers are human beings too and also important for the economy and to support private sector jobs, public sector workers pay tax and National Insurance and they also spend their wages in the economy buy produce the private sector makes. They buy houses, soft furnishings, food etc and without their input into the economy, the economy will wither and die, just as it has been doing since 2010 when Osborne's measures started to take effect. Virtually every leading world economist has told Osborne he is wrong and that he cannot run a country's economy the same way a domestic economy is run, but he and Cameron and Clegg have steadfastly  refused to listen, placing their broken political ideologies ahead of  this country.

It's hard to understand how this government are hoping to inspire confidence in British business when the Foreign Secretary and his fat friend Eric Pickles have attacked workers and businesses telling them to stop moaning and whingeing and work harder! A bit rich coming from Hague especially who has never done a proper day's work in his entire life.

President Hollande and David Cameron

Before Hollande was elected,  he visited London last February and wanted to meet David Cameron, however, David Cameron refused to meet him, instead he issued statements about wanting Mr Sarkozy to win. Now in an amazing turn about face, Cameron is actually trying to re write President Hollande's manifesto to suit himself, saying they agree on many things, pity he didn't agree last February and for the sake of diplomacy agree to meet Mr Hollande before he became president, it may have made things easier now.

Cameron Deliberately Baiting EU Leaders

Meanwhile the "perfect storm" in the Euro Zone is brewing and all Cameron can do is employ bullying tactics in his usual arrogant fashion from the Dispatch Box in PMQs yesterday. Which today has brought fury from other EU leaders.

Cameron's impetuous and arrogant intervention telling other leaders "It's time to make up or break up" was at complete odds with his own chancellor George Osborne's calls a few days ago "not to talk up the financial turmoil", once again we as a country and a nation of people desperately struggling to try and stay afloat are laid bare to the atrocious and narcissistic serial lack of judgement of the British PM.

David Cameron and his Tories are sliding in the polls and people are sussing out the utter incompetence of the British government so he has deliberately tried to cause an argument with other EU leaders over the Euro Zone in order to make himself look like he is taking a tough stance on Europe, however after his misleading and deceitful performance on the use of the British veto last winter and his subsequent lying and public posturing, will anyone believe a single word that comes out of his mouth?

This government produced a disastrous budget that is harming the British economy and they did not fare any better with their Queens Speech which was empty and devoid of any plans for the growth this country badly needs, in order to get out people back to work - properly!

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definatelycharlie said...

If when saying "the financial crisis never went away" Cameron means that the economy is still de-leveraging (weighed down by debt & afraid to take on even more),then he's right.
But,if he knew this all along he would have maintained public spending levels and made money available to businesses through, for example, a state investment bank.
If he is referring to the time when the banks were on the brink of collapse,well, that crisis was averted by the previous government.
He gets confused about the word "crisis".For instance, he often refers to our "debt crisis" - something we haven't had.