Thursday, May 24, 2012

Your Are Not Big and You're Not Clever Prime Minister, Stop Dumbing Down Britain Dave!

David Cameron
Dumbing Down British Political System
and the British Parliament!

Once a week Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQs) is broadcast on BBC2 and shows the workings of the British parliament and political system,  PMQs form an important part of British political culture which is watched around the world  As are some news programmes on the BBC.

Our reputation for having the "Mother of all Parliaments" is being reduced to laughing stock status with the un-prime-ministerial  conduct from David Cameron. The prime minister has become a national embarrassment his rudeness, ignorance and arrogance, is making a mockery out of the country's whole political process.

When Cameron is not deliberately misleading the public, he is guilty of habitually lying to us, when he is not lying he is treating the economy, unemployment, welfare the NHS, education and police and defense and awarding contracts as some kind of joke and blaming everything, and everyone else for the problems he and his chancellor and deputy PM have caused. This is being broadcast around the world and whereby once the world had respect for our parliamentary system, now all they have is contempt and treat us like a sick joke.

The prime minister is there to answer questions from opposition parties and from backbench MPs, however, David Cameron in particular never answers questions and acts like it is his right not to answer questions and is guilty of arrogantly swatting away questions from people he believes are beneath him.

Cameron's language in parliament has not only been unparliamentary, it has been deeply offensive, personal, sexist and sometimes just outright rude, arrogant and childish.

Here are just a few examples, (there are many more.)

Outside the House of Commons David Cameron is just as bad, if not worse, he has made jokes about the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy's height, joking about a box Mr Sarkozy stands on. Again on a personal issue Cameron described the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow - Mr Bercow (who is sensitive about his height) to Tory MP Mr Burns: “I’m not happy!” To which Mr Burns replied: “Well, which one [of the seven dwarves] are you?”

David Cameron's behaviour is not big and it is certainly not funny, especially when people are losing their homes, their jobs, businesses and it is being relayed around the world bringing shame upon this country, this on top of the international gaffes that the prime minister has also made which have caused deep offense to other leaders of other countries and their people.

This behaviour is not just confined to the Conservative PM either, it also extends to Boris Johnson who aggressively attacked his opponent Ken Livingstone in a lift, the London Mayor Mr Johnson squared up to rival Mr Livingstone in a lift after an hour-long radio show at LBC.
Mr Johnson yelled: “You’re a f***ing liar, you’re a f***ing liar, you’re a f***ing liar.”
Then again on live BBC news television which was broadcast around the world London Mayor Boris Johnson displays the same rude, arrogance of David Cameron, that he should not be questioned and anyone who does dare to question him gets short shrift.

Boris Johnson Conservative mayor for London "stuff Donovan, he's talking f***king b****cks".

This Conservative prime minister David Cameron and Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson are what this country has leading us during a time of great uncertainty, distress and hardship and they do not give a damn about us, they are treating the whole things like a big joke.

This government, these people are not fit to run this country they are rude, foul, ranting, arrogant, out of touch, out of ideas and totally out of their depth. They are a serious danger to the ordinary people of this country they have an inbuilt arrogance that makes them believe they have a God given right to govern us and they are not even very good at it, in fact, they are absolutely appalling, quite f the worse incompetent, foul mouthed ranting government this country has ever known. The Tories honestly believe they are our masters but  they are totally ruining the country's reputation and the country's economy, causing immense hardship and suffering in the process.

The Conservative prime minister and the Conservative London Mayor, the entire Tory party aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats are entirely guilty of dumbing down Britain's economy and Britain's reputation abroad. They are a national disgrace. Just bumbling, foul, childish ranting buffoons, who should never be left in charge of a sweet shop let alone running a country at this dreadful uncertain time.

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