Saturday, May 19, 2012

Are We All A game To David Cameron the Prime Minister?

Is he working or playing computer games?
By the look on his face it looks
suspiciously like he is playing games!

How I long for the days when we had a prime minister in charge of the country, say what you like about Gordon Brown, he cared and he put this country first. He worked hard for this country morning, noon and night. What a contrast between Brown and Cameron.

Brown the prime minister who went on holiday *in this country* and within hours was notified of a foot and mouth outbreak and immediately returned to Downing St to take charge of the grim task ahead.

What a difference a taste of power makes, strangely when Cameron was leader of the opposition in August 2007 when foot and mouth broke out, he thought that important enough to delay the start of his family holiday, (I suppose he did need the votes then) however, some three years later when Cameron was actually prime minister and rioting broke out in August 2011, strangely, he did not think it important enough to return home instantly when the country was suddenly plunged into widespread rioting, looting and anarchy and the police had lost control of the streets! Cameron literally had to be forced to return  home amid horrifying images of the country burning and people losing homes, jobs and businesses to arson, rioting, looting and lawlessness were rampant on our streets and were was being broadcast around the world. It was the August 08, the third day of the 2011 riots and Downing St were still saying that David Cameron would NOT be cutting short his holiday and return home to take control of the situation, it was not until after midnight on August 09 after suffering 3 days of rioting that Cameron eventually decided he had better come home, dispelling what we all now know to be his serial lack of judgement.

Not forgetting either that immediately prior to the riots we had a crisis in the Euro Zone which rocked the markets and sent them into free fall and Cameron stayed on holiday and Chancellor George Osborne still jetted off on his family holiday to stay in the US most expensive hotel.

Still I suppose we should make allowances, after all we can't expect Dave to put down his computer or game playing all the time in order to steer the country f through a crisis and he b obviously feels the same about his cabinet because why else would the prime minister allow his "non deputising" DPM, Nick Clegg, Chancellor George Osborne, Home Secretary, Theresa May and London Mayor, Boris Johnson to all be absent from the country on holiday at the same time? None of them thought about cutting their holiday short and returning home, not even astonishingly  London mayor, Boris Johnson!

Perhaps they were all having an "Angry Birds" or "Fruit Ninja" convention and couldn't be disturbed or asked to return home to run the country, or take control back from the yobs that were ruining people's lives, businesses etc? And where 4 people lost their lives!

I mean perish the thought the prime minister actually done some work. Perhaps Foreign Secretary William Hague made a Freudian slip when telling businesses and workers to  stop moaning and whingeing and work harder and he was really saying this to his boss, David Cameron?

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