Saturday, May 19, 2012

David Cameron and the Missing Link - What Is Going ON With Britain's PR Mad PM?

Today's headline news from the Daily Mail reporting that David Cameron and his cabinet have been holding cosy meetings with Google ever since the May 2010 election, has made me wonder where the missing link to video footage which I have watched several times has gone?

It was a Youtube video and Cameron was talking to an audience and I think he may have been replying to the then prime minister Gordon Brown who had been saying we needed to regulate the banks more. David Cameron was pretty insistent in his reply, he said that; "we needed LESS not more banking regulation". Now I have been searching on and off for months for this video footage and I cannot find it, if anyone has the link please feel free to leave it here.

I can quite understand why David Cameron would not want this link circulated and brought to a wider audience, but I think it should be, because it actually underpins the opinion that is fast gathering momentum now that Britain has an habitually lying prime minister, it also clearly demonstrates that Cameron and Osborne have lied through their back teeth to get into government and now they are there they haven't a clue what to do with it.

Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are dangerous threat to the British people, they need exposing, where has that video footage gone and why has it disappeared? Why can't I find any press mention of this either? Why can't I find any mention of it on Google? At one point it was very easy to find, I only had to type in David Cameron and Bank regulation and it came up in seconds, including several reports in the national press, now no more why?

Something that triggered concern was Cameron and the Tory party's scandal and connection with lobbyists Bell Pottinger, where they were caught on camera boasting they could manipulate Google and clean up entries unfavorable to the Tories.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism said that Tim Collins, a senior director at Bell Pottinger and former Tory MP, had claimed he could gain access to Steve Hilton, David Cameron's chief strategist; Ed Llewellyn, Cameron's chief of staff and even foreign secretary William Hague.
Collins's claim came after a member of the bureau went to Bell Pottinger, as well as a number of other lobbying firms, posing as a member of the Uzbek government wanting to clean up the regime's image in the west
Bell Pottinger is own by Tory peer Lord Bell.

I wonder have Bell Pottinger been practicing the "Dark Arts" for the Tory party on this occasion and who knows on countless other occasions too?

What we should be asking is, exactly what the hell we have for an excuse of a government in the UK, precisely at the time we need a government that knows what it is doing, because from where I am, we have a profoundly dishonest, deceitful grossly incompetent government, led by a grossly incompetent and an habitually lying prime minister, a government that is wrapped up in PR and spin and one that hasn't a clue what it is doing.

David Cameron misleads this country every time he speaks, he has mistaken making speeches for the job of PM and he and the Tory and Lib Dem idiots are placing at risk every single person in this country and even more frightening they are risking our children's futures.

When is a newspaper going to break out from the silence imposed on them by the Tories and the worse government this country has ever had in living history, put the people of this country first and actually tell us all just what the hell this incompetent shower are doing and covering up?

The press always go on about it being their duty to inform us of the truth, how about they start now while there may be time left for all of us? They must surely know by now that Cameron, Osborne and Clegg are slowly destroying this country, with their lies and cover-ups. We simply cannot go on with an attention seeking publicity obsessed prime minister who is out of of touch, out of ideas and out of his depth, yet seems to be under some pathological delusion that he is somehow governing this country, when everything this government says and does ends up in a catastrophic car crash. How much more can the country take?

The press reputation has been sorely damaged with the phone hacking scandal etc, why not use what they know is going and what we all know is going on to inform the people now, be a force for good and help the country? Before it is too late?

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