Monday, May 7, 2012

Cameron's Embarrassing Snub to Mr Hollande

Last February  David Cameron refused to meet Fran├žois Hollande, when he visited  London on a campaigning visit to the hundreds of thousands of French expats who have made their home in the British capital.
This act once again exposes the serial lack of judgement displayed by the British prime minister.
Privately Cameron's Aides said that he did not want to offer support to Hollande. Now after Mr Hollande has won the French presidency, David Cameron is left looking like a silly petulant little boy.

Today this appeared on the PMs website:
“The Prime Minister called President-Elect Hollande this evening and congratulated him on his victory.“They both look forward to working very closely together in the future and building on the very close relationship that already exists between the UK and France.”
Yes of course Dave. Is this one more lie we have to chalk down to you ? Truth is that Dave has  already managed to upset the president of France before he even became president and there is no excuse for it, he should have known to have afforded Mr Hollande a few minutes because he had no idea who was going to emerge the winner from the presidential race.
By publicly declaring his support for Nicholas Sarkozy in the  French Presidential race Cameron broke with the long-standing convention that British Prime Ministers do not take sides in foreign elections, which he did by endorsing Mr Sarkozy in French Newspaper Le Figaro.

The Prime Minister heaped praised on Mr Sarkozy as a ‘brave politician’ with ‘great leadership qualities’ while criticising his main rival Francois Hollande. 

Of course Cameron probably doesn't really think this about Mr Sarkozy, he was most likely just trying to get back into Sarkozy's good books, after Sarkozy snubbed him for acting like a spoiled schoolboy when Cameron used the British veto during a summit on the  vitally important eurozone when there was absolutely no need to, which later transpired to be just another faux fight and an act designed to get him off the political hook back in the UK,  an act that left the UK isolated and Cameron looking stupid.

 I also doubt very much that Mr Sarkozy ever forgot that George Osborne and David Cameron were caught making jokes about Sarkozy's height while asking for a box for the president to stand on and then reducing themselves to fits of schoolboy laughter. Prompting the then president's office to officially complain about their offensive behaviour.

However, Cameron's mistakes with presidents or would be presidents doesn't actually stop there, in his serious schoolboy crush on President Obama, he managed to upset Mitt Romney the Republican nominee for presidency of the US when he gushingly took  sides’ in the US Presidential election race.

Aides to Republican candidate Mitt Romney have accused the Prime Minister of staging a ‘love in’ with Barack Obama during his recent trip to Washington which will help the president get re-elected.

In a highly unusual attack on Mr Cameron, the Romney camp accused the Prime Minister of showing a ‘lack of experience’ and being ‘not very skilful’ when he gave a toast in Mr Obama’s honour during a White House banquet.

A senior aide said: ‘You don’t take sides in an election year.’ The Tories and the Republicans are supposed to be political bedfellows but a rift appeared to be opening up last night over Mr Cameron’s comments.

Now when Mr Romney visits London with his wife for the Olympics, it is doubtful he will want to meet Cameron, why would he? He may be treated to the same kind of snub that Cameron treated Mr Hollande to, I doubt that Mitt Romney will want to risk it. Cameron should remember that when President Obama visited the UK, he took the time out from his schedule to meet with the leader of the opposition Ed Miliband, Obama obviously knows his protocol, which is much more than can be said for the British prime minister.

Mr Cameron's office has admitted that Mr Cameron’s first meeting with Mr Hollande is unlikely to happen until the G8 summit at Camp David in the US on May 18 and 19, raising the bizarre prospect that the Prime Minister will have to fly 4,000 miles to see the French President, rather than take a two-hour trip to Paris!

Officials in Whitehall last night accused Mr Cameron of ‘putting all his eggs in one basket’ by throwing his political weight behind Mr Sarkozy – even when polls suggested he was likely to lose.
And they warned that Britain might pay a heavy price for the snub since the UK is heavily dependent on the new French leader for economic recovery, national defence and the future of the UK nuclear power industry. The Mail.

Once again our joke of a prime minister has put his serial lack of judgement and his own incompetent ability to keep out of trouble before the good of the British people and this court jester prime minister is just not funny any more.

To think they used to criticise George W Bush, Cameron is far worse than even him!

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