Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Ed Miliband Beats David Miliband Hands Down in Leadership Qualities.

Ed Miliband Leader of the Opposition and man for the Future

Recently David Miliband wrote an article for the News Statesman, in it he set out his own feelings about the way his brother Ed should be leading the Labour party.

I am a great believer in fate and believe that everything happens for a reason for example, Labour did not win the 1992 election (against the odds) because the time wasn't right, their time came along in 1997 and the Labour party were then able to give this country 11 years of  recession free financial stability, they saved the NHS, education was pulled up by its boot straps and people's quality of life improved and unemployment fell to  just over one million at one point, before the global financial crash happened.

The contrast between Ed Miliband and and brother David Miliband is now coming to the fore, the differences could not be more pronounced. David appears to believe very much in "business as usual" kind of politics, leaving big business and the banks to run their affairs very much in the way they always have. This may have worked during his own tenure as  Foreign Secretary, but times have changed and they have changed drastically and to ignore what has happened in the world as a result of bankers irresponsible lending and gambling with our money is to just set us up for a future crash. David appears to be stuck in the past, while brother Ed has the nous, courage and ability to see the bigger picture, to understand that the entire world's attitude to banking, bankers and big business needs to change, he also has the political courage to voice his opinions, knowing fully well how personally attacked he will be, including attacks from his own brother!

The banks must never again be permitted to grab us by the goolies and hold us there while they do what they want and get away with it, these people must be made to realise they are not above the law.
If the banks and big businesses are not checked and regulated and brought into line now, true we will probably recover economically at some point, but how long will it be before we are facing yet another global crash? To fail to act now is to fail to learn the lessons of recent history, just like we failed to learn the lessons from the great depression and crash of the 1930's.

David Miliband appears to have missed this entirely, while his brother Ed seems on the ball and able to grasp it, understand it and be strong enough to bring the debate up to the top of the agenda. Ed Miliband said this is his speech at the 2011 Labour party conference, he was lambasted by bankers, business and the prime minister, however, Ed Miliband is now being proved right.

Ed Miliband is vitally necessary, not only to modern politics, not only to the Labour party, but he is vitally necessary to the financial well being and financial future of this country. He is able to think in terms of the future and what is needed and what changes need to be made, while David Miliband is stuck in the past with yesterday's politicians, like Tony Blair and David Cameron, the world is moving on, we need to be there and be part of it, if we are not then we will be left behind. David Cameron is also of the same ilk as David Miliband, they have no vision for the future and they are too afraid of polls, ratings, banks and business to be of much use to problems that face the ordinary person in Britain today.

Not only is the contrast between Ed and his bother now clearly evident, it is also stark between him and David Cameron. Where Cameron and Miliband senior have peaked and their light is now fading, Ed Miliband's light is gradually growing brighter. His honesty, integrity, political nous and basic decency is beginning to shine through, but not only this, his intellectual ability to be able to lead this country and make the tough decisions to enable us to move on is also coming through.

Ed Miliband is far more statesmanlike than David Cameron, and he has also outgrown his brother David, if David cannot change then he needs to stop his moaning, accept that the leadership was a contest that his brother was perfectly entitled to enter and win, accept that he lost and move on, he needs to show a little of the dignity and restraint his younger brother has shown.

Ed Miliband is the future and he is what this country needs in a prime minister for these times.


flap meister said...

I absolutely agree Labour need to keep forest gump as leader as he is worth dozens of seats to the tories.

Gracie Samuels said...

Is that all you have? Silly personal insults?

Keep on underestimating Ed though - we like it and it suits Labour.