Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Country Is falling to Bits and Dave, George and Nick are off on their "Hols"!

The Camerons Are on Their THIRD Foreign Holiday This Year!
I remember the last time that dear little Billy Hague was left in charge it was when "call me Dave" Cameron was out of the country on a jaunt (flogging arms to small Arab countries), with his his Tory financial backing arms dealer mates. At that time Billy totally misread the Egyptian and Libyan crisis and had thousands of our citizens stranded in Egypt and Libya. Little "Billy no mates" Hague barring one mate - (his driver) then went on to make bizarre comments that Gaddafi was on a flight deserting Libya on his way to an undisclosed destination [as he spoke] and Billy boy Hague knew this apparently because "someone told him"!

Also at the time Defence Minister Liam Fox couldn't be asked to bother about any of it and was off down the pub with his mates drinking pints - Osborne the chancellor was off on a freebie skiing holiday as the economy sank, while the deputy PM Nick Clegg had to be reminded he was in charge of the country because he had forgotten, and anyway it didn't really matter because it was nearly his usual knocking off time (3 pm) and then he was off on a half term skiing holiday with the family. so "someone else would have to do it" (take charge of the country).
Meanwhile the Foreign secretary William Hague who no one had actually told was supposed to be running the country while Dave, George and Nick were away enjoying themselves had apparently had enough of it all and he was booked to fly out of the country himself to Washington that very night, which left the UK with not one single person in charge!
But then (as is the case now) we are told shouldn't worry because really "we're all in this together" and call me Dave is in charge, this time from his luxury villa in Tuscany (budget of course - lmao).

Now there is another crisis developing in Libya the Libyan rebels who Hague and Cameron have just declared as the formal government of Libya and just a day after the UK releasing £92 MILLION to these "so-called" Libyan "rebels" (probably the Libyan branch of al-qada)  have just shot dead and murdered one of their own people because they did not trust him! Now as it is the Foreign Secretary's job (William [Billy-boy] Hague) to deal with it and sort it out, I am a bit concerned.  Hague is also supposed to be in charge of the country while the rest of them are out of it playing in swimming pools and drinking refreshing cool drinks while basking in hot foreign sunshine.  Dave is in Tuscany enjoying his THIRD luxury foreign holiday of this year - Nick is in Spain  on his 3rd or 4th f holiday of this year and despite the British economy is almost in free-fall  the chancellor George Osborne has flown out to Hollywood to join his wife and family for a luxurious holiday in one of LA’s smartest hotels, while leaving us behind to grapple with feeding and school clothing our families, struggling with utility bills and scared stiff of filling the fuel tank up. Osborne has forgotten about Britain’s ­economic woes as he relaxes at Mr C’s, a new hotel where rooms can cost as much as £1,000 a night and this is the chancellor's THIRD luxury holiday so far this year. I am rather concerned if "Billy no-mates barring one" is actually up to the job.

 God forbid we are the subject of a terrorist attack because the deputy assistant police commissioner in charge of anti-terrorism, John Yates, was forced to resign the other week over the telephone hacking and police corruption scandal engulfing News International and David Cameron and the Conservative government. Also Britain's top police Sir Paul Stephenson has also resigned, so in effect we have absolutely no one at the helm of this country, although Stephenson apparently is still in his post for a few weeks, but he is busy winding his tenure in charge of the Met up.

So forgive me for asking "just what the bloody hell is going on with this farce of a Tory government"?


Anonymous said...

We are all in this together, or, everyone is equal but some are more equal than others SAID DAVID CAMERON

What he really meant to say Gracie was that you the public are all in this together whilst the Austerity measures are in place so don't go out and save your money

As for us on the front bench we've been working hard so are having a break but will be back soon to take control; again

That is what he meant to have said and that's what he should have done at least that would have been the truth

Anonymous said...

Well Cameron loves to hide at a time of crisis as we have seen so often the last few weeks!
I guess they sent Nick away so he would not make a total arse of himself while Daddy Cameron was away!

The fact so many top pratts are away at the same time shows how little they care for the people of the UK!
They are it seems all in it together while the rest of us are in something else all together!

Steve W

Gracie Samuels said...

The fact that all of them are away at the same time is typical of this government, it doesn't know what it is doing, it is totally and absolutely incompetent and out of its depth and because of that this Tory government is profoundly dangerous!

Rob said...

Things are going spiffingly for them, completely to plan. They can afford to go on holiday, the welfare state is well on course to being murdered and disposed of, which is their real mission.

If the deficit is higher and the debt is higher by the time they leave office but they can complete their real mission, they will be as happy as a pig in muck.