Sunday, July 24, 2011

So Sam Cam Smelt A Rat? Not a Nice Thing To Call Your Hubby Sam!

Whatever next is going to s come out of the spin office at number 10? Now we are expected to believe (if we can believe anything that appears in the Mail on Sunday), that apparently  
"Mrs Cameron pleaded with her husband back in the spring to end contact with the so-called Chipping Norton set and, in particular, News International chief Rebekah Brooks. Mrs Cameron, a successful businesswoman, was also dubious about Andy Coulson, with whom she clashed repeatedly after he entered Downing Street as her husband’s director of communications."

I suspect that this story has been made up in order to get David Cameron off of the hook and divert attention away from the ongoing saga of his close associations with Rebekah Brooks, James Murdoch and Andy Coulson, which they thought would now have gone away but show little signs of abating as still more seedy facts seem to emerge daily. It's strange that in retrospect we hear that Mrs Cameron smelt a rat. Samantha Cameron has had since 2007 to make her husband Dave see sense. Andy Coulson, was a previous employee of the Conservative Party, in a government job at Tax Payers expense, a huge salary of £275.000 per year granted at a time when his masters were "gleefully" taking away the benefits from disabled people, the winter fuel allowance from elderly people and allowing utility bills to rise by a huge 19% etcetera...etcetera!

If Samantha Cameron objected so much to the Chipping Norton Set then why did she simply refuse to accompany him on the various social gatherings of that set? I know I would, if I suspected my husband of becoming embroiled in something that was going to prove detrimental to his career, I would have been very vociferous, I simply do not believe this, I think it is a pack of lies made up by Craig Oliver, Cameron's present spin doctor.

Melissa Kite gushes that Sam is a successful business woman? Oh please spare us the guff, Samantha Cameron is a member of the aristocracy and has all the privileges that come with that, including money and connections she had every advantage handed to her on a plate, she has been given succession of jobs by elitist city firms providing goods for other well heeled people. A successful business person is someone who has little or no funding who can scrape together enough money and take risks and make their ideas work and pay, someone who can succeed against all the odds, or someone that is forced to put their meagre home on the line for security for an over priced loan to fund their business. How many members of the aristocracy will buy their goods from someone who lives on a council sink estate? I have already heard and read enough elitist snobbery about the writing of someone called J K Rowling, who was condemned by literary snobs.

The truth of the matter is that Sam Cameron went along with her hubby on free holidays, flown out on private jets owned by Matthew Freud to luxury Murdoch yachts moored in the sun drenched Mediterranean, where she watched her children frolic in the luxury swimming pool and she enjoyed every bit of her over privileged lifestyle. Matthew Freud being the Tory doning husband of Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert Murdoch - no less!

Don't make me laugh Sam.


Anonymous said...

Your right Gracie Sam knew all along but as you say she still went on the trips etc
With the tragedy in Norway i still think David Cameron will get away with what's gone on as the focus will now be elsewhere
Dave will still be around i think to hit the sick and disabled with a big stick

Gracie Samuels said...

Don't worry Fourbanks the accumulative effect is now in operation, everything that he does now is alienating people. This hacking business is not going to go away it will be back with a vengeance, there is still masses to come out. I am waiting for what Glenn Mulcaire has to say and I don't think Coulson himself will go quietly. If he told Cameron then I believe that Coulson will say he did simply because of the way Cameron is now wriggled like a big fat lying worm on a hook and trying to shift the blame on Coulson (and others), Coulson will retaliate and when he does it is bye bye Cameron, that is if the other bombshell waiting to come out doesn't get released first.

The way this government have treated disabled people is absolutely disgusting and sooner or later it WILL catch up with them.

Robert said...

Problem is of course one look at Blair and Miliband you wonder what's the difference, Miliband is in opposition and had twenty six meetings with the Murdocks, so I suspect in the end none of the politicians will say to much in case people look deeper.

Nicky said...

I wonder if Samantha Cameron is still in contact with people at Ivan's old school (Jack Tizard Special Needs School)? She was formerly a parent governor there. Her husband's policies are now making life even more difficult for these children and their parents, particularly those 18 and 19 year olds who are due to leave and face the flawed and frightening ATOS assessments. Day centres for adults with learning difficulties are being closed down, making life even harder.

This is an issue where she really should be acting as her husband's conscience. Unfortunately she seems to be rather a shallow sort of woman who perhaps doesn't see it as her problem any more. And you're probably right Gracie to point out that she was willing enough to go along with the social life of Chipping Norton and jollies abroad and not be bothered about it.

She's certainly not an entrepreneur in the received sense of the word. She's instead proof of the saying 'it's not what you know, it's who you know'. Despite an expensive education, her poor A-levels just got her a place at Bristol Polytechnic to study art (not that there's anything wrong with Bristol Poly, mind). However, unlike most Bristol Poly grads, she had a mum involved in the luxury end of the jewellery and design business, so she had an enormous head start through her connections. It was also helpful to have a sister on the editorial team at Vogue to provide product placement for the over-priced tat that Samantha was designing for Smythsons.

From what I've seen of Samantha she seems quite happy to be seen as a vacuously grinning Stepford Wife to Dave. Maybe one day she'll wake up and see what a morally bankrupt charlatan she's married to - but I won't hold my breath ...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think Sam still attends any of the meetings as parent governor as that would be just complete madness with a husband like David Cameron
It wouldn't make any sense

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't think Sam still attends any of the meetings as parent governor as that would be just complete madness with a husband like David Cameron
It wouldn't make any sense

Robert said...

I love it you do know of course she is a labour party member. and she voted labour all her life and is thought to have voted LABOUR at the last election.

that will get up your new labour noses

Gracie Samuels said...

Robert are you sure you are not thinking of Sally Bercow? I think you are allowing the "blue" mist to descent. I believe that Samantha Cameron *MAY* have voted for Blair ONCE in the past, this was put about by some old Tory, which is probably a complete lie. Robert you do have the propensity for exaggeration. In any event, even if she did (which I doubt) it would not alter the fact that she is wrong and whatever she votes makes no odds to me. The narrative of her concern for her husband is totally wrong and reeks of double standards.

You sound very cross today Robert, has the fact that the Tories are now being seen to be mucking the economy up getting to you?

Before I forget Ed miliband is thought to have had contact with News International "officials" (not the Murdochs or Brooks) only 14 times NOT as you have suggested 26 times, still why let the truth get in the way? Even so 1) miliband is not in government..2) Miliband is not negotiating a BSkyB take over bid with NI and 3) Miliband owes absolutely nothing to Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch or Rebekah Brooks.

Robert said...

You are so new labour it hurts and your bull shit is wonderous.

I have been in Labour since 1963 when did you lot join.

I lost my four front teeth standing a yard away from Scragill and two Labour MP's at a march for the miners strike, I suspect you lot would have been saying that the miners were wrong.

If you lot are what Labour must look forward to in the next few years god help us all.

If you want to write write about Blair's wife, selling his signiture on Ebay for a tenner, sorry but you really need to get in the real world .

Miliband is not doing anything at the moment yet had 26 meetings with Murdock lot what for sex, cup of tea, come on wake up smell the roses. Blair yesterday sp-oke about why he had meeting after meeting with Murdock, he said because he was so powerful, right ok why then did you not break him, it's easy. nope he used the Murdock empire to keep the Sun on side.

God almight you lot are Tories for god sake

And yes She is Labour