Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Liberal Democrats, Coalition Partners or Tory Cheer Leaders?

It's hard to tell exactly what the Liberal Democrat party actually stands for these days, they appear to back everything their new "bestest" Friends say and do. Even when they say they disagree it is only for a short time until Cameron throws them a few scraps and then they come running through the government's lobby like good little MPs, cheering the Tories on as they go.

They have wagered their entire party on a little bit of power and on George Osborne's insane gamble with the country's economy and as time ticks by it looks very much like Osborne's insane economics are not working. There is no way he will be able to meet his own deficit reduction targets they are now blown completely out of the water and at this rate the economy will be back in recession next year. Yet they still back this government! Well they have to I suppose, in Scotland a latest poll puts the Lib Dems on only 3%, a small sample, but apparently even bigger samples and an overall rating of a few polls does not put them much higher. They have gambled everything on Osborne's economic gamble coming good by the time the next election comes around, which they believe will be in 2015.

Nick Clegg said he backs Cameron over the phone hacking scandal and that Cameron "should absolutely not resign". Of course Clegg would say this, he knows very well if Cameron resigned now this leaves him even further up the creek without the proverbial paddle.

Personally I do not think that this government will last until 2015, it is already cracked and divided no matter how much they all protest to the contrary. I believe what has been revealed so far in the phone hacking scandal and what is yet to be revealed will see Cameron forced to resign, what do the Liberal Democrats and the Tories do when that happens? Elect another leader to become prime minister? I don't think so, after all both of these parties constantly accused Gordon Brown of being an unelected prime minister, so it would be very hypocritical if they did this, however, even if they did this would not work as the Liberal democrats would have to walk away from this insane government because the flack that will be flying around would contaminate what is left of their party and then 3% will be like a high in their polling.

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