Monday, July 18, 2011

Anyone Seen the British PM? Last Seen Boarding a Plane To Africa!

While I was writing my previous blog about the involvement of Prime Minister, David Cameron with Brooks and Coulson, I remarked upon how fast this story was moving, true enough while I was writing Rebekah Brooks was arrested and detained at a police station for questioning and to the best of my knowledge she is still there. No sooner had I included that information and gone offline for a short while the phone hacking scandal claimed another high profile victim when Britain's highest ranking police officer, Sir Paul Stephenson resigned.

All this and still no word from the prime minister, "where is he?" people are asking, well apparently he is on a plane to Africa. The country is sinking in a mire of sleaze, top people are resigning their positions and other high profile people are being arrested all over the place and not a peep out of Cameron, instead he suddenly catches a plane to Africa (apparently), you just could not make this story up!

This is not the first time he has done this, the last time was when Libya was boiling over and hundreds of our nationals were stuck inside the country with no way out.
  • Our Foreign Secretary William Hague was acting hormonal and making bizarre untrue statements about Gaddafi and saying that anyway he (Hague) was due to catch a plane to Washington that night.
  • The Defence Secretary Liam Fox was seen down the pub drinking with his mates.
  • The Health Secretary had all but privatised the NHS causing uproar
  • The Home secretary, Theresa May hadn't got a clue who was where or what was going on.
  • George Osborne was in hiding refusing to answer questions on our flagging economy
  • The Prime Minister was off on an arms selling tour with his arms dealer mates, using his influence in hawking arms to small Arabic countries.
  • And our Deputy PM, Nick Clegg had actually forgotten he was in charge of the country and anyway someone else would have to do it because he was off on holiday at 3pm, leaving the country unattended.
This time when Cameron is away, his previous head of communications Andy Coulson has been arrested on charges of phone hacking and corruption and bailed to appear before police in October. Cameron had refused to take advice and hired Coulson  who has links with known criminals and Coulson was actually given "strap one" security clearance, which means he had access to highly sensitive top secret documents affecting the national security of our country. Coulson was in a heavily compromised position and was open open to all kinds of abuse and blackmail, fortunately he resigned before it became a problem.

Rebekah Brooks is a close friend of Cameron's and was arrested on charges of phone hacking and corruption, she admits to paying off police officers in the past.

Sir Paul Stephenson's position as Commissioner of the Metropolitan police became compromised today when it emerged that not only had he dined several times, with the Murdochs, Brooks and Coulson but
the crisis over hacking engulfing News Corporation began to turn toxic for Stephenson on Thursday after the arrest of Neil Wallis, who was the News of the World's deputy editor under former No 10 aide Andy Coulson and during the period when it is alleged phone hacking was widespread at the paper. Hours after Wallis was arrested, it emerged that he had worked for the Met.
Not only all of this, it turns out that Sir Paul also received £5000 worth of free accommodation at a luxury health spa in Tring where Neil Wallis is hired in a position of PR.
In a further deepening plot, Sir Paul has clearly pointed the finger at David Cameron.

"In potentially toxic remarks for David Cameron, Stephenson said he had not mentioned Wallis's appointment to protect Cameron: "I did not want to compromise the prime minister in any way by revealing or discussing a potential suspect who clearly had a close relationship with Mr Coulson.
"I am aware of the many political exchanges in relation to Mr Coulson's previous employment – I believe it would have been extraordinarily clumsy of me to have exposed the prime minister, or by association the home secretary, to any accusation, however unfair, as a consequence of them being in possession of operational information in this regard."

Where is the prime minister? Why isn't he here taking control of this situation? This is deadly serious we have a situation were trust in the police is at an all time low and the British Pm has gone and got himself compromised by becoming too heavily involved with News International.


Robert said...

Has Cameron tried to buy a News paper for Murdock Prodi and Blair, seems memories are bad, lets not kid our selves before this has ended a lot of Labour people including I suspect some in the opposition front bench may well be getting on planes to get out of the heat.

Nicky said...

Great work as ever, Gracie. When even arch-Tory blogger Iain Dale thinks Cameron's days could be numbered, you know things are looking very sticky indeed for Dodgy Dave.

Not sure what Robert's on about. Trying to make out Labour are just as culpable as Cameron's Tory party is an extremely weak argument.

Anonymous said...

Gracie i have no doubt that David Cameron is up to his ears in this mess even today whilst in Africa he has manged to say that their is a difference between him hiring Andy coulson and sir Paul hiring Neil Wallis is there ?

None that i can see with both men showing an appalling lack of judgment and both should go. At least sir Paul did the Honourable thing and has gone

Anonymous said...

Gracie i have no doubt that David Cameron is up to his ears in this mess even today whilst in Africa he has manged to say that their is a difference between him hiring Andy coulson and sir Paul hiring Neil Wallis is there ?

None that i can see with both men showing an appalling lack of judgment and both should go. At least sir Paul did the Honourable thing and has gone

Gracie Samuels said...

Robert trying to pull labour into this will not work, they have never denied that they spoke to Rupert Murdoch, I have an opinion on that, it is the same as I have always had, they should kick Murdoch and his press into the long grass, Labour can do it without them and we would have still won the 1997 election without them too.

Murdoch has nothing on E Miliband and Miliband owes him absolutely nothing. I have every respect for the way Miliband brought this matter to the House and forced it up the agenda, he put his neck on the block knowing fully well that the Murdoch press could decapitate him, but he did it because he knew it was the right thing to do.

Clive Goodman and Glenn Mulcaire went to jail in 2007, that was deemed to be the end of the case, in 2009 John Yates was asked to look at the case again and he said; "There was certainly no new evidence and, in spite of a huge amount of publicity and our request of the Guardian and others to submit to us any additional evidence, nothing has been forthcoming since." and before the general election Gordon Brown wanted to have a judicial inquiry about it, but was informed by the cabinet secretary Sir Gus O'Donnell, that there was insufficient evidence and would be deemed as being too political and it was just before the election. I'm sick of people trying to re-write history. O'Donnell should have kept his nose out he has allowed himself to become too involved with the Tories and I believe his position has been compromised, he'll be resigning next.

Cameron is in this up to his neck and pretty soon details of his deal with Murdoch will leak out. The way Rupert Murdoch treated Brown who he looked upon as a friend was nothing short of callous, ruthless and inhuman and they ought to print a front page apology to him for what he did just so he could get his hands on BSkyB.

Cameron's judgement is not really appalling, it is non-existent, he is incompetent, arrogant and a misleading liar and his days are numbered.