Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Deep Is David Cameron's Involvement With The Murdochs, Brooks and Newscorp?

Reuters reports today that Will Lewis a senior executive of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation is allegedly behind the leak that exposed Vince Cable's anti Murdoch comments late last year. Kroll  one of the world's biggest corporate investigations firm, was hired by London's Telegraph Media Group, a competitor of Murdoch's London-based News International, to find out who had leaked unpublished excerpts of a secret audio recording that Telegraph reporters had made of Business Secretary, Vince Cable. He was heard telling two Daily Telegraph reporters who were posing as constituents of Cable's that he was "going to declare war on Rupert Murdoch". The Telegraph hired the investigations firm to try and trace the leak because it is thought that the Telegraph did not want this part of the report to be made public because it could harm their business interests.

When Kroll reported their findings to the Telegraph they advised that if the leak investigation continued it would be highly unlikely to produce a conclusive result because of the number of people that had access to data banks, including employees of BT, whom the Telegraph use to outsource technical support functions.

"However, Kroll investigators say in the report that they have strong reason to suspect that Will Lewis, a former chief editor at the Daily Telegraph and by late 2010 a senior executive at News International, was involved in facilitating the leak, along with another former Telegraph employee who also later moved to News International."

Here is where the story gets even murkier. When the "new" Telegraph order was set up taking in former senior employees from the Daily Mail,  and there was no place for Will Lewis in the new set-up a place was very rapidly  found for him near the top at Newscorp - how? At Newscorp Will Lewis reported to none other than Rebekah Brooks (before her recent forced resignation).
Will  Lewis is also good friends with the BBC's Robert Peston, the same Robert Peston that repeatedly comes up with exclusive scoops.
If this story was not coincidental enough, when Andy Coulson resigned as David Cameron's Director of Communications last January, Will Lewis was immediately in the frame for Coulson's ex- position. David Cameron, Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks were included on the guest list of Will Lewis 40th Birthday party in 2009. However it appears for once cameron listened to the doubts of others (in the way he had failed to listen to them before over Andy Coulson) and he subsequently went on to hire Craig Oliver former editor of the BBC as his new Director of Communications and  Craig Oliver has been reported to repeatedly contact his former staff at the BBC in a effort to control the news.

Over the years Cameron and the Tories have come to depend  heavily on the support of News International’s power, which has led to the huge amount of trouble they now find themselves in. Now they have alienated News International, they must be wondering when the thunderbolt will strike them but they need to be aware - strike them that "thunderbolt" will!

Before the last election David Cameron was accused of making a "contract" with Britain's biggest media company to trade political support before the general election for government favours afterwards if the Tories won.
It was obvious to anyone who follows politics that before the last election the Conservative Party was tailoring its policies on media regulation and the BBC to suit the commercial interests of News International. Did Cameron do a deal with Murdoch?

David Cameron and George Osborne's relationship with news International appears to be far deeper than people realise and if that relationship is above board, why have clandestine meetings over Christmas with James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks – what would be the point and why won't the prime minister deny outright that the BSkyB take-over bid was not discussed? David Cameron, George Osborne and Jeremy Hunt came very close to allowing a disproportionate chunk of  the UK's media to be owned by  people (the Murdochs) who are not resident here and do not pay tax here - why? Further, why haven't these questions been picked up and asked by the UK's other newspapers? Why have all the other newspapers barring 2 or 3 kowtowed to Cameron and the Tory party's every whim? If we believe what the newspapers say and how they all value "investigative journalism" then their job was to investigate expose the kind of thing that was happening between David Cameron, George Osborne, the Conservative party and the Murdochs, Rebekah Brooks and Newscorp. yet they fundamentally and systematically failed to do so on virtually v every single count and still today the Telegraph and the Mail are still toadying up to the Tories and Cameron - why?

It seems to me that the Murdochs and News International were trying to buy government and police protection from the hacking scandal, the private dinners, the phone hacking that was all but ignored by the Met and somewhere mixed up in that was some kind of deal for Cameron and his Tories (especially when they were in opposition) and no matter what the next twist and turn is revealed to be in the hacking scandal, somehow all roads lead back to David Cameron and Newscorp - every single time! Now we have Sue Akers of the Met investigating the Met and to date the idiotic British government who is panicking has set up at least 12 different inquiries into this scandal. If that doesn't confuse the issue entirely I really do not know what will. Why so many inquiries? it is utterly ridiculous, but what else do you expect from and inept, incompetent government run by fools who are completely out of their depth? And it is this kind of government that Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks have helped inflict upon the people of this country and all because they wanted to get their hands on BSkyB to make themselves even richer - greed- power - greed and corruption.

When questioned by MPs in last Tuesday's select Committee hearing Rebekah Brooks said she did not advise David Cameron to hire Andy Coulson, that it was George Osborne who persuaded Cameron to hire Coulson, in that case I would have asked Brooks if it were her that asked George Osborne to persuade the PM to hire Andy Coulson. In any event Rebekah Brooks is such a proven liar that I simply do not believe anything she says and I would not be surprised to learn that she did urge cameron to hire Coulson in a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" kind of thing.
However, initial discussions with Mr Coulson are believed to have taken place with Mr Osborne and Steve Hilton, Mr Cameron's chief strategist, who also moved to Downing Street with the Prime Minister. It was Francis Maude who negotiated Mr Coulson's £275,000 salary. Coulson's huge salary went on to be paid by the taxpayer at a time when the government he was "helping" was slashing the benefits to disabled people and others struggling on low incomes.

 Earlier in this report I mentioned BT.  This is something of a puzzle to me because I recall  BT was being mentioned at one time as a possible source that supplied unlisted telephone numbers and other information to the journalists involved in the hacking scandal which enabled journalists to access people's voicemails and possible email accounts and I have not seen mention anywhere that this obvious irregularity and possible criminal offence committed at BT is being investigated by the police.

Add the untimely and highly "coincidental" death of Sean Hoare who's honesty helped this deeply buried hacking scandal escape.  his body was discovered at approximately 10.30 am and within the hour the police were saying his death was "unexplained but not suspicious", if it unexplained how do the police know it was not suspicious. How could the police issue such a statement when a post mortem had not even taken place and no toxicology results known? Until Mr Hoare spoke out last September, pressure had eased on Mr Coulson, I bet Andy Coulson is not shedding any tears! How strange that the one man that was willing to speak up and out about Andy Coulsons's alleged lies over phone hacking died alone in his flat in the middle of the increasing furore over phone hacking!

Now Scotland Yard has possession of cryptic financial records and emails said to suggest that Andy Coulson did know about phone hacking, just like Sean Hoare said he did. Cash records are said to tally with payments suggested in an email discussion between Coulson and the newspaper's disgraced royal correspondent, Clive Goodman. Every day this scandal is coming still closer to David Cameron who appears to be in this up to his "crimson neck"!  If he did not know about Andy Coulson then Cameron is one of two things, he is either stupidly incompetent or a blatant corrupt liar!


Robert said...

Ah yes just like Labour to miss out how close Blair and Brown and Miliband is, oh yes they are not in power now, but how close was Blair it seems a dam sight closer then he should have been.
Miliband we are told has only been in power for a year yet had 26 meetings with the Murdocks.

The question is not how close the Tories are but how close was our Political parties and leaders were and are.

Nicky said...

FFS Robert - it wasn't Labour who were going to wave through Murdoch's takeover of BSkyB.

Good article Gracie. There are also questions to be asked about the appointment of Lord Leveson as judge of the inquiry - see

Gracie Samuels said...

Thanks Nicky, there are so many questions to answer and the Tories may think they have gone away but of course they haven't, just like on the economy they are all sticking their heads in the sand hoping it will all blow over! of course it won't, pretty soon the phone hacking scandal is going to hit the news big time again and Cameron knows it!

Robert Ed Miliband is NOT in power as you have said, he is leader of the opposition and I see yet again you have repeated that he met with NI 26 times, no he did not, it was merely 14 times and the meetings were mainly with NI officials not the Murdochs an at least a few of them were just social gatherings hardly meeting for the "general discussions" that the Tories all favoured.
Also Miliband was not involved in the BSkyB takeover bid as Cameron. Osborne and Jeremy Hunt were. FGS Hunt was within hours of waving the BSkyB bid through and would have done so had it not been for the furore that suddenly erupted over Milly Dowler's phone being hacked.

You accuse me of wearing rose tinted specs, I think you are wearing blue tinted ones. For someone that says he was a labour supporter for 48 years you spend a lot of time defending the Tories.