Saturday, June 15, 2013

Esther McVey Tory Minister For Encouraging Hatred of Disabled.

There is not much chance of Esther McVey publishing this on her website so I thought I would publish it here. For those who do not know who this woman is, she is the Parliamentary Under Secretary for the Department of Work and Pensions. A grand title for the general dogsbody and the junior minister that Iain Duncan-Smith and the DWP will wheel out to take the flak for their appalling, inept and wholly incompetent unfair, unworkable decisions. (a bit like the Chloe Smith and Jeremy Paxman slaughter)

[Ms McVey], I watched  and listened to your appalling deceit last week as you blatantly lied about how PIP is going to help the disabled get more of the money they are entitled to. 
There is much I could write and much proof I could provide that would clearly and unambiguously prove that what you are saying is false, but why bother? You would deny it, because you are so partisan and so deeply tribal, so profoundly scared that to remain objective will damage yours and your party’s re-election prospects at the next general election. 
You know you cannot pull the wool over the eyes of the disabled, they have your number, so you are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the general public, using the groundswell of hatred that you and your party have been building up against disabled people ever since you came to unelected power in May 2010. A word of warning “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”, you will be discovered for the low-lives you are and make no mistake, you will be judged on the cold hard viciousness you have been encouraging. 
You know what I am saying is true, you like Miller before you are an affront to feminism, but you Ms McVey are also an affront to your Northern roots. You will lose your seat in the next election, Karma can bite very hard when she wants to.

Esther McVey spends much of her time sucking up to her bosses the prime minister, 'Deckchair Dave' (on the off-chance that  he's actually in the country), and the much hated and vile IDS, in the vain hope that she will be noticed and promoted to something more senior in Government. I hope she isn't holding her breath, after all she "talks funny" and the Tories already have one token Northerner in the very large form of Eric Pickles. However, there may be a small chance of an opening for a female 'Northern brown nosing creep' I suppose, and Esther McVey, certainly fills that brief! Every time I see this woman on the TV what she is actually saying gets drowned out by her very loud metaphorical shouting and overt body language screaming; "hey notice me, I'm blonde, I'm female and I'm Northern, pick me, pick me, please pick me Dave, please, pretty please." It's like car crash TV and almost as embarrassing as watching the previous very public pleading for a Government position by the ex Tory MP for Corby, Louise Mensch, you remember her? She's the MP that flounced off when it became obvious that Cameron and his inner circle of strictly male, old Etonians (who recently jettisoned their only black adviser) were never going to fill top jobs with black people or women, much less a gobby gobshite like Mensch; still every cloud has a silver lining, the by-election she forced when she vacated her seat in Corby was then won by Labour and now Corby have what they deserve, a hard working Labour MP who puts their needs first and who actually spends time in the constituency.

May be Cameron and IDS thought that Esther McVey's past experience in her family's business of demolition and site clearance would be asset to the DWP?  After all they are the government who are viciously bulldozing the lives of disabled people and exiting leaving a trail of death, suicide and destruction behind them. What next for McVey? Kicking away blind people's white canes? Repossessing electric wheelchairs from people who can barely walk and also have minimal use in their upper limbs? Taking away disabled people's cars rendering them prisoners in their own homes and forcing many to give up the jobs they have struggled to hold? Too late, if she wants to get on in this hideous government she'll have to find new ways to assault the disabled as IDS is already doing all of the above!

Perhaps McVey will be the next Tory female MP to flounce off when she realises her aspirations for being "something" in a Tory government are never going to be realised? After all, there is only one top job that this government will allow to be filled by a female and Theresa May has already got that (and all the flak that goes with it!) I suppose the "token Tory Northerner in a tutu" can always go back to her TV career of making kids programmes, at least the kids know how to behave towards women and disabled people.

However, whatever she chooses to do, she should stop lying to defend  this government's cruel attack on disabled people in order to try and realise her own political dreams. She said:
I’d been invited to give a talk, as local MP and Minister for Disabled People about the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) which is replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA).  There is a lot of misinformation on social media which only serves to frighten people, so I was delighted to be able to talk with the group to put the record straight and their minds at ease.  Esther McVey

I wonder what was so different about this group to the other group that Esther McVey refused to meet?

Where is the "misinformation Ms McVey? Care to inform us as to when the truth became "misinformation"?  It appears that Ms McVey never tires of  attempting to defend the indefensible and ignores that it's her own government who are making the lives of disabled people hell filling them with fear and distress by railroading through changes that are designed solely to kick as many people off of disability benefits as they possibly can! To deny this in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, renders her stupid, gullible and just plain deceitful. She know it is happening, IDS knows it is happening, Deckchair Dave knows it is happening, this entire mongrel Tory Coalition 'pretendy' government knows it is happening. McVey must see it in her in-tray and electronic inbox each and every day, she just chooses to ignore it all, hoping it will go away.

What does Esther McVey the 'pretendy' minister for the disabled say to this comment written a by a distressed disabled person? Is she going to tell her she is scaremongering too?
I'm another one that cant stand her! When she was on the C4 Dispatches programme, she was telling so many lies about DLA etc I ended up crying after shouting at the tv at her, she made me so angry!  Lyn
These are not just one off comments here and there, the internet is littered with them, is McVey asking the public to believe that these people are all wrong and she is right? What kind of experience does she have that qualifies her to working with disabled people and their rights, problems hopes and dreams? How can a person that doesn't even mention the disabled and their rights in her entry in the Directory of MPs on the Parliament UK website and instead lists:
 “Law and order and sentencing, transport, education and city regeneration.”
as their main interests be given such a sensitive post?

McVey said she was looking forward to working alongside Mark Hoban the Tory Minister for red silk cushions, luxury curtains and expensive loo brushes.
Don't they make a "lovely couple"? McVey only there to try and boost her political career, and Hoban only there because he is pretty much useless anywhere else! Hoban freely admits that he doesn't even understand his own brief and all the changes his government are introducing, complaining that he "can't navigate his way around the benefits system" and admits if his constituents come to him asking for help with benefits he packs them "straight off" to Citizens Advice for help.
"We have a complex benefits systems," he said. Quite! Hoban admitted that in 2011 the government decided it would signpost people from jobcentres to food banks. Now that 500,000 families are turning up at the food banks – many as a result of welfare benefit problems – no wonder the minister admitted he was "keen to do some more work on how food banks operate". 
At full stretch, he will find. Shambles upon shambles. Yikes. Your life in their hands: The Guardian.

Still at least Mark Hoban will not be homeless and be left cold, hungry and disabled, or suffering with a psychiatric illness, without any means to get to the nearest food bank after his government performed a collective miracle akin to Biblical times and "cured" thousands of disabled people at a stroke of an Atos pen! Removing  peoples benefits, electric scooters, wheelchairs and cars, leaving them trapped inside their own homes, as well as inside their own bodies. I mean God forbid that should ever happen to any minister of this hideous government and that they should learn first hand, just what it is like to live and manage life with a physical or mental disability.

The Horrors of Atos

This Conservative led Coalition  government and this prime minister, David Cameron and his minions, IDS, McVey, Hoban, Hunt, Freud, Shapps etc have done more to divide this country than any other government in our history and in so doing they have put back a century all the progress which has been made in disabled rights in recent years. This government have caused bitterness, resentment and utter nastiness. They and they alone have created an environment where people now think it is OK to abuse disabled people because they see Cameron and his cronies doing it all the time. They see it on billboards on the Tory supporting press, they read it screaming out from banner headlines how so many disabled people have dropped out of the system, what they do not see or read, is the fact that David Cameron and Iain Duncan-Smith have been rebuked by the UK Statistics Authority for deliberately misleading (lying) the public over statistics concerning disabled people and their benefits.

And Esther McVey still wants us to believe this government are not deliberately targeting disabled people? She is just another liar who will say and do anything to further her career and tread on anyone (disabled or others wise) to get what she wants.

Welcome to Tory Britain 2013 
 Same Old Tories - They Haven't Changed 
and They Never Will!


Anonymous said...

Good article - is there a prize for anybody who can find a single reference to the disabled or a photo of a disabled person on Esthers own website?

Gracie Samuels said...

Strange that for the minister for the disabled isn't it Anon?

She has no idea of what she is doing and doesn't understand her brief.

GWB1983 said...

In the land of the Tory, the cuts are always fair and work will always pay.

But what they really mean is the cuts are not fair as we attack those least able to defend themselves, and work will never pay no matter what you do or how hard you work.

GWB1983 said...

As for Ester McVey she is my MP for Wirral and God helps us, she should get the push at the next election but by then her and those self serving Tories will have done the damage, only to be replaced by the Conservative Labour Party.

Unless Labour change tact on those out of work, disabled or sick, but at the moment I can't see that happening.

Nick said...

minister for disabled ? she not disabled and hasn't like IDS about a disabilities if i tried to get a job in a occupation i wasn't quilfired in the interviewer would think I'm mental and show me the door

how the hell you can run a country when you don't have the skills is beyond me iv's never heard such rubbish in my life

Gracie Samuels said...

This whole country is being pushed towards a tipping point, people will soon get fed up of it and will start rioting.

GWB I hate these cuts with a vengeance as far as I am concerned we don't have to have these cuts, there are other ways, but who am I?

Give Labour a break though because they are better than the current lot. They have said they will stick to Tory spending plans, they do not say they will spend the money in the same way or that they will not reverse some cuts, only that if they do they will have to fund them first. I don't like it, I doubt Labour like it very much either, but this is what we are stuck with thanks to the mess these blithering idiots are making.

Anonymous said...

"Give Labour a break though because they are better than the current lot. They have said they will stick to Tory spending plans, they do not say they will spend the money in the same way or that they will not reverse some cuts, only that if they do they will have to fund them first. I don't like it, I doubt Labour like it very much either, but this is what we are stuck with thanks to the mess these blithering idiots are making."

how many more disabled people will die in the meantime - whilst we wait for Labour to see the light????
naieve in the extreme

Gracie Samuels said...

Anonymous 7:48.

I don't know if you realise it, but Labour are not in government so they have no direct bearing over Tory policy so people "dying" is not their fault, if they are, why not lay the blame at the door of this Tory government where it firmly belongs?

You also took my comment and deliberately used it out of context, typical Tory diversion trick, they do it all the time.

Nick said...

i do feel Gracie having emailed all of the labour main team and by the lack of their response back to me that things will remain unchanged if labour get elected in 2015

The sick and disabled are in for a very rough ride in going forward and only the very strongest will survive

Most under the relenting pressures will like myself have to give in at some point I'm only 110 lbs for example and even the most strongest can and will succumb to their death

Anonymous said...

"You also took my comment and deliberately used it out of context, typical Tory diversion trick, they do it all the time."

your arrogance and total misunderstanding of the issues leaves me in no doubt that you are Liam Byrne in disguise

Anonymous said...

If shes your MP then I hope you will be voting in 2015 to get rid of the evil bloody cow

Anonymous said...

Join the new `We are sick of Esther Mcvey` page on Facebook

Matfink said...

Have posted messages on her blog which she didn't deign to publish - too much truth for her to handle I presume.
See this transcript of the food bank session in Parliament: rather than addressing the issue at hand she finds it necessary to just blame Labour for everything.