Sunday, June 2, 2013

Labour Peers Suspended - My View - Just Saying!

Some people have pointed out that this blog is biased towards the Labour party - no really? Er, it's a Labour supporting blog, I am a life long Labour supporter, I am active in trying to get Labour re-elected, why wouldn't it be biased? In any case, why shouldn't it be biased towards the Labour party, when the vast majority of the press is bordering between right wing and ultra right wing and the broadcast media (take a bow BBC) is quickly catching them up? Someone has to try and put Labour's side and I make no apologies that I do this.

HOWEVER, this doesn't mean that I condone the greed of certain Labour peers who Ed Miliband suspended from the party today because of their dodgy actions and lobbying connections because I certainly do not.

These people make my blood boil, there are the vast majority of Labour MPs, MEPs, Peers, activists and supporters who bust a gut trying to help real people, with very real problems, (like the vile and hated Tory bedroom tax which has already claimed one life to suicide), they go the extra mile and they are badly let down by the greed of just a couple of people.

I'm not interested in their pathetic excuses, they are an embarrassment and Ed Miliband has my full support in suspending them and I hope, if they are found to have a case to answer then they are slung out of the party for good. Labour doesn't need them and more importantly, neither does the people that Labour are trying to help need them.

Labour had come such a long way since that miserable May of 2010, it has been a rough and rocky road for Ed Miliband, he has been insulted, attacked (sometimes by his own party) he is too right wing, he is too left wing, he's red Ed, no he's not red enough, he's too centrist, no he's not centrist enough. He has been bombarded with unwanted and unwelcome advice from people that should know better and that have had their time, and yet still have not learned how to shut up (take a bow Blair and your apologist Dan [wannabe] Hodges can take one too). Pity Blair cannot show Ed Miliband the same loyalty he was shown when he was first leader (in much easier times)

Through all the political harassment, bullying, innuendos and just plain lies somehow Ed Miliband's strength of character and his inherent decency, honesty and intellect has got Labour through and managed to get them ahead in the polls, it is has been so very hard fought and even harder won and yet these people and their greed just pop up and are in danger of wrecking everything Labour and so many others have worked so hard to achieve and it is just not fair.

It's time "Deckchair Dave" kept one of his promises and sorted out this business of lobbying, he promised to do it, yet he has done absolutely nothing. Yesterday one of his back bench MPs Patrick Mercer resigned (resigned not suspended by Cameron - note the difference). Mercer's alleged actions are infinitely more serious than what the two Labour peers are alleged to have done, yet the furore of the right wing press have completely forgotten about Mercer and just centering on attacking Labour and this is the bias in clear and unequivocal action that I have talked about on this blog so many many times.

I have written reams and reams about the subject of lobbying on this blog and I have done extensive research and what keeps turning up all the time, is that while there are former Labour MPs involved in the coming lobbying scandal, for the majority they are squeaky clean, so why should they have their names sullied for the few? it really isn't fair. Why doesn't Deckchair Dave do something about it. or is the Prime Minister scared to lift the lid on lobbying because he doesn't want the public to see just what he, his cabinet and so many of his Tory MPs and Lords get up to?

This is the real difference between the Labour party and the Conservative party, Labour members found to be doing wrong are suspended almost immediately, Tories found doing wrong are clung onto by the PM and don't take my word for it, look at the evidence! Warsi; Liam Fox; Adam Werritty; Mitchell;  Lord Young etc and most of the current cabinet stand to gain from this government's privatisation of the our NHS. Half the cabinet have their fingers stuck in the lobbying pies, especially those concerning the privatisation of our NHS!

The PM has even hired a lobbyist for the drink and tobacco industry, Lynton Crosby to be his election strategist, who has his own lobbying company. This man's huge salary is being paid out of taxpayers pounds and since Deckchair Dave has hired Crosby, he has dumped government promises to put a curb on the sale and advertising of booze and tobacco and the PM has totally refused to publish a client list of Lynton Crosby's, even though it is in the public interest to do so.

What is it with this prime minister? Is it his total lack of judgement or his arrogance and sense of entitlement or all three? I mean what idiot knows he has a problem with lobbying, promises the public he'll do something about it, totally break that promise and then hire a tobacco and drinks lobbyist as his election strategist?

So "Deckchair Dave" the ball is firmly in your court, tell us what you are going to do about it!  (If you can be bothered to come back to parliament any time soon and preferably before parliament is due to rise again for the summer recess)


Anonymous said...

"Some people have pointed out that this blog is biased towards the Labour party....."

many people post here, or try to, but have their comments removed because they don't fit the agenda. many of those people are left wing/ left of centre/ or left in the labour party.

given what ed balls is talking about today - pensions - you can have the labour party - you maybe the only one!!!!!!

Gracie Samuels said...

No one has their comments removed from here, so please feel free to apologise.

I really dislike liars like you and I do call you a liar because I am the only person with the power to remove comments and I remove none.

The only comments removed from here were almost two years ago and that was because they were full i of foul language, if that was you, stop doing it and your comments would stay.

As for the rest of your comment, get in the real world.

Ironside said...

I seem to agree with everything you say here and I am a Nationalist. Im also hit by the bedroom tax which you mention.

Keep up the good words I will be reading them.

Gracie Samuels said...

Thank you Ironside.

I hope you can get your bedroom tax sorted out, I know how much of a worry this is to disabled people who have serious and genuine reasons for needing not just an extra bedroom, but the extra room a bigger property generally gives. This government and others fail to realise that disabled people in wheelchairs need room to manoeuvre around their homes and I emphasise the word "home" here, which is another thing this government conveniently forget too!