Sunday, June 9, 2013

In Answer To Will Hutton at the Guardian

In answer to the almost palpable angst of Will Hutton at the Guardian newspaper.

This country is being destroyed not by liberalism, conservatism (small c) or leftism, it is being destroyed by a bunch of over privileged Conservative (large C) buffoons, who have neither the compassion, the decency, the honesty or the intellect to govern this country and who are allowing corruption to profligate right at the heart of this current government in an absolute staggering short space of time!

This is not even subterfuge, this government openly really do think they are born to rule us and that we the workers should have no working rights, no right to a tribunal. no right to legal redress etc and to make sure of this they have taken away legal aid to make it even harder for us to gain access to our rights under the law from housing benefit, domestic violence, to bullying, to intimidation, to harassment and unfair dismissal at work and they are now forcing us to be grateful for any scraps of help they feel like throwing us, we are in fact becoming the undeserving poor who must be grateful for anything remotely humane showed to us! This government's arrogance is yet another 'attribute' that is contributing to the rapid social decay of this country, they think they are untouchable and for the moment at least - they think right! They are making hay while the Tory sun shines and are merrily ripping up the very fabric of our societies and communities across this country of *ours* and us like complete dullards are allowing them to do it under our very noses and some are even still voting Tory and thus for their own demise - priceless! How this government must spend most of its time behind closed doors whooping, banging table tops and laughing up their collective sleeves, not only at their passing of the bill that will destroy and privatise our NHS, but at us, and at the sheer stupidity that can grip the working class mindset. "I own my own house, so therefore  I must be a Tory and I'd better vote Conservative". Never mind that they are grinding us into the ground and kicking the luxury Ibiza sand outside the luxury Ibiza villa in our collective faces as they soak up their luxury break in the Spanish sun and all the rest of it, people, ordinary working people, nice people, still vote Tory because they have managed to get a mortgage on their own house! The fact that the way things are going their off-spring may not be able to afford to do that and may have trouble even renting a place to live, has still yet to sink in. The fact that the banks have been given billions in quantitative easing (QE) by this government and the Bank of England to ease the the problem, loan money out and then pocket the real money we pay the banks in interest on money which doesn't really exist and therefore helps the Tory bankers out (once again) has yet to sink in too! The fact that Margaret Thatcher created "housing bubble No.1" which caused the current crisis and now to get themselves out of a political hole they dug for themselves, George Osborne is merrily creating "housing bubble No.2" and when it bursts we will see property prices fall by as much as 50% creating the mother of all negative equity situations, has yet to sink in too. Not to mention the foreign investors now queuing up to take advantage of the British taxpayer by buying houses under Osborne's "help to buy scheme" and others who are taking advantage of Osborne's generosity with our money who are currently buying second homes and helping to store up huge problems for future governments to sort out, has yet to sink in too.

This present unelected government and this present unelected prime minister have caused more distress and heartache and carried out a deliberate strategy to deliberately divide this country than any other government before it and that includes the appalling Conservative Thatcher and Major years 1979 - 1997. When Lady Thatcher died, our unelected PM described her as a "true Conservative". Does Cameron even know what that is? Do we know what it is? For many the mere word "Conservative" (large C) conjures up such negative thoughts like; intolerant little "Englanders" union flag waving blue rinsed oldies at Tory conferences singing Land of Hope and Glory; hatred of gays; hatred of working classes, hatred of workers equality; hatred of welfare, hatred of state education, hatred of the NHS, hatred of anyone with a social conscience;  hatred of immigrants etc in fact it just carries on until we arrive at a situation where the word 'Conservative' could almost be used as a synonym for the words 'hatred and intolerance'!

What I cannot understand are the so-called Liberal Democrats, who are aiding abetting and assisting this hideous government to destroy state education, destroy the NHS, destroy workers rights and mislead the country over the true state of the economy and unemployment. How did that party  manage to get so sucked into this present government's vortex of greed and corruption? It's a truly staggering political volte-face, one I've never witnessed before and one which will probably in the end kill the the Liberal party stone dead!

Until we stand up, rise up and get this monolithically incompetent Tory government out, and until us the people start demanding more from our politicians *ALL our politicians*  nothing will ever change, we'll just continue moaning and taking it all sitting down. Some of us will look on what is happening in Turkey and wish that we were still a nation with a bit of oomph, like we used to be. What happened to our fight? We would never have taken this before, did the onset of the 1960's peace and love knock all the fight out of us? Did it make us so laid back that we simply lost track of what was and is still the most important cherished things about our own country? Did we parents in the 60's and 70's, breed a nation of politically correct  namby pambies that not only cannot stand up for themselves, have no idea how to stand up for themselves? Did we breed a bunch of politically neutral wets who are afraid to win in case we upset others but who can moan their heads off for England, but that's just about all? Example: Look at our football team, crammed full of the top premier league players but cannot play as a team and if they do win are almost apologetic for doing so - what the hell have we 60's and 70's parents done to our offspring, what have we given them to pass on to their children?

We never used to be like this, we are currently letting our ancestors down, the Tolpuddle Martyrs in the 1830's, the Jarrow crusade,  the first poll tax demonstrations and the 2nd modern Thatcher poll tax demonstrations etc. Look at the modern Jarrow march for jobs in 2011, some unemployed people finally threw off their shackles, got together and marched for jobs, did anyone come out and join them on their way? No of course not, most people are so politically naive (or ignorant of current affairs) did not even know what was happening, and even some of those who did just sat back and scoffed at these youngsters trying to get publicity for a very real cause of joblessness that is so affecting the younger generation  and we allowed the hostile Tory supporting press to mock them and their brave gruelling efforts; we allowed the press to ridicule them and do their level best to undermine them and their cause! Same with Occupy London, instead of concentrating on the message, we concentrated on what the Tory supporting press wanted us to concentrate on, the few protesters who left to go to their jobs in the day, or to return home at night. It is exactly the same way we are allowing this government and the right wing Tory press to stigmatise welfare claimants and the disabled, we are allowing our poor and most vulnerable to be insulted and referred to as "cheats, shirkers and skivers" when we should be standing up for our fellow human beings in a world that actually disables the disabled more and more! Why are we allowing the Conservative (large C) supporting press to undermine the working classes and anyone else who tries to stand up against this elitist Tory establishment?

We must keep alive the memory of the protests like the Peasants Revolt and the Jarrow crusade of 1936 and the Jarrow march for jobs 2011, this is when ordinary people took a stand instead of lying down to be trampled on, they took a stand against rising unemployment and grinding poverty and now as poverty and unemployment is rising once again, and we are seeing food banks springing up in every town and village across this country as a direct result of another elitist Conservative (large C) government, we need to do it again now, because our state education, and our NHS, and our wages and our standard of living which our working ancestors fought tooth and nail for, and in some cases gave their lives for, is being deliberately driven down and deliberately eroded  in order to enrich the Tory doning banks. Are we really going to sit back and take this while recessions delights the Tory hedge fund shadow bankers who make billions out of our misery, and Tory doning corporations  abuse workers and their rights and think they can pay them zero pay and our ordinary working rights are being stolen from us by a bunch of elitist millionaires, who call themselves a government?

This is not a real government it is a bunch of corporate lackey chancers doing corporate bidding and they are using us as modern day Serfs!

This Conservative party is not a proper government, it is the political wing of the bankers, shadow bankers and multi national corporations and if workers do not wake-up and realise this and fight against it, then we will be to blame for the catastrophe in an intolerant, uncaring cold, vicious society that we hand down to our future generations.

If this is what Will Hutton despairs of as he 'watches the erosion of the liberal views he holds dear' then I join him in that despair, because if we do nothing then we will indeed end up not caring about our friends and neighbours and we will move from being a "nation of shop keepers" to being a nation of people that walk by on the other side, with not so much as a backward glance! And this will be the real legacy of this most appalling, hideous Conservative (large C) government and "anything will go"!


Anonymous said...

so no doubt you will be up in arms about Ed Balls' comments about capping the state pension.

Why are you in the labour party again???????

Gracie Samuels said...

I'm not up in arms and the reason why I am not is because I take the time and trouble to understand what Ed Balls said and not what some right wing journalist said he said, or how the Tory party wanted to spin it.

Pensions take up 50% of the entire welfare bill, whether you like it or not, that cannot be ignored. However, ed Balls has said Labour will keep the triple lock.

Whoever gets in, in 2015 (if this government lasts that long) will have to take some unpalatable decisions, if one of those is stopping paying winter fuel payments to well off pensioners then why not? I have spent the last, 8 years listening to such people on the TV and radio etc having a pop at Gordon Brown for giving them that payment, saying they don't need it, so if they don't need it, then don't pay it to them.

As long as pensioners continue to get their payments and those who are vulnerable continue to get their extra help, this is what really matters.

I hate these cuts, but whether you like it or not, even most of the working class in this country tend to be right of centre and that includes Labour voters, if Labour said they would not make any cuts and were going to continues to borrow to fund welfare then they would not get in. That is the truth, you may not like it, but it's true. It may be completely wrong (and I think it is) but it is still true.

As long as the disabled, poor, vulnerable and ordinary pensioners are looked after properly and Labour keeps its promise to repeal the Health and Social Care Act (NHS reforms) then I'll have to accept that as being the best of a bad situation.

Anonymous said...

a couple of examples of how disabled people are being treated in the real world:

it was labour who introduced atos to the uk

Gracie Samuels said...

We know it was Labour who introduced Atos, however, it was never operated in the same way as it is being done now and I know from personal experience.

Having said that (and I have said it on this blog before) I think it was a mistake by Labour to introduce it and I still stand by that.

I would still rather have a Labour government who yes maybe they will stick to the spending plans of Osborne, but will spend the money in a different way, which would not include give the top 1% a huge tax break!
Labour will also borrow more for infrastructure projects,which will in turn help recover our economy.

GWB1983 said...

People still don't understand what this lot have done to them and others, it won't hit home until it starts to hurt them, but by then it will be too late.