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Mitchell Swore At Police - Why All The Fuss? Get Rid of Him For Good!

Anyone would think that we didn't have major problems in this country being caused by this hideously incompetent government and that the prime minister, David Cameron is bored with nothing much to do, with all the fuss they are kicking up over the Andrew Mitchell #plebgate businesses.

Yesterday we all saw the red faced bully David Cameron ranting away in the House of Commons, pity he can't work up all that passion for the plight of the people he has forced into poverty and who are now being forced to use food banks because they can no longer afford to eat and turn their central heating on at the same time. Cameron's Tory controlled coalition government and his mate "gormless" George's policies are leaving people penniless and without hope and this country is becoming a cold, hard, uncaring place. Homelessness is rising, we have millions of people who are underemployed, the government have no control over the utility companies the Tories privatised the last time they were in power and people are struggling to pay their bills. Personal debt is rising as more and more people are forced to used legal loan shark companies like Wonga, or are forced to use their credit cards in order to pay their bills. (Wonga has connections to the Conservative party and donated cash to the Tories in exchange for meetings.)

Construction is falling off a cliff and manufacturing is not far behind, the whole country is grinding to a halt under the stewardship of this reckless incompetent back of a fag packet government, there must be a million and one things that Cameron could turn his attention to, but no, he prefers to get on his high horse over the Mitchell #plebgate affair.

When this first blew up Ed Miliband leader of the opposition asked David Cameron to order an inquiry in order that we could get to the bottom of it, but Cameron being Cameron thought of himself first and refused, if he had ordered the inquiry then, we would not now have to drag THIRTY police officers away from their duty to investigate this matter now. Yet another ludicrous error from clown PM Cameron.

Cameron has even hinted that he is prepared to bring Mitchell back into the government! Hang on a minute, by his very own admission, Andrew Mitchell admitted losing his temper in Downing street and swearing at police protection officers and this is simply not good enough for man in his position, he behaved like an out of control thug, that is not in dispute, he has admitted it. So why is Cameron trying to get this man back into government? It seems that you can steal £60,000 from the taxpayer, blame it on being gay and get away with a 7 day suspension from the House and brought back into government at the earliest opportunity, as Davis Laws was.
You can admit to taking £90,000 from taxpayer and knowing break parliamentary standards and regulations  and still retain the backing and the full support of the prime minister.
Like Jeremy Hunt interfere with the deal going through in his constituency between hospitals and Branson's Virgin care. Hold private conversations talking about the BSkyB bid, mislead parliament and the PM refuses to hold an inquiry and at the earliest opportunity actually promote the minister.

It seems that Cameron is quick to demand and get an inquiry when it suits him, but when it concerns the dodgy deals of his own ministers he flatly refuses to hold one, he said at the time that an investigation by Jeremy Heywood was enough, well it wasn't and everyone knew it.  In my opinion not for the first time David Cameron is abusing his power and the only reason he is now backing Jeremy Heywood after Tory MPs attacked him, is of course because he influenced Heywood, like he has done before and he doesn't want this to come out.

Now as a direct result of Cameron badly handling the Mitchell affair, we are wasting money on police investigation and taking away 30 officers from their duty, all this and yet it still doesn't alter the fact that Mitchell swore at police officers and admitted it. Never mind resigning, he should have been sacked on the spot for what he did. Now we have the undignified image of the PM losing his temper over this in the Commons and Mitchell himself giving interviews concerning a video tape, which it turns out proves absolutely nothing. There were people there, you can plainly see them. There was plenty of time for Mitchell to have said what he said and Mitchell admitted swearing at the police in the street. Mitchell was also given every opportunity to say what he said, but flatly refused to each time he was asked. Nothing much has changed except for the idiots who decided to give a false statements to the police and the original officers concerned had no control over this, they are hardly likely to fabricate evidence as they would know they would be on camera it doesn't make sense.

Study the video below, you can quite clearly see 5 people (including two police officers) standing there and at least 4 people walking up and down the road just outside the gates and keep looking as Mitchell goes towards the side gate and you can clearly see many people walking up and down, it was very busy, yet the video footage that Ch4 and Michael Crick showed the other evening made it look like there was hardly anyone there - why? Why is he saying this didn't happen, when he has admitted using the F word at officers? He can quite easily have said all those things as he was walking off towards the gate in a temper, the camera doesn't show his mouth. You can quite clearly see by his mannerisms he was in a temper and then there is another time when police are opening the gate he has another chance to swear at officers. It seems to me that Mitchell is seizing on this video and trying to re-write history trying desperately to save his career. I don't care if he said pleb or not, now that I have had time to study this footage, quite clearly he was in a huff, the way he moved his bike showed us this and he admits it anyway, why all the fuss? He should not be allowed back into government. Mitchell says himself that there were not crowds of people, but by the time he got out the people had walked on by and while there weren't crowds there were clearly enough people there to be visibly shocked. If he was shouting and swearing (as he admits he was) when those people were walking by, they would have heard and they could have looked shocked. I really hope one of them comes forward and shows Mitchell for the desperate person he is.

The video that proves nothing was shown by Channel 4 news the other evening and was given to them by Michael Crick a journalist, who proceeded to give an over egged report on the video and appeared to be trying to influence viewers by a series of suggestions, not facts. he said there was no one at the gates in the clips of the film he showed, but subsequently other clips of the film have shown that there were people there, just like the officers said there were. I would like to know why Crick and Ch4 decided to edit the videos and to give a misleading impression of who was actually there and Crick's assertions that Mitchell didn't have time to say those things are utterly absurd, of course he did.

Why would Michael Crick a journalist go to these great lengths? Well it turns out that not only is Crick a close friend of Andrew Mitchell, it was Michael Crick that Andrew Mitchell was in a hurry to dine with at St James's on the evening of the plebgate affair. Why is Michael Crick interfering in this? Would he if it was a Labour minister? I doubt it very much. The officers made a statement because they were worried about Mitchell's threat to them "I'll have your fucking jobs for this".

I do not really care if Mitchell used the word "pleb" or not, I have long suspected that this is what the Tories think of the public anyway it's nothing new and I don't need confirmation of it, I pick that from Tory MPs and minister actions that they think they are better than us, everytime I hear them speak, this is a prime example of a Tory MP, Alec Shelbrook who obviously feel that those unfortunate enough to be on benefit are scum and should not be allowed to spend their money on drink or Sky TV.I hope he doesn't spend any of out of his generous expense acount on booze in the House of Commons bars he is known to frequent  Who the hell do these people think they are? Andrew Mitchell's expenses caused more than just a few raised eyebrows when he spent £19,000 of taxpayers money in a few months on his homes, Mitchell is a multi-millionaire.

What is undeniable is that Mitchell admitted swearing at police in Downing St, the most famous street in the world. A senior member of this government lost his temper and swore at police in the street, he was lucky he wasn't arrested, he should have been, that behaviour should not be tolerated from anyone, let alone a man in his position. He should have been sacked instantly and remember he was still at work, if you or I were at work and we carried on like Mitchell did it would have been instant dismissal, no ifs or buts, why is it different for Cameron's cronies?

Mitchell says on the film that previously he wouldn't have believed what took place, could have happened in Britain today - really? I am constantly surprised and appalled by this hideous government and I simply cannot believe on a daily basis what this government are doing, how they are dividing this nation, attacking the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the unemployed and making them pay for the sins of the greedy Tory bankers. I can't believe we have almost 200,000 people relying on food banks to eat, or that homelessness is soaring and underemployment is affecting and blighting millions of our peoples lives and all because of the insane policies and barking mad measures implemented by the government that Mitchell belongs to and fully supports. So I won't be shedding tears for that millionaire who decided to call officers plebs and c got caught and is now whining about how unfair it all is. It ISN'T, Mitchell swore at police, he lost his temper in the street and abused police officers, he admits it, what is is problem?  He is not above the law, he should have been arrested at the time because we would have been if we had behaved that way outside Downing street, let alone in it!

The hypocrisy of Cameron's Conservative cronies is really beginning to stink. All Mitchell and Cameron have succeeded in doing is opening up a running sore again and they are going to regret this.

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